the mind, the soul, the continuation o f lif e afte r death, an d the influenc e of ou r past Many Lives many lives, many masters - dr. brian l. weiss. MANY LIVES,. MANY. MASTERS. THE TRUE. STORY of a prominent psychiatrist , his young patient and the past-life therapy that changed both of their lives. - download Many Lives Many Masters (Hindi) book online at best prices in India on Read Many Lives Many Masters (Hindi) book reviews.

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Usually this kind of insight helps to alleviate anxiety. If necessary, and if she could manage to swallow pills, I would offer her some mild anti-anxiety medications to make her more comfortable. Now I use these medicines much more sparingly and only temporarily, if at all. No medicine can reach the real roots of these symptoms. My experiences with Catherine and others like her have proved this to me.

Now I know there can be cures, not just the suppression or covering-over of symptoms. During the first session, I kept trying to gently nudge her back to her childhood. Because Catherine remembered amazingly few events from her early years, I made a mental note to consider hypnotherapy as a possible shortcut to overcome this repression.

She could not remember any particularly traumatic moments in her childhood that would explain the epidemic of fears in her life.

As she strained and stretched her mind to remember, isolated memory fragments emerged. When she was about five years old, she had panicked when someone had pushed her off a diving board into a swimming pool. She said that even before that incident, however, she had never felt comfortable in water.

When Catherine was eleven, her mother had become severely depressed. These treatments had made it difficult for her mother to remember things.

However, Catherine viewed this as an accepted family pattern. Things were better outside the home.

She dated in high school and mixed in easily with her friends, most of whom she had known for many years. However, she found it difficult to trust people, especially those outside her small circle of friends.

Her religion was simple and unquestioned. She was raised to believe in traditional Catholic ideology and practices, and she had never really doubted the truthfulness and validity of her faith. She believed that if you were a good Catholic and lived properly by observing the faith and its rituals, you would be rewarded by going to heaven; if not, you would experience purgatory or hell.

A patriarchal God and his Son made these final decisions. I later learned that Catherine did not believe in reincarnation; in fact, she knew very little about the concept, although she had read sparingly about the Hindus.

Reincarnation was an idea contrary to her upbringing and understanding. She had never read any metaphysical or occult literature, having had no interest in it.

She was secure in her beliefs. After high school, Catherine completed a two-year technical program, emerging as a laboratory technician. She moved to Miami in the spring of , at the age of twenty-one. During her first year in Miami, Catherine met Stuart.


Married, Jewish, and with two children, he was totally different from any other man she had ever dated. He was a successful physician, strong and aggressive.

There was an irresistible chemistry between them, but their affair was rocky and tempestuous. Something about him drew out her passions and awakened her, as if she were charmed by him. At the time Catherine started therapy, her affair with Stuart was in its sixth year and very much alive, if not well.

Catherine could not resist Stuart although he treated her poorly, and she was furious at his lies, broken promises, and manipulations. Several months prior to her appointment with me, Catherine had required vocal cord surgery for a benign nodule. She had been anxious prior to the surgery but was absolutely terrified upon awakening in the recovery room. It took hours for the nursing staff to calm her. After her recovery in the hospital, she sought out Dr. Edward Poole.

Ed was a kindly pediatrician whom Catherine had met while working in the hospital. They had both felt an instant rapport and had developed a close friendship. Catherine talked freely to Ed, telling him of her fears, her relationship with Stuart, and that she felt she was losing control over her life.

He insisted that she make an appointment with me and only me, not with any of my associate psychiatrists. When Ed called to tell me about his referral, he explained that, for some reason, he thought only I could truly understand Catherine, even though the other psychiatrists also had excellent credentials and were skilled therapists. She could be a person made up.

Why has she not come forward to confirm what Dr Weiss has written about her? This book has made a lot of money. Who knows what was the true motive of Dr Weiss to write it? Not even one book is sourced to show that there has been any scientific study, let alone thousands, about children who speak languages that they have not been taught. I challenge Dr Weiss to provide the so called scientific studies to which he so casually refers.

