Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress. Home · Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress Author: Graham Lynne The Italian's Inexperienced Mistress. uploady read online epub pdf pdf uploady free download free read online mobilism by lynne graham pdf tufos contos animados e2cb9c4e Lindy was amazed when shipping tycoon Atreus Drakos made her his mistress. Her--with her fuller figure and lowly lifestyle making candles and potpourri!.

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Greek Tycoon, Inexperienced Mistress book. Read 72 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Lindy was amazed when shipping tycoon Atreus. greek tycoon inexperienced mistress lynne graham ebook, greek tycoon inexperienced mistress lynne graham pdf, greek tycoon inexperienced mistress lynne. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Lynne Graham lives in Northern Ireland and has been a keen romance reader since her teens. Happily married, Lynne has.

However, I still recommend this book. I also recommend that if you want to read all three, that you read them in order. Prefer Alissa and Sergei's story.

Greek Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress

But still a good read. Not one of her best but It's still enjoyable though and I liked Lindy a lot. I did like the hero as well but I don't think he was portrayed as well as he could be.

The book jumps about a lot which didn't help. One minute it's 6 weeks later then it's 18 months later and I'd rather have heard more about what happened in the 18 months than I did.

When Mr. Greek Tycoon realizes she's not a whore, he sends her a bouquet of flowers and asks if she wants to be HIS whore. She is super duper offended that he would dare think of her as a sexual being and ignores him for a few days until she's looking out the window, gazing at his mansion for god-knows what reason one evening and notices that his mansion is on fire. So she runs into the mansion to wake him up and they decide to call the fire department.

WAIT, that's what normal, sane people would do!

They forget that firefighters exist at all, and they try and put out the fire and get everything out of the house themselves. While in the house, Fatty McWhiner realizes that one of her decrepit animals is in the burning kitchen, so she runs inside to save it just as the support beams catch fire and crash down all around her.

Another one where at first, I relished all the horrible behavior from the H thinking of what delicious groveling he would have to do in the end This is one "romance" where the H's love is shockingly unconvincing. There is just no way to download that he ever actually had real feelings for her. He took her generous, whole-h UGH. He took her generous, whole-hearted love and adoration, shit all over and threw it in the garbage, then magnanimously took her back ONLY because of circumstances but not before he proposed to another woman.

Disgusting characters, not a romance. One of my least-liked HP heroes for sure. If you want to read something that will leave you boiling with rage, this is it for you.

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The heroine legit treats the H like garbage- has sex with her on weekends and goes away to accompany OW all over the place. She accepts it just because she doesn't want notoriety. When she realizes he's getting serious with OW, he dumps her, evicts her and moves on with OW.

Then she falls preggo and is homeless and without a place to run her business- takes help from her friends to find footing. Then a scandal breaks and he finds he's having a baby- whisks into her life expecting marriage and rights to paternity. She agrees for the baby's sake. Rest is as predictable as my to be rating for this book.

Dear Atreus.

F off. Jun 17, Tia rated it it was ok. The hero was an asshole. He deserved to be shot, tarred and feathered. I couldn't believe his rudeness and arrogance, then at the end of the novel, he is all about the love. Gag me please! View 1 comment. May 26, Fre06 Begum rated it did not like it. Awful main leads! I just didn't believe that Atrocious, I mean, Atreus really loved Lindy.

I never saw any evidence to say otherwise. Reading between the lines didn't do me any good because there was nothing in between! Atreus would never had committed himself to her if not for her pregnancy. It was his son whom he fell in love with. Lindy just came as part of the package. The kicker is that he never groveled for being such a dick to her. During their initial time together, Lindy excused Atreus's shitty treatme I just didn't believe that Atrocious, I mean, Atreus really loved Lindy.

During their initial time together, Lindy excused Atreus's shitty treatment because she was besotted and a bit insecure. So much that, honestly, I wouldn't have been surprised if there'd been a scene where she literally wiped his ass! Where to begin with the atrocities? Douche used Lindy for booty calls for 1. Atreus never intended to marry Lindy or conceive a child with her because she lacked wealth and the proper social background.

Arrogant snob. Poor 'lil rich boy wanted to avoid gold diggers who might use a false paternity claim to hitch him. And going by how he treated her, Atreus apparently felt Lindy held elite membership in the Gold Digging Club in spite of having no evidence to support this belief. To make things worse, Atreus went on to date other women after their breakup and didn't grovel at all for his dickish pre- and post-breakup treatment of Lindy! No, grateful-to-have-any-attention Lindy had to come to him in the end.

What the hell? Other one-star reviews have done an excellent job of recapping all of Atreus's non-heroic and unrepentant behavior. The examples I listed are just the tip of the iceberg. View all 6 comments. May 06, Danielle rated it liked it Shelves: Like at all. I thought he was an immature, pompous jerk who hadn't clue why his actions were hurting Lindy.

He just very unfeeling and was only thinking about below the belt thus treating Lindy likewise. He offered nothing of caring towards her out the bedroom. And though other heroes in other books have done this, the way Atreus did it was more callous and careless and basically crass about 3. And though other heroes in other books have done this, the way Atreus did it was more callous and careless and basically crass about it that it didn't earn him any points in my book.

