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Picaboo Photo Book

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The Picaboo app allows you to easily upload photos from your mobile device. Prestige Series Photo Books. % Satisfaction Guarantee. $ to spend on Photo Books. $ Sold Out. Value, Discount, You Save.

Hitting Pages at the bottom brings up a small scroller that lets you move from page to page and drag them around. We also felt like it took too long to load pages when moving between them.

But not everything was problematic.

Picaboo Photo Books – Best Deals & Discounts Available

The editor includes some exceptional features like the ability to add text to the spine. The templates are easy to work with, making it a breeze to select text and photo placeholders for deletion, rotation, or resizing. You can even turn photos into shapes like hearts and stars. It also lets you apply a drop shadow effect to all the photos in the book at once.

On the plus side, the cardboard definitely kept the book protected in transit. When it comes to shipping, Picaboo prices vary depending on the size of the book you order. Priority rush shipping, which gets you the book within a week, is also available.

We ordered the 11x9-inch Seamless Layflat book, and we can happily report that it did lay flat when opened. Each page fell squarely on the previous one so the book continued to lay flat.

The binding of the book and its contents were all intact and seemed sturdy. The images were much darker than they appeared in the editor, and occasionally ruddy.

You can add, delete and re-size text and photo frames anywhere on the page. Picaboo does not offer photo storage the way other sites such as Shutterfly do. However, in addition to uploading new photos, by using the "get photos" function you can select images from a previous project to use in your current one. The media tray at the bottom of the screen will show your images or your pages and you can flip back and forth easily, which is handy.

Backgrounds and Themes The site offers thousands of backgrounds in variety of themes such as wedding, baby, seasons, travel, sports, holidays — there is even a Canada Day theme.

My relatives up in Canada would appreciate that! You can use themes from different categories, use your own photos as backgrounds, upload backgrounds from scrapbook kits you own, or select a solid color with the eyedropper. Since my photos were primarily taken at a wedding reception, I wanted to use a wedding style but not "bridal" if you know what I mean.

Picaboo has a somewhat limited selection of wedding themes, perhaps because they offer a wide array of high end books perfect for wedding albums where you want an elegant, classic look. However, they do have some beautiful florals, linens and a nice set of black and white backgrounds, which I decided to use since it was similar to the backgrounds in my Shutterfly book. Embellishments I was surprised to find that Picaboo does not offer embellishments or stickers, other than photo corners, but as I mentioned you can upload your own scrapbook elements and backgrounds.

They all go into your main photo area though, unlike Mixbook , which adds them to a special embellishment folder. To create a simple color bar in Picaboo, I made a text box then filled the background with a color and typed a row of dots in the text area the same color as the background see image below.


In fact, using the tools I was able to reproduce a number of the embellishments that I had used in my Shutterfly book, but not all of them. Since Picaboo doesn't have embellishments and stickers, I made my own color bar by filling a long, narrow text box with pink then typing in dots the same color.

If you leave a text box empty it won't print. You can adjust the opacity of the text box background, as well as fade images.

Prestige Series Photo Books

This is nice if you want to use one of your photos as a background. The software supports layers that you can stack and reorder for complex designs.

You can add borders, shadows, and fancy corners to your images or text and there is a built in grid to align various elements. Big Previews and Workspace I love the large workspace Picaboo provides and you can open or close the sidebar of tools to make even more space. Just as helpful is the ability to zoom in on your design in the preview mode so you can make sure everything is exactly where you want it.

Shutterfly does not have this feature. Editing Picaboo does better than a number of other photo services with their editing tools. I found the software to be not quite as intuitive as Shutterfly, or maybe I am just not used to it, but it does have some nice features.

I really liked the preview screen and the ability to enlarge the book preview.

Hands-on Review: Making a Photo Book With Picaboo

I used the online software and found the preview function to be rather slow to load. If you are making a large book it would be rather annoying.

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However, Picaboo has free downloadable desktop software that is faster in response time and it provides the added benefit of storing the project files directly on your own hard drive.

When I received my book, the interior pages looked very nice with good color reproduction.Sarah allegedly emailed them yesterday. Saving Money on Picaboo. The prints are mounted on very thick board with rounded corners and gilded edges black, silver or gold.

Editing Picaboo does better than a number of other photo services with their editing tools. Otherwise its spot on and the easy-to-use software even offers assistance should you feel lost. We definitely appreciate the fully editable features meaning you can get the layout exactly as you desire without the compromise that some competitor photo books force you to make.

My book arrived in less than a week. Backgrounds and Themes The site offers thousands of backgrounds in variety of themes such as wedding, baby, seasons, travel, sports, holidays — there is even a Canada Day theme.

Bookmark that page or fan me on Facebook and you won't miss out on the latest coupon codes! The binding is solid; pages are side-sewn case-bound, which is very sturdy.

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