A stunning novel about the transformative power of love, perfect for fans of 13 Reasons Why by Jay raudone.infon-year-old physics nerd Aysel is obsessed with . Mai Jasmine Warga: My Heart and Other Black Holes Description Ich küsse ihn. Wir küssen uns! Ich versuche, mich nicht zu fragen, ob das nun. Book Details Author: Jasmine Warga Pages: Binding: Hardcover Brand: Balzer Bray Harperteen ISBN: Download or read My Heart and Other Black Holes by click link below Download or read My Heart and Other Black Holes OR. [PDF] Download Crushing It!.

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MY HEART AND OTHER BLACK HOLES by Jasmine Warga (Extract) - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A brilliant debut . My Heart and Other Black Holes book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Sixteen-year-old physics nerd Aysel is obsessed w. My Heart and Other Black Holes - Jasmine Warga free Epub E-book Download. More free Epubs at

As awesome as that sounds, it's unrealistic. Loose Ends Aysel did have people in her life who was trying to reach out to her before Roman entered into the picture. Instead of the reader seeing Aysel get the closure she's been desperately craving, we get Aysel worried over Roman and his suicide attempt. Of course, this is why the romance felt so out of place and inappropriate to me: What I wanted was more closure with Aysel and her family.

I was hoping we'd get to see them visiting her dad, finally letting her sister Georgia into her life, reconnecting with her mother, seeing a doctor for her problems. Asyel's broken family life was one of the biggest things that led to her depression and I was very disappointed to see this not addressed in the end. Side note: I am scratching my head at Aysel's mother's decision making. She willingly left her daughter with her father knowing that he had violent tendencies?

Never reached out to her further when she got remarried and had more kids? And then she was shocked to learn about her depression? Shocked that Aysel didn't come to her? I was right because the final scene is full of Roman in the hospital after his failed suicide attempt and Aysel there confessing her love. It's made me see myself differently, see the world differently.

I owe you everything for that. My Heart and Other Black Holes could have been amazing. It could have been the book I'd recommend to really help people understand what it feels like to be depressed. The descriptions of grief were spot on and genuine.

But the glamorized-suicidal-romantic-teen-love-fest killed any hope of redemption. I love a hope-filled story as much as the next person, and oh how I wish depression could just be cured with a little bit of love. I wish loving my husband and kids and them loving me in return could fix me. Love is a lot of things, but it is not a magic pill. This is real life, and real life is a lot more complicated and messy than that.

What My Heart and Other Black Holes does do is give off a false hope with the road it took to achieving it almost impossible to attain. And that , frankly, depresses the hell out of me. ARC provided by publisher in exchange for an honest review. More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebuggery. View all 64 comments. Does a dead body still have potential energy or does it get transferred into something else?

Can potential energy just evaporate into nothingness? This book was pretty much perfect until the big thing that made it not so perfect anymore. However, I still think it's a clever, addicting, sensitive, honest and insightful story about depression, especially in the beginning. It follows the pattern of other Does a dead body still have potential energy or does it get transferred into something else? It follows the pattern of other popular books that I didn't enjoy so much - like The Fault in Our Stars and All the Bright Places - but the characters felt more real and less annoyingly pretentious.

My Heart and Other Black Holes starts very well. Having suffered with depression at times in my life and seen my mother deal with it too, I can completely relate to Aysel's descriptions of her sadness and inner struggle. Warga apparently wrote this book after the death of her close friend, in order to manage her own emotions and I think it's evident that she understands her subject. Like how the worst of it happens inside of you: And the wish to be invisible that sometimes borders on agoraphobia: In these moments, it always feels like my skin is too thin, like everyone can see right inside me, can see my empty and dark insides.

When Aysel decides she needs a suicide partner to finally put an end to her misery, she meets up with Roman. Both of them are very different and very realistic. Aysel might be a really smart physics nerd, but her "voice" feels like that of a real person; a real teenager. And Roman is proof that not all depression sufferers are nerdy outsiders and emos. I also really enjoyed the conversation between them - both the serious discussions and the darkly comic aspects.

I wondered how the physics theme was going to play into the story and was skeptical about whether I'd like it. As it turns out, I did.

I thought the weaving together of philosophy and physics was really interesting. The question about what happens to us when we die is an old one, but I found this take on it refreshing - if energy cannot disappear but can only be transferred, what happens to our energy when we die? Warga had built up a strong novel with strong characters who, though bitter, were extremely likable.