And what happened during the break up was downright cruel and spineless. He knew how to put the knife in her heart. Basically he told her she wasn't good enough to marry but good enough for sex. What a prince? It was a wonder how Lindy was able to put herself together again. The beginning felt really rushed and combined with his horrible treatment didn't exactly endear me to this book. They came together way too quickly and so quickly that it felt unbelievable. It was like flip the page and they were in bed already.

Where was the anticipation? Where was the build up? Where was the tension before they got to that point. I wanted that. And just more preparation before that scene.

Plus their attraction, at least for me, didn't make a lot of sense. Maybe on naive Lindy side but not his. Okay maybe it's not that complicated for a guy, but it didn't feel genuine.

Their attraction didn't give that nice flow and believability to give it smoothness that necessary in a romance. It didn't have a natural feel to it. It just was all over the place and choppy. And the fact that it happened so quickly didn't help either. The early love scenes weren't that exciting either. It felt kind forced because it was happening so quickly. It wasn't sexy or tender or romantic or emotional. It was just two bodies flopping around in bed. That was it.

It was nothing to get the pulse racing. And the scenes ended as quickly as the began. Very rushed. They were forgettable and unpalatable. It was just about the pleasure which that felt forced too. Didn't enjoy them The last two love scenes were much better because there was more behind them. There was passion and a genuine feeling that they actually wanted each other. Also these scenes were very much emotional based instead of physical.

Those were good. What I enjoyed most in this story was the pain. Weird right? But that was where I felt the most.

Book Preview

I felt so bad for Lindy after she was beaten not literally with a brick over and over by his hurtful and callous treatment of her. Some of the things he did make me shake my head and wonder how the heck they were going to come back from this. He was really bad. But Lindy really touched me and though she was very naive and way too accommodating to him, my heart still broke for her.

Between the two men in her life she wasn't treated like she should have. Did I think at times she was a fool? Yes, but that didn't mean I didn't like her or feel sympathize with her. There was just that sweet and vulnerable as well as her pain that just punched me in the gut. I wanted to give her a hug. And I was glad that she stood up to Atreus and didn't give into him too easily in the end. He had to work for it. But I liked seeing her emotional journey that was utterly gut wrenching.

That was good. I warmed up to Atreus near the very end, but up until that point he wasn't that redeemable. He was sweet in the end.


Where was that guy throughout? I wanted to see more of him than the cold callous one. I wasn't convinced he loved her until the last few pages because he didn't show that his feelings were on a deeper level for her. There was no evidence really.

But I did believe it by the end. But for the majority of the book I didn't like him. And what was up with Ben? He was an even bigger jerk than Atreus and that's saying something. I don't even understand why he was in the story. Well I do. To cause problems but they had enough problems without him. Man, I really couldn't stand Ben. He should just have left her alone. Plus aside from his behavior I just question who he was as a person.

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Overall the book was okay. Not my favorite Lynne Graham book. The last half was definitely better than the first. It just felt way too rushed. There was no establishment to their romance just their sex life. That just got to be too much and was very unappealing until the emotions came into play. I wanted more anticipation and build up in their story.

I wanted to feel more passion not just the lust. It didn't help I didn't like him very much either. I just wanted less of the rushing and more emotional development in their relationship than I thin it would have been better.

Oh well they can't all be winners. Apr 07, lily waheed rated it it was amazing. Arteus , you're the most cold ruthless bastard hero I ever saw but that didn't stopped me from falling in love with you! Oct 28, Aarann rated it liked it Shelves: This was an entertaining read, but nothing all that spectacular.

Lindy is a "curvy" virgin. Atreus is a Greek tycoon do those even exist at the moment? Greece's economy does not seem to lend itself to having tycoons, even in , when this was first published. The two start having sex and basically continue doing so for 18 months. When Lindy asks Atreus the inevitable "Where is this 18 month relationship heading?

Understandably, Lindy breaks things off. Not that she was perfect -- being afraid to ask the guy you believe to be your boyfriend for 18 months where your relationship is headed was a bit weak on her part. A couple of miscommunications ensue and the two of them manage to make matters worse for themselves, culminating in Lindy declaring that she wouldn't forgive Atreus for his actions if he came crawling to her on bended knee.

At this point, my inner angst whore, Violet, rubs her hands together with glee and anticipation. Lindy is, of course, pregnant, and in the way of HP females everywhere, decides not to tell the guy who should really be paying child support.

In the way of HP males everywhere, Atreus finds out about the pregnancy and confronts her, at first demanding that she admit publicly that the baby isn't his. When she can't, he demands they marry.

Here's the thing. The fact that he would sleep with Lindy for 18 months, have pretty much no contact with her during the week other than phone calls, get upset with her when she asks where their relationship is going, and then doesn't understand why she would break off such a great deal for her, is asshat behavior of the first order.

Lindy was right to declare she wouldn't have him back if he groveled. Does Atreus grovel? Nay nay, my GR friends.

