Another free Urdu storybook Sassi Punnu was written by Almas A M this ebook available for free download in PDF format you can also read. - Sassi Punnu Story in Urdu PDF by Almas A Historical Book The book Sassi Punnu Novel is an excellent history and folk story by Almas MA. Sassi Punnu Full Story in Urdu By Ishtiaq Fatima Uzma Pdf Free Download. Urdu classic love story Sassi Punnu By Ishtiaq Fatima Uzma in Pdf.

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Sassi Punnu Full Story in Urdu By Ishtiaq Fatima Uzma Pdf Free Download Sassi Punnu Full Story in Urdu Authored By Ishtiaq Fatima Uzma. Sassi Punnu is. Sassi Punnu Story in Urdu PDF by Almas A Historical Book Download, is available to read online and download. Free Download or read online Book "Sassi Punnu" By Ishtiaq Fatima Uzma. A PDF Copy of books in urdu. Sassui Punhun (Sindhi: سَسُئيِ پُنهوُن.

First they threatened Punnhun but when he didn't relent, they tried more devious methods. Punnhun was surprised to see his brothers supporting his marriage and on the first night, they pretended to enjoy and participate in the marriage celebrations and forced Punnhun to drink different types of wines. The lovers meet their end[ edit ] The next morning, when Sassui got up, she realized that she was cheated.

She became mad with the grief of separation from her lover and ran barefoot towards the town of Kech Makran. To reach it, she had to cross miles of desert. Alone, she continued her journey until her feet were blistered and her lips were parched from crying "Punnhun, Punnhun!


The journey was full of dangerous hazards. She was thirsty, there she saw a shepherd coming out of a hut. He gave her some water to drink. Seeing her incredible beauty, he tried to force himself on Sassui.

Sassui ran away and prayed to God to hide her and when God listened to her prayers, land shook and split and Sassui found herself buried in the valley of mountains. When Punhun woke in Makran he could not stop himself from running back to Bhambore. On the way he called out "Sassui, Sassui!

Then Punnhun also lamented the same prayer, the land shook and split again and he was also buried in the same mountain valley as Sassui. The legendary grave still exists in this valley. Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai sings this historic tale in his sufi poetry as an example of eternal love and union with Divine. He along with his camels went there and as he entered the garden he felt rejuvenated.

His camels started eating the flowers that Sassi planted them. As Sassi rushed there.

The prince was there when they saw each other. They fell in love with each other at first sight. Both were swift off their feet by their uncontroable feelings!

But as he saw that they both love each other and then he agreed upon.

Both Sassi and Pannu were very happy at that marry-making juncture of their lives. Both got married.


He sent his three sons to go and fetch him up. For such a Royal family it was rife with shame to know this.

The three brothers said to Punnu to go with them but he constantly denied going with them. One day the three brothers made Punnu drunk and was be taking him back to his own country. When the night elapsed. Sassi woke up and realized that Punnu is no more in her village!

Everybody was saying to Sassi that her Husband had betrayed her and he was not going to return. For sure that time was very distressful for her. But she never saw eye to eye with what people were telling her.

She went to search her husband. Everybody dissuaded her from taking such a decision.


But she was very stubborn. She ran barefooted toward the Kech Makran.

She saw a shepherd in the way of Kech and she requested him for some water. He gave her water to drink.

But the man was thinking negatively about her. Sassi soon realized that the shepherd was harassing her. She ran here and there in order to keep herself safe.

She prayed to the God to keep her reputation safe. Consequently, where she was standing the land shook and split, she got herself buried in the land!

Sassi Pannu Story in Urdu and English – Folk Love Stories

On the other hand, when Pannu woke from the unconsciousness while realized that his brothers were betaking him to his own country.Views View Edit History. Pakistan cinema, — She was thirsty, there she saw a shepherd coming out of a hut.

Shahid MasoodDr Tags:. Both would contribute to many subsequent Sindhi films, as composer and lyricist, respectively. She went to search her husband.

Just as the essentialized vision of the community must find its path between the exotic and the familiar, the ancient and the modern, paving the way for a national Sindhi cinema operates at two levels: preserving and promoting the speci- ficity of Sindhi culture—the inner, cultural domain of sovereignty—while adopting an inter-national cinematic language—to display a command of the material side, that is, the industrial aspect of Image 2.

Least of all ones from Pakistan. Although there had already been a few productions in Sindhi,1 Umar Marvi was the first long feature made in Pakistan Image 1.

The dhobi knew the importance of a humble husband, whether he be a prince or a peasant.

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