Maugham's last major novel, The Razor's Edge (), was a departure for him in many ways. While much of the PDF (tablet), raudone.info HTML Zip. Title: The Razor's Edge Author: Maugham, W. Somerset [William Somerset] ( ) Date of first publication: Edition used as base for. can/can't, have to / don't have tO 19 Short answers with will, won't and going to 38 . Short CUTTING EDGE 3RD EDITION Cutting Edge Third Edition.

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And then he had an idea in the middle. when Mulla was snoring, he changed the doll. He tied it to his own feet and went to sleep. The Razor's Edge. Osho . The Razor's Edge by W. Somerset Maugham. About the author. W. Somerset Maugham was born in and lived in Paris until he was ten. He was educated at. THE RAZOR'S EDGE BY W. SOMERSET MAUGHAM PDF. Why must select the inconvenience one if there is simple? Obtain the profit by getting guide The.

Frank Wahl. After selling them to barbershops, he realized he could improve barber tools using this type of motor. Leo took over his uncle's business and began experimenting with a new electric hair clipper. Leo J. Wahl got patents on his newly developed electromagnetic hair clipper and began manufacturing at the Wahl Manufacturing Company.

The clipper was the first one of its kind with a practical drive motor in hand, rather than connected to a separate motor through a flexible shaft. In , Leo J. He concentrated on working directly with barbers to improve efficiency and convenience with his hair clippers.

By the end of , his factory had manufactured and sold thousands of clippers to barbers all over the United States. Growth was rapid, financed from manufacturing earnings and patent royalties. After receiving a patent on his new hair clipper, on February 2, Leo J. This change made conversation in the barbershop much easier.

Wahl created the Silent Giant, a big hair clipper that was much quieter than previous models without sacrificing quality for a good haircut.

The Razor’s Edge

As a result, the professional barbers and beauticians product line expanded and Wahl produced the Silent Dryer, with production approaching 2, per day. The company installed plastic molding presses, allowing the company to produce almost every component at the Wahl plant. Wahl acquired the company in Founded in , Moser Elektrogerate GmbH, an international manufacturer, headquartered in Unterkirnach, Germany, eventually became recognized as a leading global manufacturer of products similar to Wahl, including hair clippers, massagers, shavers and pet trimmers.

Wahl acquired the company in Wahl recognized a worldwide demand for barber clippers and began an export effort by building products in voltages and frequencies required for international use. In the early s, Wahl opened a manufacturing facility in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Wahl recognized a worldwide demand for barber clippers and began an export effort by building products in voltages and frequencies required for international use.

Wahl passed away on May 20, In his lifetime, he applied for over patents on his various inventions. Remember, since the difference between them and you is only in the area of accomplishments, and since there is something you can do that will vastly improve the results you are achieving presently, you have the potential to become even more successful than they are.

You may already know how to do what others are doing if you dont, you can learn , and since your potential power is unlimited, you can do even greater things than they are now doing. The something that you must do to become more successful may not be what you think it is. But whatever it may be, rest assured, you are quite capable of doing it. Always bear in mind, however, that because each persons world is just a little bit different, the something which you must do is not necessarily the same thing the person you live with or work with, must do.

Nevertheless, there is no question that you will eventually find out what it is that you must do. So make up your mind immediatelywhen you do figure out what that Razors Edge is for you, you will do it.

But before I let you in on what that idea was, permit me to give you some background information. Heinz Daues works for a large insurance company in Toronto and every October his company holds a contest which is referred to as, A Presidents Month. All of the salespeople in the company gear themselves up for this contest and they each perform at their peak level of productivity. Their reward, if they should win the contest, is both fame and fortune. The company always recognizes its proven leaders.

As he does every year, Heinz had an exceptional Presidents Month. But, in keeping with his practice of previous years, he was planning to relax a bit in November, or at least to revert to what he considered to be normal production. As I was talking to him one afternoon, however, I noticed that his usual high degree of enthusiasm had levelled off considerably. I 6 Bob Proctor knew something was amiss, so I asked him what was bothering him.

He then explained he was experiencing a big let down, now that his big month had come to an end. In an attempt to raise Heinzs spirits, I asked him the following question: Heinz, what would you do with the extra commission you would earn, if you were to repeat your October performance in November?

He actually earned three times his usual monthly income in October. Seeing the true meaning behind my question, Heinzs face brightened considerably and a broad smile appeared across his face.

Then I quickly added, We both know you are quite capable of repeating your October performance in November; there is absolutely no question about that. By this time Heinz had become thoroughly convinced, that not only was he capable of repeating his performance, but he definitely would repeat it.

