The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) , Text File .txt) or read book online. A book of health and care. The RKC Workout Book of Strength and Conditioning PDF eBook The result became The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning, replete with time-tested. RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning [The RKC Community, Geoff Neupert Master RKC, Josh Hillis] on raudone.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Download the Book:The Rkc Book Of Strength And Conditioning PDF For Free, Preface: Since and the world's first Russian Kettlebell Challenge (RKC) In. This book includes sections from all the superstar coaches of the RKC, along with kettlebells, rkc book of strength and conditioning, rkc book, rkc kettlebells " The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning" is available in paperback and PDF . Download The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning.

Again, a great resource, I can only hope for a sequel down the road! Provides an outstanding collection of different programs for all levels by some of the top trainers in the RKC community.

What more could you ask for?

This is a great resource for beginners or advanced, as there's something in there for everyone. Really awesome programs from smart, passionate people who know what effective programming is all about.

You'll get lots of training insight and a wealth of programming knowledge for yourself and for your clients. A really fantastic resource to refer to again and again. And, a "must have" for your programming archives. Getting this one is really a no-brainer. Since them, I've been incorporating the "Bull simple kettlebell program", and it works like crazy! I'll stay on it for seven more weeks, then I'm going to switch to another program.

As instructor for a reality-based self-defense system Rich Dimitri's Senshido , I can say that the workouts described in the book are absolutely useful for real-life strength.

Yesterday, I went through the "bull simple program" with my students. One of them is a free-runner with lots of strength. He couldn't believe it that 30 minutes of intense kettlebell training wiped him out. Bottom line: download this book.

And download the Convict Conditioning books. Both books combined are the way to extraordinary strength and endurance.

Why The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning is a Must!

Great stuff! There are a great span of work out plans that fit a wide range of exercise goals. Also, it is a great book to see other peoples take on routine building. By Dave H. With all the online examples of how to do the exercise no challenge is going to excape one who is interested in trying any of the routines.

A good source of variety that one can try. I have started with Reikind"s swing agenda. I know that the swing is the king and am enjoying the program.

Worth the price. What I did not particularly like was the layout and I found some of them difficult to see the actual program in the writing that some of them had done. Only beef with the book would be the layout could have been better. The same workload face value of weight on the bell is handled by just one side.

Good stuff. Especially for people with glass backs. Trust me on this. This cycle is done over the course of 7 weeks. Week one is Testing. You start off with a weight where you can do 10 reps on the right and 10 reps on the left strongly. Perfect RKC Hardstyle reps. Crisp hip snap, overspeed eccentric, easy shoulder pack, etc. Shoulder in the socket, arm locked out and forced projected forwards. Rinse and repeat until you come to a comfortable stop as the Chief Instructor would say. This might be 10 sets or 20 sets.

Or more. My PR with the 24 kg was reps. Nothing monumental but I cant do those numbers now. But I will again soon. And so can you. So after you test, you have your current best and the PR your percentages will be based on.

You will train this lift once per week and each week you will go up in volume according to the percentage jump. The weight the intensity will stay the same throughout the cycle. This becomes the new number from which to start your next cycle. The Bigger the Base the Higher the Peak. There is no way around it. You have to go through, not around. You have to earn it and numbers dont lie. Its because they have to have the base they need to really do the numbers they want.

The same is true with gymnasts, or cyclists or most endurance or strength-endurance athletes. The bigger the base For the average person that wants to get in incredible shape in the shortest time possible this is a great way to start. This workout and another day devoted to high-tension work Get-Ups or Presses or Naked Warrior techniques will go a long, long way if one is consistent and progressive in their approach.

This is the PR eg. This approach to increasing workloads and intensity is classic and has stood the test of time in both powerlifting and Olympic lifting. Is it the best way to build a solid strength and conditioning foundation?

