The story revolves around five members—two boys and three girls—of a school cultural club who end up switching bodies through an unknown effect. Kokoro Connect (ココロコネクト) is a Japanese light novel series written by Sadanatsu Anda, with Does anyone have the pdf for vol and 5?. Kokoro Connect, EPUB and PDF Download. ココロコネクト • 心连·情结( Light Novel. Authors be anything here. Be the first to create epub or pdf for this novel!.

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Kokoro Connect, after all these years dormant as a generally unknown light novel , has been licensed today by J-Novel Club, announced at Anime Expo ! of Kokoro Connect as a NanoDesu translation project, first with PDF/ePUB. Anyone know if the volume 7 of the light novel is translated somewhere?. Novels Listing · Random Novel · Series Finder · Series Ranking · Latest Series. Kokoro Connect. Home >: Kokoro Connect. Advertisement. Type. Light Novel.

Rating 0. Add to Library. Latest Chapters. Light Novel. Anda Sadanatsu. J-Novel Club. Epilogue 2 months ago. A dramatic work that is light and often humorous or satirical in tone and that usually contains a happy resolution of the thematic conflict. A work meant to bring on an emotional response, such as instilling sadness or tension. Novels that often show life or characters through conflict and emotions. In general, the different parts of the story tend to form a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

Any love related story. School Life: Having a major setting of the story deal with some type of school. Seinen means 'Young Man. Typically the story lines deal with the issues of adulthood. Slice of Life: Novels with no clear central plot. This genre tends to be naturalistic and mainly focuses around the main characters and their everyday lives. Often there will be some philosophical perspectives regarding love, relationships, life etc.

The overall typical moods for this type of anime are cheery and carefree, in other words, it is your 'feel-good' kind of anime. Usually entails amazing and unexplained powers or events which defy the laws of physics. Adapted to Anime: By animated series, it can be in any language, provided it is official. Adapted to Manga: This tag is to be used ONLY if a manga has been released based on the novel.

By manga, it refers to the Japanese equivalent of a comic book, provided it is an official publication. Body Swap: Tag should ONLY be used if body swapping is an important part of the story. Body swapping is the act of switching out of your body into somebody elses, everything apart from the body comes with you when you switch including your memories.

Character Growth: This tag should be used when the protagonist grows mentally during the story. The protagonist can grow in various ways like by changing his ideals or by strengthening them but he must grow in a way, such that by the end of the series the protagonist looks like a completely different person. Tag should be used when clubs play an important part in the story. This tag is used when the bond between the protagonist and his companions plays a big role on how the story develops.

Let's do out best. I have always received helped from Aoki, this time it's my turn to help him. What if we misunderstood the situation and got the wrong person? I want to talk to you so can you come with me? Without bringing suspicion, Kiriyama has led her to the location.

The first stage was cleared. The girl then said, " What's this? Leading me to a place without anyone? Wait a minute! Kiriyama grabbed her arm and said " Please Wait! Kiriyama standing beside her said, " It's true.

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Her collar was grabbed and she pushed away from Kiriyama. Lies,At that time there wasn't anyone from school. There was an argument with the other passengers but She noticed what she said from her own mouth. Why so suddenly? Why now? Taichi and Yui ran after her. Yui said, " What should we do? Kiriyama grabbed the girl's arm. Calm down! Let me go! You guys have nothing to do with this!

I didn't do anything wrong! Yui then said, " You're wrong, I don't think you did anything bad. It's just that there's a person in trouble in this school. To be exact, his father. That's why" The girl was surprised to hear this and stopped moving.

From the ""dream perception"", she wanted to apologize which meant that she was feeling regret and guilt. With this in mind, Taichi approached her and said, " You regret what you did. You can fix this. You can apologize and help that kid. Above all, you can end this without needing to feel regret. Whether it's for yourself or for that kid, I beg you to apologize and fix this. I'm sorry. Could you listen to my story? Kiriyama continued, " We'll listen.

Please start" The girl started talking about the events, " That That wasn't what I intended to do. Completely not what I intended. The girl was on the train and was on her phone. You're not suppose to talk loudly on the phone on the subway in Japan It appeared she threatened Aoki's father, but even so Aoki's father ignored her and had a conversation with her. Aoki's father was determined to tell her that he grabbed her arm lightly. Then she screamed " Pervert! The police asked me questions but I couldn't say it was a mistake and selfishly answered the questions.

Kokoro Connect Light Novel Volume 05

There wasn't any witnesses and there were very few passengers. When I got home, I saw on the internet news about wrongful accusation of sexual harassment, Aoki's father's company was laying people off. I knew I caused some trouble but didn't know what to do. I'm one who's wrong not him. I wanted to say that but Taichi and Yui pitied her but it doesn't change the bad things she did. She blamed others for something bad she did. But things concerning the police, if there's a chance to come forward you must do it.

