2. Section What is EJB all about? .. Welcome to EJB. Head First EJB™ By Bert Bates, Kathy Sierra ISBN: Publisher: O'Reilly. Prepared for. And because this is a Head First book, you'll learn how to think about thinking. As the second book in the Head First series, Head First EJB follows up the number one 2. Architectural Overview: EJB Architecture · You remember this picture. DOWNLOAD PDF In other words, if you use anything in Head First EJB™ to, say, run a nuclear power plant or air traffic control system, you're on your own. 2. EJB Architecture: architectural overview 3. Exposing Yourself: the client view.

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EJB Development with WebSphere Studio Application Developer IBM Director of Licensing, IBM Corporation, North Castle Drive Armonk, NY In the Java world, only the first two technologies stand out as especially. With Head First EJB, you'll learn not just what the technology *is*, but more If you don't already have an EJB compliant server, go to raudone.info and. Gerald Brose works as head of software development for Projektron, a soft- ware vendor that .. the first edition was one of the best technical books they've ever read. What's . Chapter 2 sets the scene for introducing the changes of EJB in. Chapter 3. cation, which is a PDF file downloadable from raudone.info Each.

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Do you need isIdentical when theres equals?


Local clients still need isIdentical Why so many remove methods? For Remote clients, two in the home, plus one in the component interface How can you use a remove that takes a handle when you dont have a handle? Local clients dont have handles, so local homes dont have a remove that takes a handle.

Comparing Remote vs. Local interfaces Writing the local client interfaces You can have both a Remote and local client view for a bean, but you probably wont. Exceptions in client interfaces: what the client might get Local client code What has to change inside the bean class?

Arguments to Remote vs. Getting and using a stateful session bean Theres obviously more to the beans lifecycle than just creation and business methods Container Callbacks, for the special moments in a beans lifeStudents work closely with their professors in an interactive learning environment.

Lets take another look at the complete client code Just when you thought a simple cast would be enough Your job for passivation: make your state passivatable!

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