The Jungle Book is a 3D CGI animated television series. This series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters. Main characters; Seeonee Wolf Pack; Villains; Other animals. 3 Production; 4 Episode list Like in the book, he is sort of friends with Mowgli, Bagheera and Baloo, yet. This contains the full episode list of the Japanese anime series Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli. Episode list[edit]. #, Title, Air Date. 1, "Mowgli Comes into the. Latest 3D animation series full HD episode of The Jungle Book featuring Mowgli and Shere Khan (tiger) as two lead characters. The Jungle.

Mowgli Jungle Book All Episodes

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The Jungle Book is a 3D CGI animated television series. This series is based on the original book by Rudyard Kipling. Contents. 1 Plot; 2 Characters. Main characters; Seeonee Wolf Pack; Villains; Other animals. 3 Production; 4 Episode list Like in the book, he is sort of friends with Mowgli, Bagheera, and Baloo, yet. Jungle Book Shōnen Mowgli is a Canadian-Japanese anime adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's original collection of stories, The Jungle Book. It aired in , and consists of a total of 52 episodes. . Mowgli isn't sure whether he can trust him at first because of all the stories and reputation about humans, and their history with. The adventures of Mowgli, an orphan boy raised by wolves, and his friends in the Watch Now. With Prime Video. ALL .. Shere Khan 37 episodes,

White furred. She later becomes the official new leader of the pack and the first female leader of the pack when Akela steps down from his position once again, after originally asking Mowgli to convince Vermillion if he'd accept the request of leading. She came up with the plan of getting an ex-member of the pack named Grizzle exiled from it again, this time along with his gang, without having to battle. Akru has brown and beige fur, while Sura's is blue and black, like his father. They are only cubs when Mowgli is first adopted by the wolf couple but are fully grown in subsequent episodes.

They are both very close to Mowgli and stay that way throughout the series, even after they leave home and find mates. Akru has a tendency to be hot headed and does not always look before he leaps, whereas Sura tends to be calmer and more collective.

Akela : The leader of the pack, notably when Mowgli is first adopted into the pack and during most of Mowgli's younger days. He is very old but very knowledgeable, and is forced out of his retirement after Alexander died. Vermillion : Lala's father and Alexander's great friend. He competes with Alexander to be the next leader of the pack, when his father, Akela, chooses to step down.

Mowgli the Artist

He acquires a scar on his left eye afterwards. His fur is red in colour. It is later revealed that they had also fought previously to decide which one would marry Luri. He later moves away, apparently leaving his daughter behind, and becomes the leader of a pack of wolves in a rocky desert area.

Shere Khan : A tiger, who is the main antagonist of much of the series. Cruel and cunning, he violates many Laws of the Jungle, including eating humans and cows, and over-hunting. The injury on his leg is dealt by Alexander in a fight.

Bagheera : A black panther, and one of Mowgli's friends. He also serves as one of Mowgli's teachers, like Baloo, though he is more enthusiastic and has a gentler approach in some of his lessons. Bagheera spent part of his childhood in the care of an English family. Baloo : A bear, and one of Mowgli's friends. He is Mowgli's main teacher of the Laws of the Jungle, and is stricter than Bagheera.

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He is seen as a de facto member of Mowgli's wolf pack. Kaa : A python, and one of Mowgli's friends. He also serves as a teacher to Mowgli on a few occasions.

Tabaqui : Shere Khan's sidekick. Unlike the other versions of Jungle Book, he is a bungling hyena Though still called a jackal who never seems to get anything right. Bacchus : A fat wolf who can never hunt properly.

He is more fitted to babysitting the wolf cubs. He appears more often in the first half of the series, and is occasionally used for comic relief.