She'd brought depression, death, life, philosophy and science to the table in an intriguing blend I don't know how else to explain it. I find this to be many things - lazy, untruthful, even a damaging message.

Depression is not something that can be cured overnight. As Aysel noted earlier, it's far more to do with the inner illness than the outer circumstances. I wouldn't go so far as to portray this as a "love cures all" book - personally, I didn't even think it was very romancey - but it completely misrepresents depression and suicidal thinking by suggesting that someone can flick a switch in their brain and decide to be happy and alive.

But I still believe this is a good book.

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Enjoyable, dark, but funny too. Clever and interesting. Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr View all 46 comments. Mar 16, Nick rated it it was amazing Shelves: You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog! My Heart and Other Black Holes is a contemporary novel,about Aysel and Roman who are different by personality but You can find the full review and more about this book on my blog!

View all 20 comments. I really enjoyed this. The whole idea of suicide partners provided a very different look at mental illness. I loved the striking honesty and the hope woven throughout the story. Really a great read. View 1 comment. After a few chapters I be 3. After a few chapters I began to understand their personalities. However, I very much felt the pain of both the characters. They had both gone through very traumatic situations and their isolation was overpowering.

Sadness is only ugly She had hope. Hope is beautiful. View all 18 comments. Dec 21, Becky Albertalli rated it it was amazing. I don't even know where to begin.

This is such a special, weird, complicated, beautiful book. I'm a clinical psychologist who spent several years doing therapy almost exclusively with kids and teenagers. This is the book I wish my clients could have read. Aysel's voice is vivid and sad and quietly snarky - she's just so messy and real.

She flips the switch from heartbreaking to hilarious in the span of a paragraph. She's sullen and brilliant and frustrating and gorgeously imperfect. Warga nailed I don't even know where to begin.

My Heart and Other Black Holes

Warga nailed her portrayal of clinical depression, but even more so, she created an achingly familiar, completely realistic teenage character who isn't defined by diagnostic labels.

And then she shows us all the messy, dark stuff that truly is a part of reality for so many kids. I think it's so difficult and terrifying to talk about suicidality in a way that connects with the lived experience of these teens. Warga goes there, fearlessly - and I think this authenticity is so sorely needed.

View 2 comments. Review and playlist posted at Young Adult Hollywood. My body is an efficient happy-thought-killin Review and playlist posted at Young Adult Hollywood. My body is an efficient happy-thought-killing machine. As far as I could remember, I have always been struggling with depression.

It's something that doesn't really go away. The underlining: Eventually, I learned to calm the fire rage inside me. There are some given moments, I realized there are a lot of things worth living for. This is why, I feel so grateful to read something that I can identify with.

I wish, this book existed when I was in high school. It would have saved me countless of nights crying myself to sleep.

She wanted to die and has been plotting her own death. And upon discovering a website called Suicide Partners, she met FrozenRobert who also wanted to die. They made a pact to do it together. But as they get closer to their deadline date, Aysel begins to question if dying is really worth it. The characters and romance: I love every character from this book. These bunch of flawed people are authentic and poignant.

Be prepared to swoon and cry. Contrary to popular belief, My Heart and Other Black Holes is not just a morbid book that will make you shed tears. It is also a chock-full story filled with humor and snark. Why you should read it: If you are struggling with depression, or are friends or related to someone who is and you wanted to be enlighten.

Then maybe, this book is for you. As for someone who constantly grapple with her struggles, I relate to My Heart and Other Black Holes a lot, in some little ways and more. Like all things, it is not a book without flaws and shortcoming. Bravo to Jasmine Warga for acknowledging depression is something that is not beautiful.

My Heart and Other Black Holes is dark, filled with so much hope. It is profoundly moving that dealt with depression realistically. View all 15 comments. Nov 19, Christy rated it really liked it Shelves: Asyel and Roman d 4 stars! Besides the fact that they both want to die.

This is a heavy story. And even with all the heavy, there were funny moments, moments that felt hopeful and full of promise. Everyone has something or someone worth living for. Even people in the darkest of places. I found this to be an emotional, powerful read with beautifully broken characters and a storyline that made me feel from start to finish!