The person involved even acknowledges the true events that happened. Is this still a crime, I still don't know. Taichi asked,"What are you going to do now?

I will go talk to the police and apologize to that man. I've been always wanting to do that. Taichi and Yui didn't help the girl to confront the police after she said, " This is something I'll do myself. Fujishima reported back to Taichi and Yui, " After a great consideration, considering her situation there probably won't be any chance of being a serious crime. By the way, how did you get involve? You put lots of effort in to it.

One of the world's wrongfully accused sexual harassment case has been solved and saved a girl who was tormented by the crime. Just by chance. Is that so? Even though they didn't plan on it, the rumors of a third year girl falsely accusing a man of sexually harassing her spread through the school.

Taichi and Yui being involved in the resolution of the problem was also pretty clear to the some of the students. Yukina and Setouchi complimented them on their decision do what should be done and their hard work. Taichi and Yui were relieved that Aoki's father has been cleared of any crime. Suddenly Taichi's girl friend, Inaba Himeko came to their class room and asked them to meet with her during lunch break. Scary and so direct. At that moment, Inaba scornfully laughed. You guys don't know what happened right.

Your part in this may end her but reality isn't like that. Tell them Aoki. Aoki made a serious face, probably confused about the question himself, and let out a sigh. My dad was ok and it was cleared up with the police. But that girl, I don't know what happened to her. And the company still decided to lay off an employee.

Taichi was also relieved. But why was Aoki's face look like he was cornered?

He doesn't look happy, more like driven into a wall. Nagase just carefully watched over the scene. In the place of my dad, The company laid off a different employee I heard. Originally, the company was under restructuring and was looking for necessary members. The muscles in their face changed. Scratching, pushing the blame on them. This probably the first time Taichi has raised his voice. Because Aoki's It felt like I was paralyzed for a moment, couldn't move my body.

That's probably not the case right? You ignored my advice sneakily took action! Not telling you before taking action, I'll apologize. But I want you to understand that our actions weren't wrong.

It was a crime, that's why. A crime and being not involved Whoever's unhappiness and blaming it on someone else is The point is what's good and what's evil! But Taichi was still silent and it's not needed right now.

But it's a crime! A crime is evil because the law has decided that it is! Don't you forget that! Have we assumed that we became ""abnormal"". Sob, sob, Kiriyama's blowing her nose could be heard. I'm right" Kiriyama stated. Aoki's father was Those kinds of eyes from the person you love, Aoki made a difficult face.

That was not needed. Kiriyama couldn't believe it, her face turned pale. Not only me, it's not fair. I don't understand what you're talking about" One turn and this time Kiriyama's throat cheeks were red.

I have received help form you so many times! This time I returned the favor. This I can clearly Come up with a conclusion. Is it so wrong!? If I did something, you would do something for me!? Returning a favor!? That sort of thing, that sort of responsibility, or that sort of sympathy I don't understand why is Aoki being so stubborn. If anything happen , he will for sure yield. Taichi and Kiriyama going up against Inaba, she wouldn't yield to us I think.

You probably are happy! You must be happy This is weird. Compared to before, Inaba started to speak in a calm voice.

Even if you think it's irrational, even if you feel it's heartless, even if you need to swallow your tears and regret, we can only accept this reality. People who become unfortunate as well? Is this selflessness? No, this is different. This is the right thing to do as a person.

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But blindly accepting the rule about "we must not take any actions", we're doing this for someone else, we can save other people" "Who do you think you are, a protagonist!? Do you understanding? The meaning of this? It's like the city is oppressed by a government and that if no body moves then it's stable.

Something you must do and you take action and you start a war to fight against the oppression. Saving someone though. But now, this situation, that's a fatal fault, it's wrong for sure. It's because you can't sit back and do nothing. From inside his emotions surged out. Well, what's wrong with that!

I'm that kind of human being! From before, I haven't changed from "that"! It was something you said a while back! Inaba said "Because I was born with that, it can't be changed. I think I'm correct Using Dream Perception and to help anybody. Taichi's own fight and determination. Kiriyama also continued. And I am right.

I'll prove it. Nagase was watching everything closely without saying anything or moving. Beside each other are Taichi and Kiriyama and across from them side by side are Inaba and Aoki. Two against two. The oppositions glared at each other. Why are we arguing with each other? Much less opposition against each other. It's not like someone's problem was actualized because of this phenomenon.

That's why. There is no room for wavering, we both will decisively break off ties with each other. The things we believe in are different. The paths we believe in are also different. Inaba squinted her eyes and then returned to glaring across. With this you would be the same as Heartseed.

Kokoro Connect

You regretably change something and it can't be returned to normal. It's obviously wrong, the worse course of action" She's blaming us.