Fargas : An old wolf who was saved by Alexander from a pack of wild dogs. He steals food from the pack's storage in his first few appearances. Lala : Vermillion's daughter and Akela's granddaughter. She has brilliant red fur, though slightly lighter than her father's. She acts like a tomboy early in the series, and refuses to accept Mowgli as a member of the pack. Later in the series, she grows to her teens and is revealed to be more fond of Mowgli. By the end of the series, she and Sura are the parents of two cubs.

Kichi : Mowgli's red panda friend. His parents are killed by humans. Later in the series he lives together with Mowgli in his hut. In the German version, Kichi is called Kiki. Linda : An English girl who adopts a cub Bagheera and keeps as a pet.

Bagheera tells Mowgli a story about her through flashback sequences. She has a love for not just any animal, but him especially it seems.

Why the Jungle Book reminds us of Nostalgic 90s!

She also seems to have a grand understanding of animals through some connection. When her father attempts to shoot Bagheera, Linda shields the panther and tries to help him escape by setting him free. When her father confronts her and Bagheera again, Linda makes another attempt to protect him by shielding him and blocking the gunfire. She literally takes the bullet, but her exact fate is unknown.

Linda's Father : A game hunter who is determined to claim Bagheera as his prize and constantly stops at nothing to get him. But after several attempts, they're always thwarted by his daughter, who incessantly interferes with his goal, until she is hit by the gunshots. Tabaqui tricks Mowgli into taking the Mother Cobra's egg.

Shere Khan secures the only source of water in the drying up jungle and will only exchange it for Mowgli. All seems hopeless, until it starts raining. After Baloo and Bagheera pull him out, Mowgli feels angry, but can he learn to set a better example when Shere Khan is soon in danger himself? Kaa hypnotizes himself into thinking he is a monkey, the King of Monkeys, and forces the Banderlog to serve him. Mowgli takes care of a newly hatched baby crocodile, taking advantage of an old legend to trick the Banderlogs into helping him.

Appu tests his growth using starstones. Mowgli tries to help Rikki Tikki Tavi the mongoose regain his strength after a fight with the Groundhole Cobra. Mowgli finds a mirror that has been dropped by a human, and Tabaqui becomes convinced there are more man-cubs lurking in the jungle than he originally thought.

Tabaqui attacks Mowgli and Rikki Tikki Tavi dives in to save him, but the animals begin to mock Mowgli for lacking bravery. Mowgli challenges Phaona to a trial of bravery, but the appearance of Mani put his chances of winning in jeopardy. Phaona complains to the pack that Mowgli is taking a risk by getting close to the man village, and suggests he should be returned there.

Ponya runs for her life when lightning causes a fire in the mountains, and Tabaqui lures her into Shere Kahn's territory. Mowgli and Bagheera offer to help a female buffalo find the right berry to cure her sick calf, but Shere Khan plots to get the young animal and the man-cub at the same time.

Shere Kahn enlists Tabaqui's help to find the secret Elephant's Valley, where the females go to give birth. Mowgli helps Moky escape from Shere Khan, but becomes trapped himself.

The rogue black panther, Kala, is back in the jungle and looking for Mowgli. Mowgli impresses the animals in the jungle when he learns to paint, but becomes trapped after helping a little monkey to escape.

Bagheera goes missing, and a strange panther-like creature begins attacking animals in the human village. Darzee wants to be brave and strong like the other big birds, but they have little faith in her. Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera take her with them, and soon need her help. Mowgli alleviates Jacala the crocodile's toothache, before the man-cub is cornered near the river by Shere Khan.

Mowgli undertakes the Mist Valley test to prove he is worthy of being a part of the wolf pack. The Banderlogs are threatened by Shere Khan to steal Mowgli's necklace. Their kidnapped baby Manny however escapes and gets Hathi to deal with Shere Khan. Green mold is growing in the jungle. Bagheera and Mowgli venture into the man village to procure Cedar Oil, barely managing to get away with it.

Mowgli and Bagheera try to find a missing monkey and reunite her with her baby. Mowgli becomes jealous of Ponya, and Tabaqui makes use of his envy to lure him into a trap.

