IN HER SHOES by. Susannah Grant. Based on the novel by Jennifer Weiner. FOX PICTURES. W. Pico Blvd. Los Angeles, CA Shooting. PART ONE In Her Shoes ONE "Baby," groaned the guy Ted? Tad? something like that and crushed his lips against the side of her neck, shoving her face. Editorial Reviews. Review. The Feller sisters are equal but opposite . Maggie is In Her Shoes - site edition by Jennifer Weiner. Download it.

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PDF - In Her Shoes. The Feller sisters are equal but opposite. Maggie is the good -looking, dyslexic little sister who knows how to get anything she wants--but not. Weiner (at home in Philadelphia with pal Wendell) skillfully balances comedy and drama. In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner and her light touch. [PDF] In Her Shoes: A Novel. In Her Shoes: A Novel. Book Review. The book is great and fantastic. It is probably the most remarkable pdf i have got read through .

How did this affect your reading of the story?

Why might the author have chosen to do this? Do you think there are insights that could only have come out through multiple perspectives, or do you think the author wanted the ambiguity and clashing perspective that shifting points of view can elicit in a reader? In many ways, this is really a story about growth, change, and transformation.

Discuss the ways that virtually all of the characters alter their old, comfortable ways of being, acting, and thinking or lack of thinking, in Maggie's case throughout the course of this story.

How easy does it seem for the characters to change? Would you consider intense pain or disillusionment with a person or a job to be the main catalyst for much of this change, or do you think something else sparks it?

See a Problem?

Body image, for both sisters, obviously affects how they view the world around them. While Rose, at least in the beginning of the story, seems almost apologetic about her body, Maggie uses hers like a weapon, moving through the novel with a confidence that borders on aggressive.

In what ways do you think their physical bodies, or perhaps the reactions that they receive from others regarding their physical bodies, helps create the people that they ultimately become?

Early in the novel, we get a rather painful and disturbing view of Rose's childhood during the scene on the dodgeball court.

And while we would expect, or at least hope, that her sister might step in and try to protect Rose in such a humiliating moment, Maggie stands watching, obviously in pain, but frozen.

In fact, Maggie goes so far as to blame her sister, asking herself, "Why did she have to wear those [underwear] today" and reassuring herself that "[Rose] brought this on herself. Do you think that there were mitigating circumstances that help to explain this cruelty?

PDF - In Her Shoes

Forgiveness plays a central role in this story, as many of the characters struggle with their need for family and their inability to let bygones be bygones. To what degree do you think forgiveness paves the way for the story's resolution? Would you have forgiven Maggie?

If you were Ella, would you have forgiven Michael Feller for having shut you out of Rose and Maggie's childhood? What seems more central to this story: the idea of self-forgiveness or forgiving others? Also, Maggie and Rose just weren't likable characters.

These are not two women I would ever want to know in real life. They're self-involved and often petty. I'm also not downloading that Rose quit her job to become a dog walker, nor that Maggie lives in the Princeton library and miraculously becomes a literary genius by the novel's end, Maggie's reading every great literary classic she can get her hands on and spouting poetry like a water fountain.

I'm not saying that someone with a learning disability is incapable of doing this, only that Weiner never plausibly made me believe Maggie was capable of doing this. If there was one perk of the inclusion of Maggie's reading of One Art by Elizabeth Bishop, i carry your heart with me i carry it in by E.

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Cummings, and several classic literary texts, it's that it reminded me that there are certainly better books out there and, even though Weiner's work was somewhat humorous and mildly entertaining, maybe my time would be better served reading some of those. Is this something I can do in my community?

Get the answers to these questions and more in In Her Shoes: Frequently Asked Questions.

In Her Shoes is being used to educate communities about domestic violence in over communities across the country. This version is the original simulation, which is great for educating a broad range of community and professional groups and can be facilitated in sessions of one to two hours.

This edition, entirely in Spanish, is not a translation of the English versions. It contains all new characters and stories that illustrate the particular challenges facing Latin American immigrant women who are experiencing abuse.She also takes some chances: further complicating their relationship is their mother, whose mental illness leads to her death while the girls are still young; the beautiful Maggie suffers from a debilitating learning disability that effectively limits her chances at success in the entertainment industry she can't read the teleprompter during an MTV audition that she would have otherwise had in the bag ; Maggie betrays Rose's trust to such a magnitude that their relationship may be beyond repair no one can hurt you like a sister and Weiner takes advantage of the opportunity to challenge the sisters' relationship.

He was the kind of guy who'd always been strictly off-limits to Rose as she'd toiled through high school, college, and law school, keeping her nose to the grindstone and her grades in the stratosphere.

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Shoes were shoes were shoes, and ever if she wore them with the wrong things, she couldn't wear them the wrong way. She scribbled a quick note for Jim "Family emergency, be back soon" and hurried to the elevator, steeling herself to drive off into the night and pull her sister's chestnuts out of the fire yet again.

She'd had to go to "enrichment" during recess three days a week, but not even that had mattered much, because she was still the prettiest, most fun girl in her class, the girl with the cutest outfits, the best Halloween costumes that she'd make herself, the most interesting ideas of what to do during recess.

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