Index of /zetsu/l5r Enemies of the raudone.info, Jun , M. [ ], Imperial raudone.info The Great raudone.info, Jun , M. AEG L5R Great Clans - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. The Great Clans was the sixth source book for Fourth Edition of the Legend of the Five Rings roleplaying game. The book features a full chapter on each of the.

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Legend of the Burning Sands 4E raudone.info M. Bookmark Legend of the The Great raudone.info M. Bookmark. - L5R D20/ May - MAPS/ Dec . the Five Rings - The Great raudone.info Jan M Legend. L5R D20, , MB . Legend of the Five Rings - The Great raudone.info, , MB. Legend of the Five Rings - The.

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All those honorable samurai would wet themselves in terror if they ever saw an ogre, or even a goblin most likely!

Index of /zetsu/l5r

Not to mention what they might do at the sight of an actual oni. Aside from filling their loincloths.

So pay them no mind. Let them talk about how we are dishonorable, let them whisper behind their fans about how crude and tasteless we are, let them sleep safely behind the wall we Crab built with our blood. Roku frowns absently and moves forward, using the jagged stones that jut out of the ground as cover.

He hears the goblins before he sees themnot a difficult task, for they are suddenly shrieking with fury and terror. An ogre has come across the same small band of goblins. Roku grimaces as the massive creature snatches up a squalling, struggling goblin and rips it to pieces, stuffing each wriggling chunk into its tusked maw and chewing with monstrous relish.

The other goblins hurl themselves at it, stabbing and clubbing, but their blows seem to do nothing to its hairy brown hide.

The young Crab leans back against the stone and takes a deep breath, then bites off a cough as the dusty yellow air tries to choke him. Hiroku-senseis words Hi echo in his ears: The Shadowlands is T not just a landscape. It is your enland emy, and it wants to kill you. He knows hell never have a better chance to kill the thing. Roku lifts his tetsubo and starts forward quietly. The last of the goblins lets out a piercli ing shriek as the ogre rips the little green rip creatures leg off with cre a guttural chuckle.

Roku guttu creeps forward. The other leg. The ogre tears the rest of the goblins body apart, stilling its shrieks; wet plops sound as pieces fall it h i k t l to the ground. Roku raises his tetsubo, closing to within a few paces. The ogre crunches down on one of the goblins arms, chortling to itself with imbecilic glee.

Roku takes one step forward, then another and a small piece of bone, buried beneath the dust, crunches under his sandal.


The ogre whips around faster than a creature of its size has any right to. Roku swings the tetsubo at the creatures swollen, misshapen thigh. There is a sound like a cracking stone and the ogre drops to its knees. The Crab rears back for another blow, but he is too slow. The ogre stretches out its long arms and pulls the boy into a crushing hug. Roku feels his feet lift off the ground, his tetsubo clattering from his hand. By desperate effort he manages to wedge his left arm into the creatures throat, and its massive yellow teeth snap inches from his face.

Foul breath washes across him and he fights not to gag. Not even Rokus older brother, who could hold an ox cart up while someone changed the wheel, was so strong. The ogre is crushing him, only his left arm and the strength of his armor resisting as it tries to squeeze the life and breath from his body. Roku stares into the yellow eyes of the creature that wants to eat him, to kill him and his family, his clan, everyone in the Empire.

Fear claws at his heart. He will die here, in the Shadowlands, and if his corpse survives it will return to the Wall as one of the walking dead.

If I die here, he gasps, Ill take you with me, filth! Rokus right hand closes on the tanto shoved under his belt; he drags the short blade free and plunges it into the side of the ogres chest. The sharp steel blade sinks less than an inch into the beasts thick flesh. The ogre laughs, saliva and bits of goblin flesh spraying from its mouth to strike Roku in the face.

Screaming, Roku rears back his head and smashes it forward, slamming his iron kabuto into the ogres broad face. It is like slamming his head into a stone walla brief memory of a training accident flashes through his head but the ogre lets out a grunt and its grip slackens for the briefest of moments. The young Crab squirms, pulling his left arm down and dragging the tanto up with his right and then the ogre squeezes again, and Roku lets out a strangled cry as his left arm dislocates with a sickening pop.

His breath comes out of his lungs and his vision turns dark and blurry, the pain of his shoulder soaring into an unbearable fire that seems to be drowning him. The ogre grins, its huge yellow teeth glistening with goblin blood and then its eyes widen and the pressure of its grip suddenly eases.

The beast falls backward, crushing the goblin corpses it left lying in the dust. The hilt of Rokus knife stands out of its chest, driven through its thick hide by the strength of its own lethal embrace.