Tabaqui comes across Mowgli's meat storage.

He scares the Banderlogs, but fails to find a hiding place and Shere Khan takes his stolen gain. Baloo suffers a bump on the head and becomes convinced he is king of the jungle! Mowgli meets a peacock named Pavo, who is ostracized by his kind for his timidness and colorless feathers.

Baloo falls for a female bear named Bella, but a jealous Mowgli suspects there is more to her than meets the eye. He discovers that she is working in secret for Shere Khan and trying to separate the two of them. Mowgli finds a lost tiger cub and takes him back while trying to find his mother, but Shere Khan comes to believe the cub is a challenger to his place as King. When Mowgli falls from a cliff, all the animals believe him dead, and Shere Khan gloats in victory.

But Tabaqui begins to see what appears to see the man cub's ghost in the jungle. Mowgli, Bala, and Lali help Ooh and Boo journey to see their babies hatching, all while avoiding the hungry Jacala. Bagheera and Baloo find their food in Mowgli's tree, and Ikii spreads a rumor that the man cub is stealing food from other animals.

Baloo suffers a painful injury after falling from a tree, and Mowgli, Bagheera, and Rikki must grab medicinal honey from Hajeet the bad-tempered badger.

Meanwhile, Baloo struggles to survive with both his pain and Darzi's treatments. Mowgli wants to fly with Aliona and the cranes on their migration, but Masha and the Banderlogs want to beat him to it. Tabaqui tricks Bala into daring Mowgli to pluck a whisker from Shere Khan to prove his bravery. Mowgli helps Rana, a temperamental wild boar, get back at Masha and the Banderlogs for teasing him by beating them at their own games of trickery. Mowgli accidentally makes fun of Queen Masha and finds himself a prisoner in her kingdom.

Also, Kaa is out for revenge on Queen Masha. Kala returns and takes over the Cold Lair, running out the Banderlogs in the process. Mowgli and Masha must reluctantly work together to run out the rogue panther.

Hathi has forgotten how to perform the ancient Sun Dance, and Mowgli and Bagheera must find the turtles to help him remember, or else the sun will disappear forever. After suffering a bump on the head from a fight with Jacala, Shere Khan becomes convinced he is a frightened baby kitten.

Mowgli crashes into a bird's nest and is then tasked with protecting the birds' eggs from the hungry Kaa. Kala is on the hunt for Mowgli and a young deer named Choo Chip. Mowgli must protect his new friend, who ends up suffering from weakened eyesight thanks to some berries.

Tabaqui saves Mowgli and Bala from Shere Khan, earning the trust of the wolf pack. Mowgli tries to uncover Tabaqui and Shere Khan's plot and outsmart them before the pack is put at risk. Heeta tries to master her grown-up elephant call with Mowgli's help before her herd's coming-of-age ceremony at sundown. Darzee and Mowgli enter Kala's territory in search of maggots to help cure Bagheera of an infected wound. Mowgli plays with Baloo's glasses, and ends up chasing Tabaqui throughout the jungle right into Shere Khan's trap.

Kaa ends up with the hiccups, and Mowgli must help cure him with a blue flower or else he will starve. Tabaqui challenges Mowgli to a series of challenges to see who is the better animal, but it all turns out to be another trap for the man cub.

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Mowgli must use strategy when the traitorous jackal needs saving. Mowgli sets of to guide three relatives of Hathi's, including their young son Rudy, through the swamp and away from Jacala. It's Baloo's birthday and as much as he looks forward to feasting on his favorite bananas, there is something else he prefers: At the end of the episode, he is reunited with his old friends in the human village as he throws his Fang and gets a visit with his animal friends and family.

He'll visit them every now and then. Shounen Mowgli". Retrieved February 1, Rudyard Kipling 's The Jungle Book. TaleSpin —91 Jungle Cubs — The Jungle Book: Legend of the Jungle Law of the jungle Mowgli syndrome The Graveyard Book Retrieved from " https: Lists of anime episodes The Jungle Book.

