Guía Pokédex Y Pokémon raudone.info Uploaded by Emz Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for raudone.info Uploaded by. This is a list of Pokémon from the Kalos region in Pokémon X & Pokémon Y. Unlike previous games, the local Pokédex in X & Y is split into three different. übernommen. pokemon x reader lemon forced - pdf - docplayer - 1 pokemon x reader games to pdf pokedex - wordpress - pdf pokedex x y nedladdat från.

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pokemon x y the official kalos region guidebook strategy guide pdf this our and pokemon x and y pdf pokedex - wordpress - pdf pokedex pdf. This regional Pokédex however, is larger than before and so requires separation into three different subcategories. These categories are based upon Pokémon. wordpress - pdf pokedex x y nedladdat från hjarngympa. pokemon heartgold official kalos region guidebook pdf, walkthrough guide pokemon x and y strategy .

Abilities are detailed in the Players Handbook High Abilities High Abilities are special natural born gifts that a Pokemon can utilize once matured. The Dream Doctor can mess around with these mechanics and utilize High Abilities earlier than usual. Evolution When Pokemon mature and age, their body drastically changes in mass and shape to reach a new Stage of their Evolutionary Line. Some Pokemon do not Evolve while others do and other can Evolve twice in their lifetime.

Aside from learning more about the world and physically maturing, Pokemon need a great deal of emotion to urge their Evolution.

Sometimes, confidence and happiness is enough for a pokemon to evolve and other times, it is a Pokemons frustration and hate that pushes it to change.

Not all Pokemon can naturally evolve without foreign aid. Some Pokemon require the radiation found in Evolutionary Stones to mutate themselves into their next form.

There are also Pokemon who require the attachment of a keepsake to promote their evolution. Next to these various ways to evolve there are even more ways for a Pokemon to meet their next level of maturity.

Detailed in the Evolution section is the Species Names of the Pokemon that can be attained by the Species in question as well as the requirements to evolve. Remember, just because a Pokemon has met their minimum requirements does not mean they will evolve. Sometimes there are personal reasons for a Pokemon to not want to evolve. When capturing Pokemon be sure to note their individual Heights and Weights. Be sure to note their changes if they evolve as well. On a grid, both Small and Medium Pokemon would take up one space, or a 1x1m square.

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Large Pokemon occupy 2x2 spaces or a 2x2m square. Huge Pokemon occupy 3x3 spaces or a 3x3m square. Finally, Gigantic Pokemon occupies 4x4 spaces or a 4x4m square. Huge and Gigantic Pokemon may also occupy stranger shapes than a square provided your GM gives you some house rulings and lets you know how many spaces your Huge or Gigantic Pokemon take and How they may be placed on a board.

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Weight Classes are used for several Abilities and Moves. They range from 1 to 6 and are labeled in the parenthesis after weights. Breeding Information When a female Pokemon is mature enough, it can produce eggs and if a male Pokemon is mature enough, it can fertilize them. When given some time alone, Pokemon of the opposite sex and appropriately matching Egg Groups can produce oval Eggs that are approximately 5. The Species of the newborn Pokemon is determined by the mother of the Egg and the Abilities, Moves, and Gender Ratio Not all Species of Pokemon have an equal distribution of male and female children.

When finding a pokemon in the wild, knowing the gender of a particular pokemon may make or break your desire to capture the target.

Egg Groups Pokemon are mysterious since they can cross breed between Evolutionary Stages and even Species, but not any Pokemon can mate with any Pokemon. There are limits and these limits are defined as Egg Groups. Pokemon can only produce Eggs when mating with a Pokemon that shares an Egg Group.

There is also the Ditto Egg Group, exclusive to the Pokemon Species Ditto, who can breed with any other Pokemon to produce an Egg while acting as either the male or female.

Each Species takes a different amount of time to hatch so the Average Hatch Rate covers how quickly the Egg should hatch. The Average Hatch Rate however is only an average. Sometimes the Egg may take twice the length of time or only half of it, depending how well the Egg is kept. Diet The Diet entry explains what kind of food the Pokemon needs to survive. Keen Eye Inner Focus Defiant. Steadfast Inner Focus Prankster.

Steadfast Inner Focus Justified.

Synchronize Trace Telepathy. Steadfast Justified. Flower Veil Symbiosis. Natural Cure Poison Point Technician. Swarm Early Bird Rattled. Swarm Early Bird Iron Fist. Honey Gather Hustle.

Pressure Unnerve. Cute Charm Normalize Wonder Skin. Overgrow Chlorophyll.

Blaze Solar Power. Torrent Rain Dish. Sap Sipper Grass Pelt. Route 5 - Grass Route 5 - Purple Flowers. Iron Fist Mold Breaker Scrappy. Plus Lightningrod. Minus Volt Absorb. Liquid Ooze Sticky Hold Gluttony. Shed Skin Moxie Intimidate. Synchronize Inner Focus Magic Guard. Route 5 - Rising Star Hamish.

Chlorophyll Run Away. Route 6 - Tall Grass Friend Safari.

Chlorophyll Stench. Chlorophyll Effect Spore. Chlorophyll Healer. Battle Chateau - Duchess Robin. Run Away Keen Eye Frisk.

Guía Pokédex Y Pokémon XY.pdf

Route 5 - Backpacker Heike. Compoundeyes Run Away. Route 18 - Sky Trainer Jeremy. Wonder Guard Wonder Guard. Keen Eye Infiltrator Own Tempo.

Keen Eye Infiltrator Prankster. Color Change Protean. Battle Chateau - Countess Patricia.

Frost Cavern - Ace Trainer Cordelia. Poison Point Swarm Speed Boost. Route 6 - Youngster Tyler. Healer Regenerator Klutz. Route 6 - Special Friend Safari. Own Tempo Technician Moody. Anticipation Dry Skin Poison Touch.

Keen Eye Big Pecks Hydration. Healer Aroma Veil. Sweet Veil Unburden. Battle Chateau - Viscountess Ayla.

Pokémon X & Pokémon Y: The Official Kalos Region Guidebook

Illuminate Swarm Prankster. Oblivious Tinted Lens Prankster. Chlorophyll Leaf Guard Infiltrator. Battle Chateau - Baroness Estelle. Pickup Thick Fat Gluttony. Immunity Thick Fat Gluttony. Victory Road - Veteran Catrina. Soundproof Rattled. Soundproof Scrappy.

Pure Power Telepathy. Connecting Cave - Grass Friend Safari.

Inner Focus Infiltrator. Glittering Cave - Team Flare Grunt. Rivalry Mold Breaker Unnerve.Pickup Cheek Pouch Huge Power.

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Simple Unaware Moody. Swarm Sniper. They have different capacities for jumping strength and physical strength. Synchronize Trace Telepathy. Immunity Thick Fat Gluttony. Despite any primary feeding behavior any Pokemon can enjoy any edible Item designed for a Pokemon to consume such as Poffins, Apricorn Shakes or PokeBlocks.

Swift Swim Rattled.

Route 18 - Sky Trainer Jeremy. Chlorophyll Leaf Guard Infiltrator.

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