If you are going to use that "power", then I will use every possible way to stop you. Without out thinking, she raised her voice. She kicked a electric pole with the inside of her shoe. It's easy to understand if she looks like an idiot right now. She was venting her rage. Yui and Taichi as enemies. Going against Taichi. I understand, well, he's a kind guy His feelings of what he wants to do, I understand that too.

Those guys are misunderstanding the situation.

I, myself, must stop them. If this belief is twisted then the brakes will lose its effect. Losing the effect we will not slip out of this abnormality.

And then myself from can't slip out. I must protect the last line of defense. No matter the sacrifice. This is already, war. Chapter 5 The next day, all seven of the StuCS members gathered. There's Taichi and Kiriyama who think that using this "power" is correct. Then there's Inaba and Aoki who think that no matter what happens, they should not use this "power". Since the conflicting sides are in different classes, the last time they saw each other was during yesterday's lunch break.

Because of the conflict, yesterday's club activities were cancelled as dictated by Nagase. Club activity will promptly resume and the opposing sides will meet.

The StuCS was divided into two against two. Nagase did not say which side was correct and decided to be the one to balance the two sides. Yesterday you suddenly said, 'Club activities are cancelled for the day. I didn't tell the first years yet. After Nagase summarized the situation and explained it to the first years, Inaba opened her mouth. Inaba's eyes fixed on Chihiro and Shino, the anxiety quickly transmitted to Taichi and Kiriyama.

I can't say That's why we simply want to hear your honest opinion. Kiriyama was visibly nervous. One breath and then "Is that so? Chihiro spoke. If we do that, nothing will happen. I think it's wrong to make doing anything a rule, for this situation Above all, it would make things a painful experience. Chihiro has his own opinion.

Acting hostile is not allowed. Her tone was neither heavy nor light but altered the mood. But that time. Shino tensely looked up. Saying that I'm saying that I just didn't know how to put it! It's wrong to not reach out to someone drowning right? Even if it's a weird 'power', those with power must help those in need!

Are 'desires' something you can fulfill for someone? They are something you should achieve yourself. Someone who requests for assistance of course happens but it's different than cutting in and granting someones desires without permission. Are you planning to use your logic to force Shino-chan to become your ally? You got a problem with that?

That's because I think I'm correct. Because "Those words Take them all back, Inaba. They were made wavering. Taichi was bewildered. It's ok to have a constructive debate.

How many times are you going to make me be the neutral party? I think I will change my name to 'Referee Nagase'. Just then, Taichi noticed the strange feeling of discomfort.

This place has a bad atmosphere, as the mood maker not taking up space and always joking around, Aoki didn't do anything.

Now the Cultural Research Club could not maintain the appearance they had. After announcing clearly in front of Inaba and the others that they will use the "power", Taichi and Kiriyama became more involved in using "Dream Perception" to help others.

To solve people's worries, they lent a hand. Anything someone wanted to do, they helped them achieve it. Of course, besides doing anything noticeably strange. This is possibly due to hoping for more or wanting to see more visions: compared to before, the number of times "Dream Perception" has activated has increased from a few times a day to around 10 times a day. This appeared to be happening with Kiriyama as well.

Even occurring while sleeping without waking up. On average, it has been occurring once every hour. When I try asking Nagase, she said it's occurring seven or eight times a day. As a result, thanks to this, the amount of things we can do has increased.

Very wild "dreams" were impossible of course, but small reasonable dreams are something we can fulfill right now. Rather than the person them self work hard to fulfill their "dream", there was a lot of times we just gave them a hand to fulfill them.

Because of the small push to their backs, if only just a little, Taichi and Kiriyama's role would be finished.

Among them, one thing stood out thoughtlessly, Love counselling duty. They saw grand dreams like "I want to be an Olympic athlete in the future" or dreams that were within hand's reach like "I want the test to over quickly.

High school students in the middle of puberty all have one thing in mind, how it can't be any more stressful. In the school, the person someone likes was seen once or twice. If it becomes necessary, then we are aware of it. In the school about everyone, once per day it is something noticeable.

If that becomes a "dream", it will appear in front of Taichi and others. And if we can see the "dream", then there is something we can do. Taichi and Kiriyama if the the two parties of the coupling is seen, then they will give them a little push.

If only one side shows a liking, for the purpose of making Taichi and Kiriyama aware, it will be easy to obtain information from one side. The two thoughts show a go sign but they will objectively see the situation. We're talking about coupling here.

Isn't this amazing? They're Love Masters!The two thoughts show a go sign but they will objectively see the situation. Taichi whispered, " That won't I just had a meaningless wild idea, it seems she mistaken it for something.

Now the Cultural Research Club could not maintain the appearance they had. If this belief is twisted then the brakes will lose its effect. V 13 - [B Side] - Blood Sabbath. I wanted to say that but Ever since he got a girlfriend, his view of couples on the street had changed, as he would compare them to his own situation, using them as a reference for his own relationship. And if we can see the "dream", then there is something we can do.

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