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This page was last edited on 12 February , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Mowgli is the infant son of a scientist who embarks upon a research mission in the jungle.

Mowgli has a serious problem: Mowgli is desperate because Lala has hidden his new weapon, a boomerang he refers to as his "Fang".

Some aspects of the jungle life are incomprehensible to Mowgli. Life in the jungle is easier for those who have good friends. Kichi wants to spend all his time with Mowgli and his friends, but unfortunately, this desire often gets him into trouble.

The Jungle Book

Mowgli has been trapped. Akru breaks the law of the pack, places Mowgli in great danger, and is then severely injured while trying to save him. Times are hard for our jungle friends; the lack of prey grows greater every day, and the threat of starvation becomes more and more real. Mowgli and Bacchus are accused of stealing the reserves of food. Mowgli is preoccupied by the presumption that he cannot compete with the wolves of the pack, so when Akela asks for a volunteer to carry out a dangerous scouting mission, he does everything possible to be chosen.

Our friends offer refuge to several wolves who are being pursued by hunters. The monkeys take Mowgli to the place known as "The Cold Lair", the ruins of a once magnificent city. The duel between Shere Khan and Vermillion is interrupted by the arrival of three men who have come to search for buried treasure among the ruins of the cursed city.

The situation within the wolf pack becomes unexpectedly tense Convinced that his presence in the pack is causing nothing but problems, Mowgli decides to leave. Mowgli walks for a long time and ends up in an area that is completely unfamiliar to him. Back home with his friends, Mowgli finds it hard to accept life in the jungle. Drought has hit the jungle, and the animals are dying of thirst. Hathi the elephant tells Mowgli and his friends how terror was felt for the first time in the jungle when, a long time ago, his ancestor, Tha, was king of the jungle and an ancestor of Shere Khan was the first animal to kill first one of his fellow animals, and then the first to kill a man.

While out hunting, Mowgli helps a stag to free itself from a snare, rather than taking advantage of its situation by killing it. Something has changed between Lala and Mowgli. Mowgli and the others find out that Grizzle is in cahoots with Shere Khan, but decide to refrain from speaking so as not to spread panic throughout the pack.

Mowgli and the others kill Grizzle but Luri explains to Mowgli that the pack cannot last without a leader and sends him to find Vermillion and bring him back.

Bagheera has been injured. Mowgli returns more and more frequently to the territories near the human settlement where his new friends live, and one day Shere Khan decides to follow him. Mowgli and Shere Khan engage in mortal combat. Mowgli is very attracted by the lifestyle of his own kind and wants to stay with Jumeirah. In order to avenge his wolf father, Alexander, Mowgli is determined to kill Shere Khan with a dagger and the help of his friends, but Chil reports that the tiger has disappeared.

Chil the eagle, warns the animals of the Seeonee forest that a terrible calamity awaits them: The red dogs reach the forest of Seeonee where Mowgli is waiting for them. The forest is celebrating the mating season. Mowgli breaks into the hut where Rahhar and his family are held prisoner and sets them free, but they first ask him to provide them with food in order to build up their strength before they make their escape.

With the help of the other animals, Mowgli makes it possible for Jumeirah and her family to escape, and, at the same time, manages to scare the villagers so badly that they do not attempt to even follow the fugitives.While Mowgli gets Kaa's old skin to scare away Tabaqui. She also seems to have a grand understanding of animals through some connection. It becomes quite clear that Mowgli will soon have another fight on his hands.

The Jungle Book: Mowgli and Baloo must bring Shere Khan a remedy before she and the Banderlogs turn the jungle inside out. But it turns out to be a trick, as Riswan laced Mowgli's drink with a sedative, and two other men plan to sell Mowgli to a circus. Kichi : Mowgli's red panda friend.

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