Roku stands up, slowly, wobbling on legs weak as a childs first steps. Slowly the pain begins to recede slightly, allowing him to take account of specific injuries. His left arm is out of its socket and probably broken.

A few of his ribs feel like they may be broken as well, his head aches harder than it did the night he first drank sake, and he belatedly realizes he has lost three teeth. But he smiles as he draws his wakizashi and hacks off the ogres head. A menace to the Empire is dead and tonight at the Wall, the clan will welcome him and celebrate. Another Crab samurai has come of age. Chapter One History of the Crab Clan Every day would be the death of you all, the end of everything the Empire has built Three men stepped forward: Hiruma, Kuni, and Kaiu.

Hida was grateful for their devotion, but wondered if they were truly strong enough for the long struggle that lay ahead. He tasked the three men with defeating a great oni ravaging the land, a demon whose touch was said to bring neverending pain: Hatsu Suru no Oni. The three men set out to the Shadowlands, working together and calling on their respective skills to confront the oni.

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Hiruma tracked the movements of the beast, Kuni researched its nature and weaknesses, and Kaiu built a small forge and crafted a weapon certain to kill the creature. When the three were ready, Hiruma led the oni to the place Kaiu and Kuni had prepared. There the three men fought Hatsu Suru no Oni together; Hiruma struck the final blow, separating the creatures head from its shoulders.

When they returned to Hida with the onis head, he was deeply impressed, and granted each of them permission to found their own family. The Hiruma became the Hidas right hand, serving as both warriors and scouts, because it was Hiruma who found and tracked the beast as well as striking it down.

The Kaiu became the craftsmen of the Crab, for it was Kaiu who made Chikara, the sword that slew Hatsu Suru no Oni and which went on to become the ancestral weapon carried by a thousand years worth of Crab Clan Champions.

And the Kuni became sages and magicians, for it was Kuni who learned the creatures secrets and prepared the others for the battle. Our safety is on your shoulders, brother, for only you are mighty enough to bear its weight, Hantei said, and Hida accepted the order willingly.

In truth, he had already gathered many followers who had fought at his side during the First War.

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The Crab Clan was formed from those who had survived those desperate battles: the strongest, the toughest, and the best of those who had flocked to the banner of Hida. Hida led his surviving followers south to the barren lands near what is now Kyuden Hida, and there he asked them who was strong enough to join him in the jesse miers order Crab and Crane: The First Y Yasuki War The Kenkai Hanto Peninsula sits between Crab and Crane lands, and from the earliest days of the Empire both clans built settlements there.

The Crab built defensive fortifications along the coast of the peninsula, while the Crane built shipyards and commercial ports to help them expand their trading interests on the same peninsula. The Crab claimed the Crane had no need for such settlements just to peddle their wares, while the Crane argued the Crab had no need to build fortifications so far from the Shadowlands.

Conflict was inevitable, and the first war between Great Clans began. Initially, the war was hardly a contest. The Crab soldiers, hardened by three centuries of war against the Shadowlands, easily crushed the Crane forces beneath their san- dals.

However, the Crane soon called on their commercial resources and their web of political contacts to cut off the Crab Clans supplies. Unable to keep their army fed, the Crab faced defeat. Help, however, arrived from an unexpected source. The Crane Clan had for some time been increasingly dissatisfied with the dubious commercial and legal practices of their Yasuki family.

Doji Mizobu, the Clan Champion at the time of the war, was especially displeased with the Yasuki family and had recently ordered them to cease all questionable and illicit activities, regardless of their nature or purpose or profitability. The Yasuki responded in a most unexpected way: they broke away from the Crane Clan and offered to join the Crab.

This was an unprecedented act; never before had a samurai family sought to sever its ties of fealty with its parent clan. It is sometimes said that at least one samurai of the Crab Clan has died defending the Empire every single day since the clan was founded.

This state of constant conflict and constant loss is wholly alien to the other clans in the Empire, most of whom do not even comprehend it. They believe if there is no war within the Empire, Rokugan is completely at peacehence the term A Thousand Years of Peace, commonly used to refer to the reign of the Hantei Dynasty.

To the Crab, of course, such attitudes are nave at best, and they sneer at the other clans for their failure of understanding.It calls for those afflicted with False Madness to be bound and held without food for at least three days. So pay them no mind. Luck 2 ranks. The Kaiu designed the new fortification. On my very first shift I was almost killed by a goblin.

For printed books, we have performed high-resolution scans of an original hardcopy of the book. Finally the Emperor ordered both clans to lay down their arms. A small message is added to the bottom of each page of the document containing your name and the order number of your eBook download.

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