B-FLEX COUPLINGS. TYPE - RB. INDIA. Lovejoy B-FLEX couplings consist of a set of resilient BARREL shaped bushes with pins & nuts and two flanged hubs. Lovejoy Cone - Flex couplings consists of sets of resilient . Type RCT. Pins and Nuts. Cone Rings. Part No. Pin Half. Part No. Bush Half. Part No. Bush. Size. The Love joy Pin Bush Couplings that we offer comprises a set of high quality types of couplings are widely used for the transmission of torque through high.

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The Taperlock Bushes are available through RATHI, please ask for the sepa- rate catalog. RATHI RC Pin and Bush Coupling. With conical shaped flexible. An established pin/buffer coupling offering extended power capacity where .. Machinery characteristics and service factors listed in this catalogue are a guide . Digital Parts Catalog Online Coupling Configurator. Technical Articles. Coupling Preselection Guide. The Lovejoy Coupling Handbook.

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This allows for full medium separation. Therefore can provide the ability to hermetically separate two areas whilst continuing to transmit mechanical power from one to the other making these couplings ideal for applications where prevention of cross contamination is essential.

Oldham[ edit ] Animated Oldham coupler An Oldham coupling has three discs, one coupled to the input, one coupled to the output, and a middle disc that is joined to the first two by tongue and groove. The tongue and groove on one side is perpendicular to the tongue and groove on the other.

The middle disc rotates around its center at the same speed as the input and output shafts. Its center traces a circular orbit, twice per rotation, around the midpoint between input and output shafts. Often springs are used to reduce backlash of the mechanism. An advantage to this type of coupling, as compared to two universal joints, is its compact size.

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The coupler is named for John Oldham who invented it in Ireland , in , to solve a problem in a paddle steamer design. Oldham coupler, assembled Oldham coupler, disassembled Sleeve, box, or muff coupling[ edit ] A sleeve coupling consists of a pipe whose bore is finished to the required tolerance based on the shaft size.

Based on the usage of the coupling a keyway is made in the bore in order to transmit the torque by means of the key. Rigid couplings are used in applications where the two shafts are more precisely aligned, but flexible couplings allow for issues such as angular, axial and parallel misalignment which are more common in many industrial applications.

Couplings quality guarantee from jbj Techniques Limited High quality mechanical and fluid power products are always available straight from our comprehensively stocked warehouse, but, we are more than that!

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If you need more, be it the smallest drive component through to complex drive line component packages, then speak to our experienced sales team who will provide a solution based upon your application requirements.

Quick delivery times even for bespoke mechanical power transmission couplings due to good stocks and the comprehensive in-house machining facilities. Mechanical power transmission couplings. Magnetic couplings for power transmission between hermetically sealed areas.

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There are a range of criteria in specifying the most suitable coupling for your application but the jbj Techniques technical department will guide you all the way to specify the right coupling for power transmission.

Every application is different.


The flexibility of the drive ring allows the power transmission coupling to compensate for parallel, angular and axial displacements. Maximum shaft diameters of mm can be accommodated with maximum torques up to 15, Nm and maximum speeds of 19, rpm.

The gear coupling is designed to release neighbouring shaft bearings from non-controlled additional bearing loads. Maximum shaft diameters of mm can be accommodated with maximum torques up to 2, Nm and speeds up to 8, rpm. Gear couplings have the highest power density, offer more variations, a wider size, torque, and bore capacity than any other coupling type.

Easily modified for shear pin service, floating shaft type, vertical applications, electrical isolation, limited end float, and can have a brake drum or disc added. Torsionally resilient couplings, of pin and bush design, comprise of two fully machined steel flanges which are coupled via a series of drive pins and 'hytrel' flexible elements.

The elements have the ability to absorb shock loads and dampen vibration.

Maximum shaft diameters up to mm with torques of , Nm and speeds up to 11, rpm can be accommodated. Quick installation and easy maintenance reduces labour and downtime costs. Fully interchangeable with industry standards.

Versatile stock; metric and imperial size cover fasteners available. Torsional couplings dampen torsional vibrations and tunes the system to have critical speeds outside the operating range.The scope of supply was to produce a suitable drive coupling with a maximum diameter of mm which is capable of transmitting Nm 10, rpm, needed to be as short an assembly as possible and at the same time be able to accept misalignment within the drive-train.

There is no need to alter your system as the magnetic coupling will be designed to suit your machinery.

Torque limiting couplings are designed for machines with chain, gear or belt drives to prevent over-loading of sensitive motors, gearboxes and machine components. They allow stepless adjustment of the required slip torque, even when already installed. There is no need to alter your system as the magnetic coupling will be designed to suit your machinery.


Flanges are bored to suit requirements and are keywayed to British Standard Specification, Unless otherwise stated.

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