He said, with his customary confidence and vigor fully restored, All right Bob, Im going to do it. Think of the difference this will make in his annual income, not to mention his standing in the company. You just know he will duplicate or better his performance next November, following Presidents Month. The something for Heinz Daues turned out to be nothing more sophisticated, than deciding to do the same thing in November, which he had already done in October.

Perhaps you are saying to yourself, anyone could have figured that out, and youre rightthey could have. But there are a few thousand people selling for the same company that Heinz sells for and Ill bet you dollars to donuts, there werent five others who did! Vince Lombardi, former football coach of the outstanding Green Bay Packers football team, described the Razors Edge concept in football very well when he said, Most games are won or lost in the last two minutes of the first and second half.

But what Lombardi is best remembered for 8 Bob Proctor with respect to footballs Razors Edgeis the Second Effort concept, which he introduced for the edification of his players. In a nutshell, the Second Effort concept simply meant, that when a player was initially stopped by the opposing team, he would always surge forward a second time, with the added thrust of a second effort.

Now, just consider the tremendous difference you could create in your own life if you were to adopt a similar mental attitude. For example, if you are a person who is working in sales and currently selling only three units a week, what would the consequences be for you if you were to decide to make one additional sale per week, through a conscientious application of the second effort concept?


Well, on a weekly basis, it might not appear to be a major breakthrough. However, viewed over the time frame of an entire career, it would actually amount to well over two thousand extra sales.

Moreover, from a monetary standpoint, it would mean you would actually receive an extra ten years income over the span of a forty-year career.

You see, Milt went to the Olympic Games in , to compete in the decathlon event. He performed with distinction, finishing in second place in the world and as a result, brought home an Olympic silver medal. However, Milts ambition has always been to win the Olympic gold medal. Therefore, when he returned home, he gave it that old second effort and he started his training program all over again. For the next four years, Milt Campbell dedicated himself singlemindedly to a training schedule, which would culminate with his winning the Olympic gold medal for his country at the Olympic games.

In the aftermath of that spectacular achievement, I had the pleasure of speaking 10 Bob Proctor with Milt on numerous occasions. He often confided to me that many of the athletes against whom he competed in high school were far superior to him at that time.

But at some point, they had made the decision to abandon a sports career and the Razors Edge difference for Milt was that he kept training.

The resultthe day they pinned the gold medal on Milt, he was recognized as the best athlete in the entire world!

One of the most powerful illustrations of the fine line which separates winning from losing was revealed in the filming of the movie, The Razors Edge. The cast for the movie was comprised of eight principal actors, and eight stand-ins.

That is to say, each principal had a stand-in to do the hard, gruelling and tiresome work for him, while the stars did the rest! After the film had been completed, Life Magazine published a story in which the pictures of the eight principals were exhibited on one page, and the eight stand-ins were shown on the opposite page.

Noonan was a close associate of Powers and they had even attended the same high school at the same time. Both men were about the same size, they were equal in intelligence, they dressed almost identically, and they resembled one another very closely, even in their physical appearance. In point of fact, as close a resemblance as was humanly possible existed between each principal actor and his or her stand-in.

But in one wayand one way onlythe principal actors and their stand-ins were completely dissimilar.

Item Preview

The principals may only have been slightly more talented than their understudies were, but the monetary compensation which they received was seventy-five times greater! As your awareness becomes increasingly 12 Bob Proctor great with respect to The Razors Edge concept, you will be astounded by the number of such examples you encounter every day.

As a case in point, just consider how much kindlier you feel towards a particular retail store, where the cashier smiles and thanks you for your business, and then asks you to come back real soon, as compared to one where you are greeted with a stern, Well, are you going to download anything or not, attitude.

Or consider this illustration approximately one year ago, a family attended one of my seminars in Toronto. They were a truly beautiful family, but they had a serious problem and they asked me if I could help them solve it. They informed me, to begin with, that they were the owners of an automobile repair shop.

Frequently bought together

But they also explained their business had gone sour, so sour, in fact, they were seriously contemplating closing their doors, and going to work for someone else. Then, I sat back and listened very carefully to the answers which they provided me with. It wasnt long before I ascertained, that whenever I asked a question having to do with their ability as mechanics, they answered with great enthusiasm and literally overflowing with confidence. In fact, they soon had me convinced not only were they very skillful mechanics, but they were exceptionally hard workers as well.

