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Book digitized by Google from the library of the University of Michigan and uploaded to the Internet Archive by user tpb. Regarded as one of Dreiser's best novels,Jennie Gerhardtis here recaptured as it was originally Read Online · Download PDF; Save; Cite this Item When Jennie reached home, Mrs. Gerhardt had heard of her flight from the other children. Dreiser's "Jennie Gerhardt": New Essays on the Restored Text. EDITED BY James L.W. West Read Online · Download PDF; Save; Cite this Item. Table of Contents Jennie Gerhardt,published in and (until recently) Read Online .

Jennie Gerhardt; A Novel

Jennie and her mother hide Vesta from Jennie's father until he joins them in Cleveland. Later, she hides Vesta from Lester. The child later dies of typhoid fever. Doctor Ellwanger, the Gerhardts' practitioner in Columbus. Pastor Wundt, the Gerhardts' Lutheran pastor in Columbus.

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Mrs Bracebridge, Jennie's employer in Cleveland. Her husband is named Henry. Lester Kane, Jennie's second lover. He meets Jennie as he is visiting his longtime friend Mrs Bracebridge. Archibald Kane and Mrs Kane, Lester's parents.

Archibald is a manufacturing magnate. Robert Kane, Lester's brother. He is described as a shrewd businessman. Although the two men part ways after their father's death, Robert apologizes by the end of the novel.

Amy, Imogene, and Louise, Lester's sisters. Samuel E.

Ross, a real estate dealer Lester works with. He ends up losing a lot of money in the deal. Letty Pace, an affluent widow whom Lester marries.

Mrs Davis, a fifty-year-old matron who helps Jennie when Vesta dies. Literary significance and criticism[ edit ] Dreiser first entitled his novel, The Transgressor, before abandoning it in , because of a nervous breakdown.

Mencken wrote to Dreiser of his thought that Jennie was informed by the eponymous character in Thomas Hardy 's Tess of the d'Urbervilles ; Dreiser confirmed his insight.

There is not one ogre in the book nor is it a tale of a spiraling down into degradation Sister Carrie , Vandover and the Brute. In reality it is a love story where capitalism takes the role of the Montagues and Capulets keeping the star-cross'd lovers apart.

Dreiser is the opposite of Henry James. If ever they were in the same room together I imagine a conversation where James is constantly demurring, obliquely not-saying what he's trying to say while Dreiser is constantly interrupting "What? Spit it out man!

Jamesian innuendo it is not. The one place where he couldn't be explicit is due to the sexual mores of literature at the time - i. He had to make sure we got the point because the novel would be meaningless without it.

When her father burned his arm, was seriously injured, the family was left starving, Jennie turns to Lester Kane.

By all means, Jennie is better than Brander, who left her for entertainment in Washington, and Lester Kane, who abandoned her, not daring to sacrifice his position in society. First, nothing bad can be said about him, because he promised to marry, he seemed to be sincere with the main hero, he helped her.

However, try as he might, he is still a part of that bourgeois society, and what would happen next can hardly be predicted.

He meets Jennie as he is visiting his old friend Mrs Bracebridge. He is also an ambiguous person.

Despite all things he made for Jennie, all his help, he is addicted to money and social status. He sincerely craves to be with Jennie, no matter what role she would play. He even easily takes the fact Jennie has a child and more unpleasant fact, that she concealed it. He was also under the pressure of his elder brother Robert, who always gets at Lester.

Jennie Gerhardt: A Novel

Lester decides not to look for difficult ways. He is also very hard-working and principled.

There are 2 worlds in the novel. Nothing can break these rules, but love.

Jennie feels herself capable for doing it. She realizes her sins, but all of them can be justified. The main things are: These issues appear to be more valuable in the novel, because Lester is afraid to fight against money-addicted society whereas Jennie is ready. To conclude, it can say that it is the finished book with a clear line of ideas. It makes you consider about your selfishness. But he and exactly the author to afford it. He had a clear idea that is perfectly expressed.

By the way, femininity has been valued for centuries as the ability to submit unreservedly beloved man, and nothing else! She was the epitome of femininity. But what about the true love?

It means the absence of requirement something in return. With no doubts, the world has changed as the values have done.

Jennie Gerhardt

Such people hardly can be found. But there is something to strive for! Besides, books are read in order to improve ourselves, to get better! As for the weakness of will, Jennie is stronger than all of us in spirit. After all troubles happened she stands for 2 orphans bringing them up alone! All in all the book will appeal to those who seek spiritual ideals, and not the cynical materialism.

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The Analysis of Jennie Gerhardt. Retrieved from https:Jennie Gerhardt was composed and published during a period when the historical counterparts of the orphanage from which Rose Perpetua was rescued were being challenged and replaced under what was recognizably a "new theory of charity" that emphasized fostering, adoption, and support within the family home. She continues to love Kane. It makes you consider about your selfishness.

He had to make sure we got the point because the novel would be meaningless without it. If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

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