Who knows? How old are you? What are your short-term and long-term goals? Are you a competitive athlete or a desk jockey trying to live as long as possible as strong as possible? Regardless of the answer, this workout should be a staple in your training toolbox, in my opinionnothing more basic and less invasive on your structure. What I do know is that this allows the average person to do superhuman workloads and progressively increase their work capacity systematically and with just one workout per week.

Hard to beat. One can do other things on other days or do special exercises to increase their weak points in the Swing. One could work KB deadlifts to increase their ability to handle a bigger weight or Presses with an Enter the Kettlebell approach to cover both strength and conditioning at the same time.

Book Review: "The RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning"

One can also work with a heavier bell and just adjust the numbers downward. What is the goal for how many total Swings per workout? Thats individual, IMO. My wife can do 2, Swings in an hour. Im very happy if I can do one arm Swings with the 24 in that same time period. If you keep total training time from 45 minutes to 60 minutes the total numbers will take care of themselves. And, as your condition improves with consistent workouts your rest periods will naturally come down.

I always start off with longer rest periods than I finish with. It takes me a long time to get warmed up but once I do I can do a lot of work with little rest. Train the One Arm Swing like the basic, classic hardcore compound movement it is and see the benefits. Remember its not what the program is for the next six weeks as it is how many planned workouts you have missed in the last six months.

Consistent progression is the KEY! Rif can also be reached through is website at www. It is difficult to describe in words the feeling of freedom, mental clarity, endorphin-infused overwhelming joy, and ultimately peace one can derive from running.

Recent research on the biomechanics of the human gait suggest that we possess a specific series of traits unique to our anatomy that indicate we are adapted for running and for jogging over long distances. Our ability to shed heat quickly via millions of sweat glands and lack of fur, big spring-like Achilles tendons which we share with other running animals, and our uniquely large gluteus muscles compared to other primates are only a few of the anatomical features which imply that we are born to run.

I myself have many times witnessed the gangs of bagel-munching, spandex-wearing skinny-fat people plodding along the roadside at breakneck speeds of 2.

Similarly, at the mention of weight-training many runners envision a large fluorescent-lit room filled with complicated machines, recycled air, and angry, disproportioned men who can barely climb a flight of stairs without supplemental oxygen. This is a shame because these misconceptions act to prevent each group from becoming not only better at their respective pursuits but also ultimately healthier by crossing over and dabbling in each others interests a bit.

The bridge across troubled waters exists in the form of Russian Kettlebell training.

Bodybuilders can do cardio without the dreaded fear of losing hard-earned muscle while runners can actually gain strength, improve their VO2 maxes, regain flexibility, and develop speed.

In my clinical experience as a orthopedic physical therapist who has had the good fortune of treating hundreds of runners, I firmly believe that you can not run to get in shape, you must get in shape to run. To run well you need to be strong or you will doom yourself to perpetual mediocrity and a less than maximal enjoyment of the whole experience. The following program has been through many stages of evolution over the past several years.

My training as an RKC, my clinical observations as a physical therapist, and my own ambitions as a runner have all contributed to the various elements of the plan. Also my dissatisfaction with the similarity and mind-numbing repetitiveness of the various training programs available to runners through conventional publications and various other forums also provided the impetus I needed to formulate this into a user-friendly plan.

Most importantly I have tried to make this program extremely challenging yet fun to do because of the infinite variety afforded by training with kettlebells. Follow this plan for 8 to 12 weeks and enjoy the dramatic improvement in both your results at the next race and your physique.

The program is suitable for any distance by adjusting the long run accordingly. One-legged deadlifts are great for strengthening the feet and preventing injury along the posterior chain. Rows strengthen the back preventing the slouch often seen when a runner fatigues.

The goal is to find a hill that takes 2. Janda situps are great for core strength and help to keep the lumbar region from stiffening up.

Janda situps 5x5 Windmills 5x5 Use a moderately heavy KB for windmills; for example, use the same weight you would utilize for getups Day 4 KB Smoker Day KB "smokers" could be defined as brief, intense routines lasting 4 to 10 minutes using a variety of kettlebell exercises to provide an extreme cardiovascular stress.

