Hayagriva, Most Secret - Long Sadhana PDF-This practice is restricted to only those with the appropriate tantric empowerment. If you are unsure whether you. Hayagriva – Short Practice with Lamrim PDF- A meditation on the Graded Path to Enlightenment, combined with Hayagriva, Most Secret - Long Sadhana PDF. Translation by Lama Zopa Rinpoche and Jamyang. of the most secret form of Hayagriva practice this sadhana. beyond, the Lotus Great Controller Hayagriva, the nine-deity extremely secret wrathful blood drinker.

Hayagriva Sadhana Pdf

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of affinity. Hayagriva is the wrathful emanation of Chenrezig whose compassion is By practicing this emanation of Chenrezig through the Hayagriva Sadhana. sadhana text and Dagyab Kyabgon Rinpoche's commentary on the Thirteen Deity .. Red Hayagriva with an Amitabha crowning his head and with three. Long practice text especially for retreat. Requires highest yoga tantra empowerment of Most Secret Hayagriva.

Many others submit to him at first sight!

This is because though he is fierce and terrible; his heart is full of compassion unbiased, dispassionate understanding. This said, the Horse god is seen as pulling the sun up to the heavens every day, bringing light to darkness. This relationship is the classic non-duality of the Hindu Tantra. This is the very definition of Tantra, that of action. In several other sources he is a white horse who pulls the sun into the sky every morning.

Agni [Ka-ten; god of fire] was his tongue, the goddess Satya his speech, while his knees were formed by the Maruts and Varuna. Having assumed this form, a awesome wonder to behold to the gods, he vanquished the asura, and cast them down, with eyes that were red with anger.

The right hand also usually holds a aksha-maalaa rosary , indicating his identification with meditative knowledge. His left holds a book, indicating his role as a teacher.

Hayagreeva the embodiment of higher intelligence

His face is always serene and peaceful, if not smiling. Unlike his Buddhist counterpart, there is no hint of a fearsome side in the Hindu description of this deity. Indeed, the two deities seem to be totally unrelated to one another.

Hayagreeva is sometimes worshipped in a solitary pose of meditation, as in the Thiruvanthipuram temple. This form is known as Yoga-Hayagreeva. However, he is most commonly worshipped along with his consort Lakshmi and is known as Lakshmi-Hayagreeva. What does Hayagreeva represent?

Hayagreeva is an embodiment of intelligence and knowledge. From his own perspective, the Buddha taught in the buddhafield of Akanishtha, and these teachings were then compiled and collected by Vajradharma, who appears with one face and two hands, holding a vajra and bell. All Hindus believe that the world was brought into being by a creator.

The Lord of the World can take many different forms, but here we are concerned with the sambhogakaya form of a deity whose manifestation was precipitated by deep solicitude for sentient beings: Avalokiteshvara.

He can take many forms, but he is red on the thangka. So, as you recite this prayer, you should visualize the red form of Avalokiteshvara. He takes the form of the king who has brought all that appears the universe and exists sentient beings under his control. He is the leader of all the dakinis who dwell in the three planes of existence — those above live in space, those in the middle live on earth, and those below live under the earth.

He rules over all beings in samsara and all the buddhas of nirvana — he is intrinsic to all the perfectly enlightened ones. Rangjung Yeshe Publications, Tulku Urgyen Ringpoche p. He is more powerful than any other being; there is no one to equal or even compete with him.

Hayagriva is the universal ruler of all that appears and exists.


Vajravarahi is Vajrayogini. First, all the victorious ones came together to produce Hayagriva the male deity and Vajravarahi the female deity. These two deities then overpowered Rudra Black Liberation — who ruled over the world at that time — liberating all the chief dakas and dakinis of the twenty-four sacred places , thirty-two sacred lands and eight great charnel grounds. Hayagriva and Vajravarahi then brought into being the buddhafield where the Secret Mantra Vajrayana teachings were first taught.

This deity, Chakrasamvara, is practised to some extent in the Nyingma tradition, but chiefly by the Sarma schools. See here. Mighty ones, supreme and ordinary mudras, who exhibit bliss and emptiness as a dance, and Hosts of vajra dakas and dakinis, who attract and magnetize. According to the Nyingmapas, all the victorious ones produced Glorious Hayagriva and Vajravarahi, who then relied on the skilful method of union free from attachment, and annihilated and liberated Matam Rudra.