View all 27 comments. I read this book in one sitting, overnight, and I'm sure many others will find themselves sharing in this experience. P "Be careful," he says. That noise….

Let me tell you what that noise is: That, my lovely Goodread friends, is the sound of me falling head over heels in love with yet another book. But no, hear me out. No way, Jose. But for some reason…this book continued to call to me. What we have here, folks, is a case of what you are looking for in a book and what you are willing to accept in a book. Chelsea sees cover, Chelsea falls in love.

Chelsea reads blurb? Chelsea falls in love…. Oh yeah-this book centered around two suicidal teens. Yikes…Heavy much? So what did I do next? I did what I always do: I researched the shit out of this book. Why put yourself through that? And yet…. After jumping out of the browsing history, I found myself relentlessly going back to this book every week or two-It was like clockwork.

My head told me stay away, continually. But my heart wanted more. I spend a lot of time wondering what dying feels like. What dying sounds like. My point? After months and months and weeks and weeks of being a total poonanner about this book, I took the plunge- I one clicked the sonuvabitch and set a date to read it.

I was nervous, admittedly, being the way I am about my book characters. Anyone who knows me, even a little, knows I find a deep, visceral connection with them-Almost always. And, even more so, I add new bbfs to my list like, well, books to my TBR pile. So, getting back to the point of me getting to the point- I am so glad I listened to my heart. My whole face burns and my stomach clenches and unclenches like a fist. This is the soccer mom problem I was trying to avoid.

Two strikes against FrozenRobot-a pet turtle and a loving mom. This book was something special to me. How the writing flowed seamlessly from page to page and pulled you in so deep you felt like you were wading in honey because it was so smooth and flawless and, shockingly….

This book, this book I had avoided for months on end because I thought the darkness would swallow me whole, was sweet. But he ended up with a flake.

A grade-A flake. But how can that be , you ask?? This book is about two depressed teens who have a literal date set to commit suicide. But this is a book, and I guess if I had to say one thing about it….. It was dark, morbid, and relentless in the ultimate end result-they wanted to do this, and not a chapter went by without this reminder. All of a sudden, I realize what that shadowy something is. FrozenRobot loves basketball. He loves playing it. I wonder if joy has potential energy.

I felt the hope shining through all the darkness…and I saw that there was a possible happy ending for these two.

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I choose to read because I want to escape reality and find solace in the pages of something that I know nothing about, if only to expand my mind in ways I never dreamed possible. I felt a deep, visceral connection not only to Aysel, but to Roman, as well. These two were beyond words to me- I loved them for their beautiful, broken minds.

I cried for their vulnerability and aches so deep that the pain was unbearable-but invisible to the eye. And I hated them for their selfishness-for not seeing the effect they were going to have on other people when they were gone.

I am a flake. But maybe meeting Roman has helped me to understand myself better. But the more we talk about it, the more we share our sadness, the more I start to believe that there could be a chance to fix us, a chance that we could save each other. I absolutely have to talk about these characters who touched my soul. This young girl who, despite what we are always taught… saw no other way out.

Aysel was a dark person-and with that darkness was a humor that somehow managed to lighten her. Her mind, while toxic with her intentions, was a quirky minefield of intelligent musings about physics and classical music. A big difference. And then Roman-Aka FrozenRobot. But, seriously-My dear, tortured Roman.

Roman was by far the darkest of the two- The most serious , the most dedicated to what was coming…the most determined to follow through…. It feels weird and wrong to say I was obsessed with Roman but…I was. His pain and heartache were palpable from the moment we first meet him. Popular , athletic , and smothered with love from an overprotective mother. I adored him. I adored his story.

I adored his personality, his kindness, his protectiveness of Aysel, and his longing to know her …even as the days before their pact wore down like sand in an hourglass. I believe, despite the probably unpopular opinion, that the romance is what made them begin to heal-what gave them hope.

Hope that someone finally understood them , understood the pain of what it feels like to be utterly crushed and like your soul was being sucked into a black vortex of nothingness every single day of your life. I adored them together … and I adored them separately. When Aysel starts to realize life just might be worth living…. But I must say, I see the best ratings popping up for tragic books.

And let me ask you this…. Would it still have been epic in your eyes? I see this a lot and I just had to say that. This book, whether tragic or not, was alluring and addicting from page one. There was never a dull or boring moment, and the story never dragged.