The following are a few examples: Using a single KB 12 to 20 kg 10 Snatches per side 10 OH Squats per side 10 Swings per side 10 Clean and Presses per side 10 Thrusters per side 10 Thrusters per side 10 OH lunges per side 10 OH Squats per side 10 Squat kicks per side 10 Swings per side Alternate 10 hot potatoes between sets of: 10 Swings per side 10 Snatches per side 10 Clean and Presses per side 10 Cleans per side 10 Tactical Lunges per side Start with 5 reps of each exercise and increase to 10 as fitness improves Day 5 5x5 Janda situps 5x5 windmills Day 6 Long Run Run at steady pace for at least 30 minutes progressively increasing time of run depending on race distance you are training for.

For distances up to a half marathon the long run should be no longer than 1 hour. Day 7 Rest Day Walk, stretch, relax I initially discovered quite by accident how much brief cardiovascular routines using KBs improved my running when I started teaching KB classes a few years ago. I was teaching two 1hour classes per week and running only once per week on weekends.

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The classes consisted of several rounds of various KB exercises with the goal of eliciting an extreme anaerobic debt load, aka "smokers". My Extreme KB Cardio DVD is basically identical to a typical class and was initially created for people who were unable to continue attending classes due to scheduling conflicts. I entered a race I usually go in annually despite not really training as per normal. The race is a half marathon distance 13 miles or As it turned out I broke my previous PR of 1 hour and 30 minutes by nearly 2 minutes!

The best thing was that I had no pain during the run, my wind was steady throughout, and I actually enjoyed the race. That was when I realized that the "what the hell" effect of KB training even applied to running. Participants in my KB classes mostly women have reported similar results and look like fitness models as opposed to typical runners.

They also no longer require my services as a physical therapist as they are now strong and injury resistant. During a race there are many times throughout where the runner hits their respective anaerobic threshold and must recover while continuing to run.

The rkc book of strength and conditioning review

This usually occurs towards the top of a hill or after accelerating to pass another runner. The beauty of training with KBs is that the runner is able to reproduce the same anaerobic debt several times during a relatively brief span of time. By changing sides of the body and varying exercises, the trainee can continue working while placing a tremendous load on the respiratory and postural muscles, which are usually the first to fatigue and the limiting factor in performance.

In many ways running is easier relative to this type of KB training as there is no load on the body while running. Furthermore, the psychological toughness one develops from anaerobic training is a major asset during sections of a race when the runner must overcome acute bouts of extreme fatigue.

This is a demanding program but keep in mind that if performed properly, the training sessions should not last longer than 45 minutes with the exception of the longer weekend run. Also, each training session can be modified depending on how you feel. For example, if you had an amazing run on Saturday and are still tired on Monday, fall back and do fewer circuits or go lighter on the Swings and use them for active recovery for your legs. If you feel tired on hill training day cut back on the number of repeats on that day.

If you hit a plateau drop the volume but keep the intensity for a few sessions. This is to ensure that when you do run you will be doing quality training and increasing your speed along with endurance. The intensity of the KB training will make up for the reduced running. This program demands that you eat and rest properly in order to allow your body to adapt to the progressive demands placed on it. The Super Joints and Relax into Stretch style routines must be practiced daily.One can do other things on other days or do special exercises to increase their weak points in the Swing.

Then reset your goals and repeat the process. I have started with Reikind"s swing agenda. By Dave H. Many of the participants in my classes run marathons and do classes right up to the week prior to the race. My clients instantly noticed the changes in their physiques and performances after introducing them to kettlebells.

Its because they have to have the base they need to really do the numbers they want. Both volume and intensity need to be approached systematically. Regardless of the answer, this workout should be a staple in your training toolbox, in my opinionnothing more basic and less invasive on your structure.

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