He does not. Fuck Atreus. In fact, at the end of the book, he makes her grovel. Not that they weren't both acting like ridiculous children by that point, but the fact that he never had to even so much as utter an apology for behaving like a first-class dickhole, insulting Lindy several times over, essentially calling her a whore, telling her she's good enough to screw, but not good enough to settle down with, then attempting to sweep the problem under the rug by trying to get her to leave an attempt that backfires on him , then doesn't really have to pay any sort of emotional price?

Totally unsatisfactory. Honestly, the rest of the book was not bad. Had a lot of potential to be pretty good.

Overall book rating

I got the reasoning both characters acted the way they did -- Violet and I just like a little more grovel in our stories. All the usual HP disclaimers apply on this one. If you aren't a fan of mega-drama, don't pick up an HP. Another asshole hero! Jun 07, Bernice Mills rated it did not like it Shelves: Looking back and remembering that this was the first Lynne Graham book I read, I confess that I'm surprised I ever read another.

Seriously, the male lead in this story is a carat titweasel. Selfish, manipulative, dishonourable, and vain. This is one of the few stories where I agree with the heroine's decision not to tell the male lead this dude is not a hero, he's an ass about a surprise pregnancy.

I have strong feelings about this, having put on my big-girl panties and informed a useless spe Looking back and remembering that this was the first Lynne Graham book I read, I confess that I'm surprised I ever read another. I have strong feelings about this, having put on my big-girl panties and informed a useless specimen of the male gender that he was most unexpectedly going to be a dad myself.

I probably would have been better off if I hadn't, but it was the honourable thing to do. In this story's case, keeping her trap shut was perfectly reasonable in the circumstances. The jerk had already made it clear what his response was going to be. Since she didn't want his money and didn't want anything to do with him, and had reasonable cause to believe that he wouldn't want anything to do with the baby, there was absolutely no reason to tell him. He spends a large part of the story abusing her abusing her trust, taking advantage of her being naive, verbally abusing her, I could go on and none of that is made better by a last-minute love confession.

This story is a recipe for an abusive marriage, since the male lead has demonstrated repeatedly, throughout the book, that he has not an ounce of respect for the heroine, and not much basic human decency either.

Personally, I'd have set myself on fire before marrying a verbally abusive tyrant like him. Nov 10, shms rated it really liked it Shelves: Everything you couldn't possibly want in an H, well other than his sexy self, and an unbelievably gullible h, cue major hurt and angst. I warn you the H doesn't redeem himself, no where near but then that's par for the course. Still 4 stars. Aug 06, Pea rated it liked it.

Overall, not a bad read, even though the sex scenes weren't exactly steamy and at times it felt stiff like the H. Atreus has become jaded view spoiler [ after being hunted by gold diggers, two whom tried false paternity claims. Despite this Overall, not a bad read, even though the sex scenes weren't exactly steamy and at times it felt stiff like the H.

Despite this formula he lived by, he couldn't shake the memory of the curvy, dark-haired Lindy whom he mistakenly took for a would-be seducer bathing nude in his river.

He thinks about having her removed from her rental so he won't have to think about her, but finds himself fantasizing about her for six weeks. A fire on his property and a take charge Lindy, who rescues a cat and his art collection, throws them together. They bunk down at a local hotel since the fire knocked out their lights and from that night on they are together for almost a year and a half.

That is, view spoiler [ until Lindy's frenemy, Ben, throws a wrench in the works, playing on her insecurities about her body and the fact that Atreus was photo'd in a paper with someone skinnier and "prettier". What I loved: In this HP, it too only two sentences to progress the story! Over a year Why the hell is it so difficult for HP to do this?

I'm glad this book didn't do the usual gloss over of years of separation, where the girl stays celibate but the guy's a whore , or make their relationship happen in a ridiculously short amount of time, after a day she's in luuuuvvvv. New Hp stories should use this method and save us the head-banging. Whatever floats your boat. Another love She goes to her friends, doesn't isolate and tries to find a way on her own. Strong women are a plus for me. Even if she does give in with the typical HP arguement, "the baby should have two parents", when she really means I'm hot in mah pants for you.

What erked me: Lindy isn't dumb, but acts like it. She went but didn't finish law school because her mom was sick. After her mom died she got mono, so she decided to run a small craft business in the country, instead of going back to an office job and flat she shared with her flatmates, Elinor and Alissa, part of the Pregnant Brides' trilogy. So obviously, she's not as dumb as the book leads us to believe.

So, why does she give up herself to this man? Why does she allow him to go out with other women to events instead of asking or insisting he take her?The h and H meet on his property as she is a tenant at the small guest house.

With an OverDrive account, you can save your favorite libraries for at-a-glance information about availability. It's like seeing an old boyfriend out with a new girlfriend but on an epic level.

The hero did NOT love the heroine, I don't care what he said in the end. More about Lynne Graham. She goes to her friends, doesn't isolate and tries to find a way on her own.

Also these scenes were very much emotional based instead of physical. It starts at the beginning of their relationship and t I want to stab this book with knives!

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