The writing flowed smoothly and the book was over in a blur-it was never a chore to finish this, even as the scary possibility of what was to come drew nearer. Quite the opposite, in fact. I literally, I kid you not, could. Everything used to seem so final, inevitable, predestined. Like life can seem awful and unfixable until the universe shifts a little and the observation point is altered, and then suddenly, everything seems more bearable.

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I was looking for something to touch me on a deeper level, looking for something that made me feel -and not in the perilous kind of way, for once. I just wanted authentic, real characters who had actual problems…. And for that, I will be eternally grateful. Again, name that movviieee: P For more of my reviews, please visit: View all 42 comments. The two characters in the story make me empathize with their causes because they bel 3.

The two characters in the story make me empathize with their causes because they believe there is no other better course in life than to end their own. Although I think the story lacks better resolutions on several conflicts and that the turning point and conclusion sort of just happened in a nearly fairytale like fashion, I think this is a significantly unique debut novel about two people who met at the darkest times of their lives written in a very smart and witty manner that readers would enjoy despite the sad themes.

I knew I had good reason to empathize with the characters because they do grow in the story. Although their resolve to end their lives is as stiff as an unwashed sock for three years, knowing each other brought a change to both their lives whether they acknowledge it or not and that simple change is really all it takes to make a difference.

I think many of our young people today heavily seek validation and acceptance from society- others even depend their lives on it. The book also reminds that there are still many kindhearted people out there. I wish you a wonderful with your family. View all 12 comments. An outcast at school and in her own home, Aysel has been spending her time browsing suicide websites where she meets Roman.

They make a pact to kill themselves on a specific day, and in order to keep up pretenses for their fami 4 stars! They make a pact to kill themselves on a specific day, and in order to keep up pretenses for their families, they begin to spend time together.

Imagine my surprise when my heart just bled for Aysel and Roman and each of their situations. Aysel brought my eyes to tears multiple times in the beginning of this book. She was thrust into a horrible life situation very suddenly, the actions of her father ruining her life and the lives of others. In fact he was a lot more invested in the pact than he was in a friendship with Aysel. I honestly think her books will only continue to get better based on the great quality of this first book.

Aysel was my favorite part of this book, I never at any point felt her feelings were unjustified, even if her turn around was fairly quick.

This is a young adult novel that I feel will stand the test of time. View all 34 comments. Apr 13, Kai rated it it was ok Shelves: You shouldn't go around breaking things just for the fun of it. This was not necessarily a bad book. Maybe I've already read too many similar books, but this felt like a beginner's guide to depression.

A very important and very popular topic at the moment, but for me many of the lines in this novel felt staged. Predictability and unoriginality of plot as well as characters, made me feel like I had read this story many times before.

Actually, I even played this story on stage just last year. In Norway. Today two strangers meet on an online platform for suicidals. They plan a trip to Norway, where they want to jump of a cliff. While she ignores those attempts, I would've liked her to acknowledge them at some point. Especially her sisters would have deserved it.

Likeability I couldn't warm up to neither Aysel nor Roman.

They both had character traits that bothered me a lot. While she was rather self-centered and impolite, he got angry over her making jokes all the time. One look at the cover sums up my feelings for this book. Messy, rather grey-ish and a little dull. But I think the author has lots of potential.

I'm often disappointed by an author's debut work, but with more experience and time, their writing could improve. Jasmine Warga has the talent, so let's see what the future holds.

Find more of my books on Instagram View all 8 comments. Apr 17, Katie rated it really liked it. The beginning of this book was really difficult for me to read, but I'm really glad I stuck with it because I ended up really loving this story.

My Heart and Other Black Holes delves into the lives of two suicidal teens who make a pact to be each other's suicide partner. Yes, this novel is messed up and sad and shocking at times to think that someone would want a sort of motivational coach to make sure they achieve death, but suicide pacts do happen, especially with teens, so no matter how effed up this is, it is real and all too heartbreaking.

Still, this book is supposed to be an emotional mess, and it really should be considering the My Heart and Other Black Holes delves into the lives of two suicidal teens who make a pact to be each other's suicide partner. Still, this book is supposed to be an emotional mess, and it really should be considering the subject matter and everything surrounding it, yet I found myself feeling a bit indifferent towards it all.

