**Update v fix small bug with Eboot resigning. but it seems that no resigners could resign self and sprx files for ODE users unless the files are renamed to raudone.info instead. put the file you want to resign, if it's raudone.info put that inside EBOOT Resigner folder, if it's Self. Download ODDE Eboot Resigner vzip, Size: KB, File name: ODDE Eboot Resigner vzip, Uploaded. E/S/S/S/E (EBOOT / SELF / SPRX / SDAT/ EDAT) Resigner tool get small update from developer @bigjokker. Newly added ability to convert.

Odde Eboot Resigner

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hi guys some have errors when using a raudone.info i have many Games Now Download ODDE EBOOT Resigner That Created By @harryoke. Now Download ODDE EBOOT Resigner That Created By @harryoke. Download ODDE for this work,run iSOTools and select "Verify EBOOT. where do i find psn Resigner to resign psn games on , some of mine not When related to raudone.info, combined with error

I get that first it must be transformed into a klic to decrypt the nprdm part, is that type 1 network? Doesn't type 2, local, need act data or idps to make the klick? So it's better to have the user input the rif key instead of the rap key? I had put the code for converting the rap to the klic in the app in the other thread. BTW, thanks for telling me who made this code. I have to put credit to him. Nov 25, BIN to 4. BIN 1C 42' to resign. BIN works well on my 4. The solutions i've found so far for that nasty error all use resigning with scetool to 3.

The funny thing is when i resign to 3. But why doesn't it work on ODE when i resign to 4.

Unfortunally i don't have much knowledge about ODE at all. Any ideas? Regards Rudi. Validating eboot file Checking eboot. OK everything seems to be fine i quote " if Checking eboot. Hi, Thanks for information about rap and rif.


Then I will have to take a look. Could you say which 4.

I don't know the requirements for the boot disc. I'll see if I can find out.

1: Download Original EBOOT s

I guess that fixes the error for most ode user if they are on official firmware. SFB, 3. NPUB 3. BHave the file already Change the game id midway down the file using Hx.

D to your games id, in this case its NPUB 3. Inside NPUB3. Use genps.

1 Screenshot

ISO 1. Reboot PS3, mount and play If your game isnt activated any more and you have the edatrif files 1make a user named aa if there isnt one rename it to aa if youve used re.

Insert usb drive into devusb. Leftmost slot 4. That is unlessAfter this I had an bit of a problem, I have version 1. It prompted for an update to 1. I did the update and had an incomplete PSN install.

I decided to put this on my disc. Its simple really. Target Spoiler.

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PS3 in devhdd. Copy the contents to c tempupdate 3. Sample Guidance Program For Preschool. Select n Fix.

EBOOT 9. ELF No idea what this does, so I chose n for safety 1.

SFO overwrite the original 1. Move c tempupdateC0. Reboot PS3, mount and play F. Why do this I can just use it as a PSN install.

Error 80010007 when launching game in Rebug 4.76 CFW

I use it so I can compress the games a little better. Compressing encrypted data is a loosing battle by its very nature.

Using this method gives me way better compression then Id get with just a PKG file. The PKG File is 1,7.

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I used Rebug's 4. Instructions 1. Locate and copy libfs. Download and extract the patchers on your PC.

They are located under the following link: 4. Note that: if you are on a firmware with a different version number than 4.

When prompted with a message asking: "Want to use Disc - Less payload? In order to test if "Disc - Less" mode is running properly pick a game that requires a disc. I used GRID 2 in my case, with the following settings: a.General PS3 Discussion. Now you will be on OFW 3. Then the game company fixed the signing algorithm used for the game files. BIN works well on my 4. Extract to Desktop or where ever you like. It's probably fine as long as it's lower than the version in the ps3. When it is done, you will now have a file named bkpps3.

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