To help you get stuck into games of Pike & Shotte we've made the Quick Reference sheet from the rulebook available as a PDF. You can. Pike & Shotte is our rulebook covering Tudor warfare, the Thirty Years War, This is the eBook version which we are making available as a PDF download. army list for the Pike & Shotte rules allowing you to field Japanese Samurai armies. Download Pike & Shotte Samurai Army List PDF.

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It's crunchy and satisfying to me in a way that other historical rules just don't Does anyone have a pdf of Pike and Shotte, I like to look it over. raudone.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Cost is halved due to hatamoto special rule (see list notes below) OR. Warlord Games is giving away raudone.info versions of Pike and Shotte, Black Powder , and Direct posting of rulebook excerpts is not allowed.

If he passes the clan comes on anywhere on his base edge the following turn.

This roll is not affected by the maku rule. Terrain placement: They each may download up to 50 points of stratagems. They may download a maximum of two of any kind of stratagem. Flank March 25 points — a command is held off table and may be brought on any time after the first turn by the army commander making a successful command roll. If the roll is made the opponent is told a flank march will arrive the next turn and on which flank it is arriving.

Feigned Flight 25 points — at any point in the game the player may announce that a command is making a feigned flight. Withdraw the command beyond initiative range. Any enemy command with units starting within initiative range of the command making the feigned flight must make a command roll.

If it fails it immediately pursues one move but may not end in contact with any enemy units. Ambush 25 points - player may conceal a unit or an entire command in terrain or behind terrain that would make it invisible to enemy at initial deployment. The ambush may be revealed if enemy units move so as to spot it or within initiative range of the spot or when the player desires during his turn. When the ambush is revealed the enemy command with units in initiative range of it must make a command roll and if they fail all units in that command within initiative range must take a break test.

If the enemy moves within initiative range of this terrain the units are revealed and the enemy must attack them. Guides 25 points.

The player has hired guides or by questioning locals has discovered a path through difficult terrain. One command may move, in a single unit wide column, through any one designated terrain piece as though it were open ground with no disorder or other ill effects. Terrain Placement Rules: Each player selects terrain pieces from the list below. Then roll for placement. If one player has paid more koku for terrain placement he may place all his pieces first.

Otherwise each player alternates with the right to place the first piece determined by a die roll.

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Digital Pike & Shotte rulebook PDF

Jump to Page. Search inside document. Julia Bolderson. Temujin Khan.

Dimitrios Gkagkanis. Mark Hazell. Sean Bartholome. Robert Tucker. Jennifer Mawby. Lawrence Widdicombe. Ludovico Camellini. Stefan Beeman. Victor Westeraa. Dan Griliopoulos. Andres Aguilar Ruiz. I thought I'd take a minute to give my views on a couple rule books I'm reading.

Let me start by saying I've written a few rules and published my own. They were a small set, meant for those nights when you just wannna dig out and play.

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They have a small, but loyal following. I've been working on their first expansion, and it's proving to be a complete pain. Not hard, just can't get into it. I say this because I respect anyone who writes rules then throws them into the aether. Wargamers are a cranky, contentious lot, so you better have a tough skin when you do this. Also, as much as anyone argues about historical wargames it really comes down to what a fellow gamer once said, "what movie do you want to play?

When I first read about a set of skirmish rules that could span ancients to modern, I was highly skeptical. How generic can they be and still be fun?

I got the pdf, printed all pages, and plunged in. I kept saying this. Initially I was put off because the author keeps going into excrutiating detail on every level to make sure you understand. It can be almost like reading a legal document. As much as a pain I found it, I got it. Even a beginner to wargamer could get it.

Thus, the pages. It can really be played from 5 figs to 15 a player. The basic concepts do work for multiple periods.

The period specific rules which the periods are split between ancient, early gunpowder and modern add the flavor. I was amazed by what was accomplished in a few rolls. Faust says it's not an IGOUGO rules set because each player is involved at every step by counter-rolls and the non-phasing player gets an interrupt, but it really is I activate a guy, then you, then me. But, as I said before, it is really impressive. I'm ready to get everyone in the group to "pick a period, and play".

Pros: Well thought out. I don't think you'll find something that isn't here. It makes a small investment in miniatures to test out all the myriad periods I like.

But casualties were starting to build up on both sides really. At this point we both started pulling back some beat up units to try and rally a bit to stave off defeat. This pike armed ashigaru had now crossed the river, and sent in a charge against my guys, sending a few more units off.

Updated: Pike & Shotte rules summary download.

I had sent my Hatamoto unit off across the ford to relieve some pressure from the gunners, and try to get a few easy kills maybe. They broke one unit on the charge with no problems, but the Samurai archers drove them back in disorder.

At this point we decided to call the game, more then half of my units were broken or shattered, the Tokugawa were one away, but I never really had any unit the could break one of theirs. So I figure it's a minor victory for the Tokugawa force, they won but not decisively. The main things I learned leading up to the con is that I probably want to go for a bigger table to accommodate 6 players, and obviously will have 3 commanders per side.

Also seems a good idea to trim down the special rules a bit to make it a touch easier, perhaps a bit less terrain or at least spread out more. But it looks good so I want to use it hah. Really like how Pike and Shotte worked out, seems perfect for this kind of a battle, the weird basing I ended up using x25mm , seemed good as well.

My game for the convention is going to be loosely based on the battle of Mikatagahara.I hope they make cold war commander 2 soon too. Don't those formations look like a pain?

That set enables you to make unarmored Warriors with shields spears, swords and axes. It ticks a lot of the boxes Warmahordes did for me - interesting mechanics and decisions - while avoiding many of that games pitfalls.

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The closest thing I have to one is my buddies back home, with whom I might be able to play via a virtual tabletop. I'm also considering a few fan-made expansions: For King and Parliament. At this point we decided to call the game, more then half of my units were broken or shattered, the Tokugawa were one away, but I never really had any unit the could break one of theirs. Great times.

Has anyone heard anything else on that?

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