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Immortal Hearts

But I am sorry to say that during this conclusion, though it ultimately reached the desired outcome, the ride there wasn't fulfilling. I guess I owe it to this series to think about it a bit more, but I don't think the rating or my impressions are going to change. I think I am actually glad it's over. A childhood obsession can only take so many hits before the whole illusion shatters and we are forced to admit that there never was anything truly outstanding about it, so this series definitely needed an ending.

Immortal Hearts

There's barely a plot in there, zero character development and, worst of all, it is really nothing but a forced, half-cooked ending to the series. But the truth is, I am not objective at all with this rating, so I'll try to be with the review.

What bothered me the most about this one is just how misleading the summary in the jacket of the book was. Throughout the whole series, Raven's desire to be a vampire has pretty much been driving force of the story.

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Would Alexander turn her or not? When, where, why, how?

As a fan of the series, I kept expecting for this to happen but I also wanted to see the emotional and psychological development of Raven before the possibility of it. The blurb pretty much states that meeting Alexander's little sister and seeing how being a teenage vampire affects how she grows up would make Raven wonder about what being a vampire would do to her life.

That is a lie. Raven's resolve to be turned by Alexander never wavers or weakens. That would be admirable if it wasn't because Raven is just so immature, petty, childish and silly about it.

Immortal Hearts

Despite what she constantly says, I never once truly believed Raven wanted to turn into a vampire because of Alexander and because of what that would mean to their relationship.

It was all about her and what she wanted and what she needs, and, while at first during the first installments it was charming, now it was just irritating and a demonstration on poor character development. Raven is still set on becoming a vampire, never wondering about the effect this will have in her life and emotional ties with family and friends, but don't worry, the author saved Raven and us from that by never actually having Raven care about it and going right in with the resolution we always knew these series would have.

Mostly nothing is resolved with this finale. It is truly bittersweet to read this book, I loved this series vampire kisses immortal hearts years and hated seeing it come to a close, but I wish it was a bit more epic.

Mark, my writing mentor, edited JL for me. Books Online Free Alexander calls her Stormy for a reason.

Will he turn her? Minimum monthly payments are required. It was during this time I began to write an adult novel about a rock star—I had always enjoyed writing Please enter your date of birth: Alexander calls her Stormy for a reason.

Like the little girl inside of me who immrotal to write vampire plays at age 10, read Dracula vampire kisses immortal hearts sixth grade, was hooked on vampire romance novels by 13 and just wanted to marry Lestat jumped up and down inside my chest squealing with joy for Raven and Alexander. It was a vampire kisses immortal hearts series, short and simple.

The cover is adorable and cohesive with vampire kisses immortal hearts rest. Sell now — Have one to sell? But involved Alexander as well.

Oh no, will Stormy hate kissez room Raven designed? Biten bir seri daha.

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I find this series almost satirical in nature, like the author is poking at vampires a bit and those people who love them so much.I hope this book brings changes within both of their lives. It was all about her and what she wanted and what she needs, and, while at first during the first installments it was charming, now it was just irritating and a demonstration on poor character development. Stormy was so bleeping awesome.

I personally expect this book to be the best.

Vampire Kisses is a young reader book that is intriging in it's own right. Welcome back. And this is the last book.

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