On the other hand, however, I also discerned, that whenever I asked them a question which touched upon the public relations side of their business, they exhibited absolutely no enthusiasm, whatsoever. In fact, an aura of pessimism and despondency actually came over them. It was fairly obvious to me, therefore, the only problem which this family really had was dealing with their own mental attitudes. Once I had identified the exact nature of the problem, I was able to suggest corrective action.

I told them they must begin to visualize their shop full of cars which 14 Bob Proctor needed to be repaired. I suggested, moreover, that every time they visualized themselves doing work on a car, they also visualize themselves vacuuming the inside of the car, washing the outside, and making sure the windows were spotless. I pointed out to them, that because most people dont really understand very much about the mechanical aspects of a car, the only thing which they would notice, was how it looked, and since almost everyone feels better driving a car that looks good, these little extra touches would soon start paying great dividends for them.

Approximately two weeks later, I received a phone call from one of the family members. She told me that none of them quite understood how something so basic, could make such a tremendous difference. But nevertheless, they had become so busy in the next two weeks since I had visited them, their only problem now was completing all of the work which they had attracted to themselves. The Razors Edge difference that changed their business from a loser into a winner, turned out to be 15 You Were Born RichThe Razors Edge nothing more dramatic than a hospitable attitude and a few additional touches on each and every automobile.

Was it worth it? Just ask the Jacobs family of Toronto, Canada! Most educators will admitwith some coaxingthat the average individual reads at only about a grade six or seven level.

The reason for this is we are taught to read by the time we reach grade six or seven, and then we never bother to improve our reading skills beyond that point. You should realize, moreover, that what is true about reading, is also true of most other skills which we acquire in life.

Once people have become proficient in the basics in any particular field, they usually choose to stop learning, and of course, from that point forward they cease to improve. Since this is true of most people, it follows that it is only the small minority of people in any given field who will go on to become the acknowledged experts in their chosen vocation. Therefore, they are the people who can demand and who will receive the lions share of the income in their field.

Just reflect upon the vast difference in the incomes of the actors 16 Bob Proctor in the movie The Razors Edge. Taking this information into account, consider the job you are doing presently and ask yourself the following questions: How good am I at doing it?

Realize, that if you would study your chosen field for one hour per day, in five years time you would have studied for 45 forty-hour weeks, which amounts to almost a full year of study. Moreover, since you would only be studying for one hour at any given time, you would be able to give the material your undivided attention. Therefore, it would actually be the equivalent of a full year of concentrated study.

This means that by the end of the first year, you would already have put in nine forty-hour weeks of invaluable study time. Although this amounts to only one hour of study per day, if you were to follow this schedule rigorously, in a relatively short span of time you would stand among your peers like a giraffe in a herd of field mice.

In fact, when you really think about it, you will soon understand there isnt any 17 You Were Born RichThe Razors Edge competition at all, because there are so few people in the race, that even the losers are winners. Therefore, you need not do a tremendous amount of studying to gain the understanding you require, because again, the difference between knowledge and ignorance, may be as fine as the Razors Edge.

Lets get down to specifics againas I have explained to audiences on numerous occasions, I do a great deal of studying by listening to educational tapes while I am driving my car. Id like to suggest that you turn your radio off and your tape-recorder on when you get into your car, as it could make as big a difference for you, as it has for me. You should be aware that those people who drive twenty-five thousand miles per year spend thirteen forty-hour weeks sitting behind the wheel of their car.

Therefore, they are in an excellent position to have a wealth of invaluable information deposited in their subconscious minds, while they are, otherwise, engaged in the routine activity of driving. Remember, it is virtually impossible to keep exposing your mind to 18 Bob Proctor great ideas without having those ideas expressed in your physical world. Moreover, it is probably only one idea you need to make the difference in your life.

The Razor’s Edge

Consider this illustrationby merely moving an index finger a fraction of an inch, a person can transform a cold piece of metal into a deadly weapon. Or, by simply shouting the word Fire, a person can turn a room full of happy people into a screaming, panic-stricken mob. Obviously, these are both very negative examples. Nevertheless, they do graphically illustrate the important truth, that the Razors Edge can cut both ways.Leo took over his uncle's business and began experimenting with a new electric hair clipper.

But in one wayand one way onlythe principal actors and their stand-ins were completely dissimilar.

You may do whatever you like with this book, but mostly we hope you will read it. Wahl begins manufacturing its first universal-type rotary motor clippers.

In fact, when you really think about it, you will soon understand there isnt any 17 You Were Born RichThe Razors Edge competition at all, because there are so few people in the race, that even the losers are winners. However, viewed over the time frame of an entire career, it would actually amount to well over two thousand extra sales.

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