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Quattroruote Russia - January Quattroruote Russia - December Quattroruote Russia - December Quattroruote - Novembre. Scaricare quotidiani italiani gratis. I migliori quotidiani on line del mondo. Scaricare libri pdf. Download free PDF magazines in Italian language Page #2. QuattroRuote - Novembre Italian | PDF | pages | ,54 Mb Comprende l'inserto.

Quattroruote Italia - Dossier Cabrio - Luglio Quattroruote Italia - Luglio Quattroruote Italia - Giugno Quattroruote Russia - June Quattroruote Italia - Maggio Quattroruote Italia - Febbraio Quattroruote - Maggio Quattroruote Italia - Aprile Quattroruote - Aprile Quattroruote - Guida all'acquisto Quattroruote Italia - Marzo Quattroruote Italia - Gennaio Quattroruote Italia - Novembre Quattroruote Italia - Dossier Qusato Quattroruote Italia - Guida All Acquisto Quattroruote Italy - Giugno Quattroruote Italy - Maggio Quattroruote Italy - Aprile Quattroruote Italy - December Quattroruote Italy - Novembre Les enjeux du changement technologique, Economica, Paris, A History of Technology, 8 vols.

New York: Facts on File, As important milestones in this evolution are presented creation and separation of ICPE of some research and production groups, of some materials whose technology was previously established in our laboratory, approved and with technology transfer in three major stages after their maturation: in the first two decades after the establishment and then transfer of products during , and the last transfers made under conditions much changed between The paper presents also the conditions for technology transfer and economic effects of last transfers to Electromagnetica Bucharest, Elba Timisoara, Electroaparataj Bucharest, IPRS Baneasa, Electroceramica Turda, trading companies from Odorheiu Secuiesc and not the last part, the establishment of a new plant for carbon materials - especially brushes for electric cars - to Ferite Urziceni, which after the transfer, became Rofep.

A special chapter is dedicated to technology transfer of electrical contacts and permanent magnets, sintered and bounded, to Sinterom Cluj-Napoca with the establishment here of specialized production departments.

It must to mentioned that all these technologic transfers were performed outside ICPE and those direct from the research team to pilot stations, are not considered in this paper. Those who are going through this paper will be little surprised when will finds that technology transfers which are presented, are not only for electrical engineering products, but for all branches of economy, starting from agriculture and ended with the equipment for aviation.

Keywords — electrical industry, technology transfer, materials, electrical engineering products 1. The new institute has brought an important contribution to solving technical problems, particularly difficult for the period in question, at the same time has been leading the way in research in Romania, both in their creative fields and in related sectors. After , in start splitting from ICPE of some commercial companies, for this year they are a total of 8 independent companies.

Si single crystal Fig. Silicon diode for A Fig. Hard and soft ferrites silicon rectifier diodes A Fig.

Piezoceramics Fig. AgNi electrical contacts G.

Quattroruote Italia N.744 — Agosto 2017

ALECU et al. Oxygen sensors Fig. Metal- graphite electrical brushes Fig.

NdFeB PM zirconium oxide-based ceramic eddy current brakes, magnetic materials, control technologies in the field of metal contact materials, magnetic defectoscopy, rare earth-transition metal PM Fig. After our policy was changed: we try to include our materials as components in finished products, wich are selled direct to the l customers.

Fundamentos de Biologia Celular y Molecular

All developed products and technologies were transferred to existing or new established factories or in our own pilot plants and here produced for Romanian and foreign customers.

Metalgraphite type brushes are heavy or very heavy brushes with very low friction and low voltage drop at brush-collector contact. With good electrical conductivity these support the operation at high current density.

These dominant characters we make them suitable for using in slow rotating d. Copper-graphite electrical brushes, MGR-type, shows an apparent density in the range of 2. Silver-graphite electrical brushes, AGR-type, show an apparent density in the range of 2.

Nominal current density for both electric brushes ranges from Hard carbon electrical brushes are appropriate for universal car collectors and distributors of electrical ignition in automobiles. The main technical characteristics of hard carbon materials indicate an apparent density of 1.

Electrographite electrical brushes are fitted in all modern electrical mashines, stationary devices or traction, having low, medium or high voltage in constant or variable load and characterized by an operating mode with little losses.

The main technical characteristics of electrographitic materials are: bulk density in the range of 1. By including the metallic oxides in silver, the welding force and silver contacts burning can be diminished. Contact materials based on silvercadmium oxide due to the total insolubility for the two components can be elaborated only by powder metallurgy.

The main physical, mechanical and electrical characteristic of silver-cadmium oxide contacts obtained by sintering from powders prepared in our institute: for Ag-CdO we have densities between 9. Among the contact materials, the most frequently used is the Ag-Ni for low voltage electric equipment.


The Ag — Ni pseudo-alloys have a constant and reduced contact resistance to the material transfer under direct current, whatever leads to their using as silver or silver alloys substitute with diminished resistance to wear. The main technical characteristics of the sintered AgNi electrical contacts, for different technologies are in the same sequence : 9.

The electrical contact with the simplest form is the solid rivet contact. The electrical contacts in the form of rivets are used in automotive and traction electrical equipment and in switchgears for telecommunication, Table 1.These dominant characters we make them suitable for using in slow rotating d.

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IFR Asia — April 13, Quattroruote Italia - Luglio Find Georgetown, TX Bookstores with maps reviews, websites, phone numbers, addresses, and business profiles. Quattroruote - Maggio The readers will realise that in fact this is a bilingual volume, meaning that there are papers written in both English and French.

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