IBM Mainframe Interview Questions with Answers for COBOL JCL CICS DB2 IMS to our downloadable PDF version of Mainframe Interview Question Answers. Download the pdf and rename then extract the zip contents. All docs Zipped . Adoption Of. MAINFRAME INTERVIEW QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS.

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+ Ibm Mainframe Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is use of linkage section? Question2: How To get the last record in VSAM file in cluster?. 1. What is COBOL? COBOL is abbreviated as Common Business Oriented Language and it is one of the oldest programming languages. Top 50 Mainframe Interview Questions & Answers. last updated March 16 Mainframe. 6. Explain foreign . Download PDF · Facebook Twitter.

Your answers are highlighted below. Question 1. Question 2. Question 3. Question 4. Question 5. Question 6. Select variable which is accessible only to the batch program.

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Question 8. Out of following, which is invalid division in Cobol. Question 9. Question Once you are finished, click the button below.

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Common Business Operating Language. Below square measure the attributes that make mainframe computing scalable, stable and secure.

Mainframe Interview Questions | 10 Most Useful Guide

Virtual Storage 1. It uses disk storage as associate degree extension of computer storage. Multiprogramming 1. The pc executes one program at a similar time.


Batch Processing 1. Employment might cause one or additional programs to execute in a very sequence.

Time Sharing 1. In a very time-sharing system, every user has access to the system through the terminal device. Update — This lock is more lenient.

It permits the program to read and change the locked space. Exclusive — This lock restricts all users from accessing the locked space.

It determines the location of the program, which called the EXEC statement. It is not possible to use it for catalogued procedures.

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It determines the dataset in which the program exists. It applies only to one step and not the entire job. Uses 4 bytes. COMP-2 — Double precision floating point.

Uses 8 bytes. Q What is binary search? A Search on a sorted array.

mainframe interview questions pdf

Compare the item to be searched with the item at the center. If it matches, fine else repeat the process with the left half or the right half depending on where the item lies. A 4 bytes.

Q In the JCL, how do you define the files referred to in a subroutine? A Supply the DD cards just as you would for files referred to in the main program. Q How is sign stored in a comp-3 field?

A It is stored in the last nibble.So every word has to begin from an address which is divisible by four. We can increment the count for each reading of record in a file.

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