Suicide is a tough subject to execute in a novel, and while there are some realistic parts, the whole premise which was basically a how-to on finding a suicide partner and then you add in the "love is the answer" bit.. I was even uncomfortable at times, especially when it came to the romance.

You can't help but NOT want to root for the romance - because how mismatched is that? Like for instance, Roman would get upset about her maybe not coming through to their promise to kill themselves. He's supposed to be this character who we know will become a sort of love-interest from the start, and so we should like him, but he comes off as way too selfish!

Sorry if you feel she maybe doesn't want to DIE anymore so you have to do it yourself! Poor you! Plus, the whole "love is a cure" idea is sweet and all, but it didn't work for me in this book.

I felt as if Aysel's realization came on too suddenly, especially having been told that depression had been with her for a long time. I didn't see her climb out of the hole she was in, it was just like: Another aspect I disliked is how the "mysteries" are handled. Her dad is in jail for some major crime that happened. We know this is the reason she's been depressed, but we're only given hints of what exactly her dad did at first, making me believe there would be some kind of shocking reveal, here.

But the reveal kind of fizzles out when it's unraveled fairly casually - and there's no twist, here, it's exactly what you easily assume it to be. The same could be said about FrozenRobot and his story. I feel like there was some lost potential in both cases. More-so, I felt like hints were dropped to grab our interest but were not really followed through.

With that out of the way, this novel is still beautifully written with sensitive topics that pull you in. I didn't find it as emotionally compelling as I expected it to be, but I do believe if the romance was not such a big part of her healing that I would have found myself connecting to it much more than I did.

It seems like the majority of readers are finding it to be a much more emotional read than I did, so if you like these dark and difficult topics I do recommend you give this one a try. For more of my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads It affects more than million people worldwide. It is not uncommon for depressed individuals to have thoughts about suicide whether or not they really intend to act on these thoughts.

She suffers from depression, fantasizing about it and wondering what dying feels like. She feels guilty because her father is what he is and because of what he did. Aysel decides she needs a suicide partner. On Smooth Passages, a website for people who wants to die she meets FrozenRobot aka Roman, a 17 years old boy who decides like Aysel to give up. As the story progresses Aysel and Roman plan how to kill themselves getting to know each other in the process.

They become some sort of friends and maybe they would have become something more if the reality would have been different. Roman is a character I liked, almost the entire time reading this novel. I felt for him, I did, but at times he felt a little I loved how easily the two of them interacted with each other.

From the beginning I felt their connection and I enjoyed their dialogue for the most part. I found this aspects very refreshing and not only for a YA. And I liked the romance aspect of the story. From that point everything felt rushed. And epilogue whould have been nice! Overall, a great read! View all 57 comments. Jan 08, Kayla rated it it was amazing. And yet, that's exactly what I felt while reading it.

Watching Aysel and Roman get to know each other was such a good reminder that the way we see ourselves isn't always reliable. That we should be wary of letting guilt and shame become dark clouds we define ourselves by—because, for every dark cloud, there are silver linings of empathy, tenderness, a sense of humor, artistic talent, kindness toward animals, love, and so much more.

That, sometimes, all it takes is a connection with someone who gets us to show us we're not as alone as we think we are. I think this will be an important book in the world because it has the potential to BE that connection for those who are reluctant to talk with an actual human about the dark clouds that haunt them—through Aysel and Roman, perhaps they will finally find someone to identify with.

If this book shows just one person that their unique life is worth living, or takes the weight out of the burdens they carry, it will be a wonderful thing.

I suspect, though, it will be a much-needed ray of light for far more than just one person. It is tragic, empowering it has a few hopeful moments , and beautiful. I can not get enough of this book. It's truly incredible. It's gotten to the point where the only way out of her sadness is to end it all. So, she decides she wants to commit suicide. She can't do it alone, so she finds a website dedicated to help people kill themselves and to find a person who's willing to kill themselves with Aysel.

Whenever she finds Roman-the guy who is willing to kill himself with her-, they have nothing in common. But eventually their path becomes more concrete, and Aysel questions if she wants to actually do it.

My Heart and Other Black Holes

So, just from the synopsis alone, one can tell that this is a serious book that deals with serious topics. This book is so dark, and it deals with mental-illness in a way that is incredibly truthful, and as someone who fights depression and has multiple suicide attempts, this book is insanely accurate. A lot of books have delved into mental illness, especially the topic of depression and suicide, just to name a few: So, I was hesitant to see if this book would be like those two or if it could stand on its own, and it did.