Each place is guarded by a chief daka and dakini, who were emanated by Hayagriva and Vajravarahi. As their mandalas have yet to be dissolved, each place continues to be guarded and preserved as sacred fields of the profound Dharma. The qualities of these profound Dharma fields are such that, through the power and blessings of the dakas and dakinis, by visiting just one of them, males will be blessed and become members of the daka family, and females will be blessed and become members of the dakini family.

According to the Sarma Chakrasamvara teachings, the great god Ishvara and Avalokiteshvara are one and the same. Chakrasamvara then united with his consort and they made manifest the sixty-four sacred places that appear in this world, which were already present in their bodies.

This is why its blessings are said to be so swift and powerful.

They arise from the dynamic energy of emptiness to benefit sentient beings. How do all these deities benefit sentient beings? As you move, your vajra bodies reveal the dance that stirs the three realms of existence, When the deities move their vajra bodies in all sorts of dance movements, all the worlds in the three realms of existence are stirred into motion. In our physical world, all movement and change is actually brought about solely by mind: mind is constantly moving and observes all manner of perceptible arisings.

When the gods perform a specific dance, that dance initiates movement and change throughout all the worlds in the three realms of existence. They say that as long as Shiva Nataraja continues to dance, our world will endure, but if he stops dancing the three realms of existence will cease to exist immediately.

As rays of red light burst from you, filling samsara and nirvana, Visualize the enlightened mind of all the deities of the mandala in the form of rays of red light that pervade all samsara and nirvana.

Legends of Hayagreeva

All that is said here is that the light is red because of the wisdom of discernment, and that it pervades all samsara and nirvana, penetrating every single nook and cranny. Space has the ability to accommodate the contents of the entire universe — including all the Mount Merus and continents that make up millions of world systems — as well as all the beings who live within that universe.

Space is everywhere and like space, the expanse of primordial wisdom is also everywhere and can also accommodate all of samsara and nirvana. When milk is churned, butter is produced and can then be collected; similarly, by churning samsara and nirvana, the pure vital essence of all that appears and exists can be collected.

The supreme vajra passion, the enlightened mind, The vital essence of samsara and nirvana that has been gathered is the enlightened mind, the supreme vajra passion for sentient beings.

Sadhana Practices

The enlightened mind arises from the dynamic energy of emptiness and is passionate about wanting to help sentient beings. Grants the paramount desire of sentient beings: the two kinds of siddhi. The enlightened mind then benefits sentient beings by giving them everything they have ever wished for, mostly importantly the supreme and ordinary siddhis.

With your formidable vajra-hooks and lassoes, You bind the world of appearance and existence in great bliss.

The deities wield vajra-hooks and lassoes — but these hand-held implements are just symbolic. All that appears and exists must be bound in great bliss.

We accomplish that binding by using the vajra hooks and lassoes that symbolize emptiness. Once that has been done, limitless manifestations unfurl in a magical display. These limitless magical manifestations are made up of beings to be tamed, the great beings who tame them, and infinite aspects of kyerim and dzogrim, and so on. Some manifestations arise to liberate one being, others to liberate many. In some situations, an incalculable number of magical displays might arise just for the sake of a single being.

Fill the whole of space like seeds in an open sesame pod.

Source: blastedgoat. In the same way that sesame seeds fill a sesame pod, these multitudinous deities, who have the ability to effortlessly and spontaneously give us everything we have ever wished for, fill all three realms of existence.

In devotion we pray. Inspire us with your blessings, When we invoke that many deities, what should we ask for?This is a profound and extraordinary teaching from the cycle of the new treasures.

Oer by saying this. White Tara's vase of long-life healing nectar is not seen because it is tucked into the blue uptala blossom in full bloom. Each of his heads are adorned with a crown of ve human skulls. The effects can continue to reverberate within the practitioner long after the ceremony.

Hayagriva in modern times

Many examples of Vishnu Hayagriva with Lakshmi, his consort at foot of linked page. If he is the metaphorical Incredible Hulk, then she might be the irresistible vampire queen in appearance.

Among the siddhis we pray for are all the minor accomplishments, like having a long life, becoming rich, being physically beautiful, having a beautiful voice, enjoying good health free from illness, and so on. Parts of his body have heaps of human ash and he is adorned with black snake ornaments. By making oering, there is no reliance for the activities E.

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