Kuroshitsuji Circus Hen/Book of Circus finale Episode some . It is true by the end of 2nd TV series Ciel had lost all those who was. Black Butler: Book of Circus Theme Song, Ending Theme: AKIRA - Aoki Tsuki Michite Lyrics 歌詞. Aoki Tsuki Michite - The Pale Full Moon, Ending, Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus; Black Butler: Book of Circus, lyrics,song lyrics,music lyrics,lyric songs,lyric search .

Kuroshitsuji Book Of Circus Ending

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Kuroshitsuji episode THIS is it, this is the episode we deserved last episode. Everything about this episode from start to finish was perfect. Ending Themes. I'm Alive! by Becca Used from Used from Episodes 1 to 10 in Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus. Contains music from Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus. The Circus Arc is the fourth arc of the Kuroshitsuji manga. Interested, Sebastian grabs Beast's leg and investigates it, causing his head to end up near her.

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Lies smothered a beautiful world And moved on in a dazzling haze As I reached out, and looked to the moon. I'm enchanted by illusions As they replace reality.

These faults will pile up And deeply drown me. These chains of anguish will continue to ensnare me. If this pain is endless It will bind me for eternity if I move on.

I want to protect that fleeting warmth Which opposed the silence So I can be close to you. Heading towards the full moon We expressed words And, again, we understood. Romaji [ hide ] Tsumetai yoru kizuato terasu aoi tsuki kumo ni kageru hitotoki no negai ochiteiku namida sae itsuwari to hikikae ni iiwake wo kurikaeshite yami wo ikiru kono kanashimi no hate ni aru ashita wa obieteru kono kokoro tada aoku someteku uso ni mamireta utsukushiki sekai de kasumiyuku mabushisa ni te wo nobasou to tsuki wo aoida [Full Version Continues: English [ hide ] The scars of a cold night are illuminated by a pale moon Back to: Ciel loses his mind and starts laughing.

Alternative Titles

Ciel feels pathetic to trample on those people who died protect nothing. It flies in the sky and Ciel sees the circus crew smiling.

Sebastian tells the difference between a human and a demon. A human lies, holds grudge and hatred, step on others to move forward, steals and is stolen from, makes excuses but still they try hard to overcome the difficulties.

What am I to do now? This was the only anime I was watching.Claude, preoccupied with the blood on his cheek, ignores Alois's plead for help, yet he still does not assist him when he hears Alois vomit blood.

After finding the master of the tower, Ciel is dismayed once exposed of his desecrated existence. He begins to scream and vomits, and Sebastian asks him if he is afraid.

A storm soon breaks out, and a cloaked man appears asking for shelter. When approaching to retrieve his master, Sebastian is shot several times, however he instantly recovers.

However, Doll leaves to warn Joker while the others prepare themselves for an important, unknown mission. When Sebastian skillfully avoids all of their attacks, they are impressed. However, Alois quickly snatches back Ciel's body, saying that he has found those who love him.

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