This book also made me cry in the last pages or so multiple times. If you are struggling with suicidal urges, please tell someone immediately or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: Her whole story is heartbreaking, and she's just so lost, and you desperately want her to find herself. Roman - Likewise with Roman, he is incredibly broken after a dramatic event in his life.

Both of the characters are easy to relate to, especially if you're dealing with depression.

Their story broke my heart, and I am so eager to read anything else this woman writes. That's it. That's the point. He knows life is never going to get any different for him. That there's no fixing him. It's always going to be the same monotonous depressing bullshit.

Boring, sad, boring, sad. He just wants it to be over. Sep 16, Greta rated it liked it Shelves: This is a bittersweet story about two teenagers who are depressed, isolated and suicidal. They meet on a website and become partners in suicide. In addition to this, the story touches upon divorce, parental neglect, bullying, murder and mental illness. Aysel has to deal with the consequences of a terrible thing her father did, while Roman is crushed by guilt for causing a tragic accident.

In the face of all these adversities, isolation, shame, depression and suicidal thoughts are unsurprising co This is a bittersweet story about two teenagers who are depressed, isolated and suicidal. In the face of all these adversities, isolation, shame, depression and suicidal thoughts are unsurprising corollaries.

In spite of all these unpleasant and sensitive topics, this rather well-written book was an engaging, easy read. The book only left me feeling underwhelmed and conflicted about my own lack of compassion in the face of so much tragedy and unhappiness. The tone of the book was set early on: Dec 16, Swaroop rated it really liked it. The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.

This is the beautiful story of Aysel Leyla Seran. If I'll burst like those notes, let out my last cries of pain, and then go silent forever. Wow, was not expecting for this book to have hit me as hard as it did.

First of all, trigger warnings for suicide. For Aysel, it was her father who was imprisoned due to killing someone. Roman lost his younger sister due to a tragic accident that he blames himself for. Strangely, they both blame themselves for those incidents. Subsequently, they meet o Wow, was not expecting for this book to have hit me as hard as it did. Subsequently, they meet on a website where one looks for a suicide partner.

They meet and agree on a date. As the date of their planned suicide gets closer, things begin to change. Now, I know a lot of people hate this 'trope' of love making it better and I can't speak for clinical depression fully either or suicide , though I went through something myself.

But, love doesn't make the depression and the suicidal thoughts go away in this instance. They're acknowledged as something that will be constant. However, this is a personal story to the author. I appreciated how she explored depression and suicide.

How she highlighted that this constant feeling of sadness isn't beautiful, neither does it make anyone interesting. But, it becomes a way for both characters to connect. To finally be understood and TALK to someone about what they've been facing. Their personal darkness.

And feel a spark of hope, and coming to their own conclusion that they might not be how they see themselves, giving them the encouragement to see life slightly differently. To look for help and confide in their families. That the battle of depression most likely will never end, but that life might not be so bad after all. I cried a few times.

There were just some moments that I could fully relate to and that I needed to read. I appreciated that this book included resources that others could use who battle depression and have suicidial thoughts. Just a beautiful, enlightening read. View all 10 comments.

I loved how simple it was, how real it was, and how I was able to connect with it. The amount of times I had to take breaks from reading this book was ridiculous. I found with each page I was captivated by the story.

Jasmine Warga handled the topics of depression and suicide perfectly by expressing the rawness of both situations. I know I will be rereading this book so many more "Maybe we all have darkness inside of us and some of us are better at dealing with it than others. I know I will be rereading this book so many more times and I would highly recommend this book.

They spark. They burst. But as their suicide pact becomes more concrete, Aysel begins to question whether she really wants to go through with it. Ultimately, she must choose between wanting to die or trying to convince Roman to live so they can discover the potential of their energy together. Ethan Wate, who has been counting the months until he can escape from Gatlin, is haunted by dreams of a beautiful girl he has never met.

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With the introduction to Roman, a boy who Aysel finds on a Suicide Partners forum, we get romance. View all 8 comments. This young girl who, despite what we are always taught… saw no other way out. Ultimately, she must choose between wanting to die or trying to convince Roman to live so they can discover the potential of their energy together. As soon as you introduce teenage romance to a a topic as heavy as this, you run this risk of it being romanticized.

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