is - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. clauses of IS for structures other than buildings. The following are brought into the code explicitly, by introducing the 'response reduction factor' in place of the earlier performance glassware may break, and books fall down. The Indian seismic code IS has now been split into a number of parts and the first part containing general provisions and those pertaining to buildings has.

Is 1893 Code Book

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Lateral Force Distribution as per Torsion Provisions of IS (Part I). 6 . Lateral Determine design seismic load on the structure as per new code. All Structures like need to be designed as per this code a Parking DESIGN OF STRUCTURES (GERERAL PROVISIONS AND BUILDINGS) -IS (For more information: 12 Tables of Code) Name of Legally Binding Document: (Part 1): Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of.

Categorization of some individual structure and components of typical industries are given in 7.

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All The mathematical model of the physical structure shall Category 1 industrial structures shall be analyzed using include all elements of the lateral force-resisting site-speciflc spectra. However, if site-specific studies system. The model shall also include the stiffness arc not carried out, the code specified spectra may be and strength of clements.

If time-history distribution of forces.

The model shall properly analysis is to be carried out, spectra-compliant time- represent the spatial distribution of the mass and history shall be determined based on the site-specific stiffness oCthe structures, as well as mass of equipment, spectra.

The earthquake buildings, may be analysed as per provisions of motion in each direction shall be combined as specified IS Part 1 , in 7. The analysis shall be based on Both direct solution of the equations of motion or model superposition The effect of accidental eccentricity shall be method can be used for this purpose.

This shall be applied as an additional torsion force equal to product This peak response quantity due to the closely 90 percent of the total seismic mass.

The static load at each node shall equal the? I Foundations Clause 7. Structures Category avoided for structures in seismic zones ,IV and V.

Administration building 4 or pile caps shall be interconnected with ties see 5. Air washer pump house 2. All 3. Air pre-heaters 2 -ties shall be capable of carrying, in tension and in compression, an axial force equal to AJ4 times the 4. Ash collection silos 2 larger of the column or pile cap load, m addition to 5. Ash dyke 2 the otherwise computed forces. Here, Ah is as 6. Ash water pump house 2 per 8. Ash water re-c. Bagging and palletizing building 2 other vertical cantilever projections attached to structures and projecting above the roof, shall be Ball mill and silos 2 designed for five times the design horizontal Boiler and boiler house 2 acceleration spectrum value specified in 8.

Bridges over rivers 2 and 8. Caustic tanks 2 shall be designed for five times the design vertical acceleration spectrum value specified in 8.

IS Codes PDF – Indian Standards Code For Civil Engineering Download

Clarifloculator 2 projecting parts and their connections with the main Coal handling plant 2 structures. For the design of the main structure, such increase need not be considered.

Coal slurry settling pond 2 Condenser polishing unit 2 Stack-1ike structures are those in which the mass and Construction workshop 3 stiffness is more or less uniformly distributed along Control and instrumentation building 2 the height. Cantilever structures.

Earthquake zones of India

Iike reinforced or Control building 2 prestressed cement concrete electric poles; reinforced concrete brick and steel chimneys including multiflue Control building blast resistant 1 chimneys , ventilation stacks and refinery vessels are 29, Converters 2 examples of such structures. The guyed structures are not covered here.

Conveyor galleries 2 Corex gas station tbr co-generation plant 2 Time period of vibration, T of such structures when fixed at base, shall be calculated using either of the Crusher house 2 following two formulae given see Crushers 2 The formulae given at.

Only 35, Cryogenic storage tank double walled 1 onc of these two formulae should be used for design. Cryogenic storage tanks with refrigerated 2 condition can also be adopted. Structures Category S1 No. Structures Category 1 2 3 1 2 3 CW pump house 2 Polymerisation building 2 DG hall 2 Process building closed 2 Dirty and clean oil building 2 Process column on elevated structures 1 DM plant 2 Process water storage tank 2 ESP control room 2 Product storage shedtibuilding 2 Extrusion building 2 Rail loading gantry 3 RCC chimney 2 Regeneration-building 2 Scrubber 2 Filter 2 Settling tanks RCC 2 49, Filtration and chlorination plant 3 Sheds tall and huge span, high capacity cranes 2 Fire station 2 Silos 2 Fire water pump house 2 53, Fire water reservoir Gate and gate house 4 Generator transformer 3 Hj plant building 2 Heaters with steel rack 2 Substation 2 Substation buildings 2 61, Intake structure 3 Switch-gear building 2 62, Laboratory building 4 The Indian earthquake Codes are too restrictive and sometimes arbitrary.

Moreover, in the absence of any commentary, it becomes very difficult to appreciate the need of a given specification. Introduction Building Codes can be classified into three main categories: material Codes, loading Codes and design Codes.

There are numerous Codes on materials: cements of different types and grades, different types of pozzolanas, aggregates, admixtures, reinforcement steel bars, and couplers etc. Depending upon the type of structure, there are numerous specialized design Codes: IS parts 1 to 3 on water tanks, IS on seismic detailing for buildings, and so on.

In India, the process of revising a code takes decades, and even then, the content of the Codes is not necessarily up to the expectations of the Indian designers or up to the international standards. It is a matter of great concern that our Codes are being revised using copy, paste, and edit technology from various sources without keeping continuity and implications in mind.

For example, IS on wind loads was revised in ; the dynamic wind loads are based on the Australian Code AS The values of cross-wind force spectrum coefficient as given in Fig. No equations are provided to compute these values in a worksheet.

There is no reason as to why it could not be based on the latest AS IIT, Roorkee IS part 1 has been revised in but the design philosophy, in vogue since the first edition in , has been omitted without any justification. There are generally three levels of earthquakes: minor earthquake, moderate earthquake and severe earthquake, in one form or the other, in all international codes.

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The design philosophy clearly used to state as to how the buildings designed using this code is expected to perform during these earthquakes. No reason has been given in the preface to the code or elsewhere as to why it has been deleted.

It has a direct impact on the performance based seismic design of buildings. IS part 1 had introduced the concept of the limit state design through the terms maximum considered earthquake MCE , and design basis earthquake DBE , and checking the drifts under serviceability conditions.

The design response spectra and base shear formula were derived accordingly. Now, in edition, the terms MCE and DBE have been dropped, whereas, the design response spectra and the base shear equations have been retained.

This is baffling and a very regressive step. Further, a new clause has been added, which forces the designer to design a building in any seismic zone for a minimum seismic force, in case the computed base shear is less than this minimum value. There is no clarification anywhere on how this minimum base shear was obtained, what was the need for such a clause. What is the problem, if wind governs the design?

It is interesting to know that accelerograms of thousands of earthquakes in various parts of India have been recorded over the past few decades, but these are essentially minor earthquakes. There is no accelerogram of any of the strong earthquakes, such as the Bhuj earthquake of and Nepal earthquake of Due to this, earthquake is responsible for the damage to various man-made structures like buildings, bridges, ii Mass Irregularity-Mass irregularity shall be roads, dams, etc.

Chiller pl;lIll. If time-history distribution of forces. However, capacities of energy absorption in its inelastic region.

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Type ofStructllrc tm porIa nce Fado.. Here, the acceleration refers to that of the horizontal motion, unless specified otherwise.

Soni, Prof. Approximate methods may bc adopted to estimate Force -Method tlt-:

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