It seems that Catherine was only able to tell the year if she could see it written down, but that was impossible for the times she could date from BC. This seems so nonsensical. There was, and is, no such language as British. Perhaps the people around her were talking Welsh or English, but not British. Page 82 — Under hypnosis Catherine described a wedding in a past life. Dr Weiss asks her if there was anything in the newspaper about the wedding, because if there was, he could have looked up the date.

This was a nonsensical statement for Dr Weiss to write, as if giving credence to the idea that there was documentary evidence to support any of the other past lives described by Catherine. In fact, Dr Weiss did not provide any documentary evidence at all in his book to support any of the pasts lives described by Catherine.

In the book, Dr Weiss makes several references for the need to explore everything in a scientific manner and with objectivity, but nowhere did he do this. This is an old trick. By mentioning the need for scientific scrutiny and repeating often that he is a scientist, to the vulnerable reader, this could seem the same as conducting peer reviewed, empirical, repeatable scientific experiments. But Dr Weiss did no such thing, he just wrote about its importance, without doing it.

Dr Weiss did not follow any scientific principles in his study of Catherine. This is the best he has to offer.

This hardly seems the work of a true scientist. I had not shared this remarkable information with others at all. This is simply not good enough. No drug testing, no murder trial, not even a newspaper story, should ever rely upon one unverified source as evidence. This is all gossip; the fact that Dr Weiss is prepared to quote such examples without providing any substance means that he does not adhere to scientific principles at all.

This is the case throughout the book, only lip service is made to science, as if that is good enough to make the book scientific, which of course it is not. Of course, Dr Weiss accepts this without question. Nature is balanced. The beasts live in harmony.

Humans have not learned to do that. They continue to destroy themselves. There is no harmony, no plan to what they do. Nature is energy and life.. And humans just destroy. They destroy nature.

They destroy other humans. They will eventually destroy themselves. The animal world is vicious, involving wanton and brutal killing for food, sex, territory and power Look at the damage caused by locusts, for example, or ants, or foxes. Humans are animals too, so we cannot be expected to be any different or, actually, any better.

Many Lives Many Masters (Hindi)

How many animals stop at traffic lights? What animals make plans for industry, transport, schools, hospitals and libraries? Page — Dr Weiss describes how Catherine had gone to see a psychic astrologer called Iris Saltzman.

According to Dr Weiss, Saltzman confirmed all of what Catherine had revealed under hypnosis. This is hardly scientific validation.

How does Weiss know what really happened at that session with Saltzman? How does he even know it even happened at all?

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Page — Dr Weiss describes how progress is going to be made in proving past-life memories. In science, a hypothesis, which is a preliminary assumption made about a series of observations, is initially created to explain a phenomenon.

From there, the hypothesis must be tested under controlled conditions. The results of these tests must be proved and replicated before a theory can be formed. Once the scientists have what they think is a sound theory, it must be tested again and again by other researchers, and the results should be the same. But throughout his book, Dr Weiss has not used any of the scientific methods he claims to subscribe to. For example, the work of Dr Joseph Banks Rhine, a pioneer of parapsychology.

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Dr Weiss named Dr Ian Stevenson as another scientist who had proved reincarnation. Page - Dr Weiss explains that after Catherine he has regressed under hypnosis 12 other patients. Yet, so far, Dr Weiss has failed to do that with any of the material he has presented. I am disappointed that a doctor should write an account in such an unscientific manner and without any evidence to offer, when much could have been offered to either validate or disprove what happened.

For example, why not release the recordings of the sessions with the patient? Or at least, prove that the patient really existed? It could have all been made up, only first names have been used.He r night mares wer e a s terrifyin g a s before. Ther e migh t b e somethin g more than meets the eyeo r any of th e othe r senses. I a m afraid. Th e entir e process had taken about twenty minutes.

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