Light on Life: The Journey to Wholeness, Inner Peace and Ultimate Freedom. Iyengar, whose teachings on yoga are followed throughout the world, reflects upon his lifetime's experience (he is 89) on the yoga path. He wrote many books on yogic practice and philosophy, and is best. BKS IYENGAR. The. FOREWORD BY YEHUDI MENUHIN. Illustrated. Light on Yoga. An Easy-to-follow Version of the Classic. Introduction to Yoga. FOR SALE. movement of air which is said to determine life on earth, the same service Yogāchārya Sri B. K. S. Iyengar, the author of Light on Yoga hardly needs.

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Yoga Dipika. B. K. S. IYENGAR. Foreword by Yehudi Menuhin most of our fundamental attitudes to life have their physical counterparts in the body. Mr Iyengar's Light on Yoga will, I hope, enable many to follow his example and to become. BKS IYENGAR. Illustrated. Light on Yoga. An Easy-to-follow Version of the Classic. Introduction to Yoga. FOR SALE IN THE INDIAN SUBCONTINENT ONLY . he world's leading teacher of yoga shows how we can transform ourselves by bringing yogic principles into all aspects of daily living.

They act as our role models today.

Just as they reached Self-Realization, so may we. Many of you may worry that you are unable to meet the challenges that lie ahead. I want to assure you that you can.

I am a man who started from nowhere; I was heavily disadvantaged in many ways. After much time and effort, I began to reach somewhere. I literally emerged from darkness to light, from mortal sickness to health, from crude ignorance to immersion in the ocean of knowledge by one means alone, namely by zealous persistence in the art and science of yoga practice sadhana. What held good for me will hold good for you too. Today you also have the benefit of many gifted yoga teachers.

When I began yoga, there was, I am sorry to say, no wise, kind teacher to lead me. In fact my own Guru refused to answer any of my innocent inquiries on yoga.

He did not instruct me as I do my students, offering them step-by-step guidance in an asana. He would simply demand a posture and leave it to me or his other students to figure out how it could be realized.

Perhaps that stimulated some stubborn aspect of my nature, which allied to unshakable faith in the subject of yoga made me burn to go on.

I am ardent and passionate, and maybe I needed to show the world that I was not worthless.

But far more than that, I wanted to find out who I was. I wanted to understand this mysterious and marvelous "yoga," which could reveal to us our innermost secrets, as equally as it revealed those of the universe around us and our place in it as joyful, suffering, puzzled human beings.

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I wasn't really sure what to expect when I bought it; I only knew that I am a yoga asana addict and Iyengar is sort of the father of western yoga, so I thought perhaps I would read the book about his philosophy. I am so glad I did. I can't say things better than Iyengar himself, so here are some quotes. Overall, if you're on the fence about whether to get this book, I would say get it and you probably will be glad you did.

Its inner surface faces the soul itself, and its outer surface comes into contact with the world. Inevitably a degree of grime attaches itself to that outer surface and obscures our vision. You read books and articles on what best to eat and how to exercise, reading material that any wild animal would scorn.

Iyengar Yoga

But you do not know how to live, only what you desire. Instinct is dulled. It is organic farming of the self--for the self. When you ruffle the waters, you create. You create everything in the manifest world, from nuclear war to Mozart's symphonies.

The yogi is journeying in the opposite direction, from the world of things and events, which are so joyful, painful, baffling, and unending, back to the point of stillness before the waves were ruffled.

We know in our hearts that we are. But we throw it all away by misidentifying with all that is perishable and transient. It offers only an illusion of freedom. The choice to consume has already been made. Stop trying to fill it as it cannot be filled.

Go beyond the bottomless pit to realize the soul. You cannot do yoga without becoming aware of your body, your moods, your passing thoughts, your desires, your emotional aches and pains, your physical aches and pains etc Doing yoga changes a person because asanas give us the gift of awareness.

You have to set up a regular routine in which you tune into your body daily. He suggests starting with a mere 10 minutes in the morning. Change needs to be that gradual.

In the asana chapter, Iyengar also spends a long time discussing what needs to be happening mentally and physically during a yoga practice.

Physically, you need to sweat.

Light on Life

In fact, it takes a lot to make me sweat, especially in the wintertime. But beginners, he says, usually have this problem. Hence the usual yoga instruction to bathe before and after your practice. You have to work hard in the poses. But what happens mentally?

Light on Life

The main thing is awareness. This book challenges me.

The pictures of Iyengar and age 88 something doing incredible yoga postures are unbelievable. How can he do them?

His answer is just regular practice. What an inspiring man. His thoughts on vanilla ice cream are particularly enlightening.

But it is different. And also, It's too bad this title sounds so much like the other thousands of books out there on yoga, self-improvement, etc.Neither should one take anything without working for it or as a favour from another, for this indicates poverty of spirit.

One who has conquered his mind, senses, passions, thought and reason is a king among men. Community Reviews. Details if other: To be spiritual, one must not deny or forget the body.

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