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Title, Get Smart 4 - Student's Book. Author, Mm Publications. Publisher, MM PUBLICATIONS. ISBN, , Length, pages. To βιβλίο αγγλικών Get Smart 4 Student's Book των εκδόσεων MM Publications συγγραφέας H.Q. Mitchell - Marileni Malkogianni. GET SMART 4 STUDENT'S BOOK on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

However, you can move at any pace you'd like. Some people go through the whole course in just a few weeks. My kids were struggling to learn grammar until we got Get Smart.

Elizabeth does an awesome job of starting small and building into it. As a mom of more than four kids, I love the ease of hitting play and us all watching Elizabeth teach these concepts. I don't have a very good Internet connection, and I'm concerned that I won't be able to use the videos. The videos are not available as DVDs, but they are all downloadable with your access. That means you can download them in non-peak times and play them back whenever you'd like without any playback issues.

Also, know that you don't need to watch the videos.

Each video accompanies a written lesson. You can easily go through the program using just the written lessons if you'd like. What's the difference between the school-based and home-based programs? The programs contain the exact same content, but the school-based version also includes a username and password for students.

The illustrations and artwork echo the course books and uses the same in-house characters. This is a very valuable publication which adds more depth to the course. Garnet Oracle Readers. Garnet Education. Level 1 - Zoo Diary.

Teach & Learn Grammar In Just Ten Minutes A Day

ISBN , pp The series editor and the author of a number of the readers in the series is an experienced teacher and author of ELT materials, including graded readers for various publishers.

His expertise is clearly visible in the choice of texts, the topics and the variety. Some of the stories are narratives; some come in the form of a diary or dialogues. The illustration and visual materials include pictures in various styles, maps, photographs and diagrams. The stories are very well written and a pleasure to read — a teenager kidnapped by aliens, secrets of the London Underground discovered by a night cleaner, a mystery story, the relationship between a student and a teacher, or a modern house haunted by a tidy ghost.

The stories are accompanied with resource pages, activity pages and a glossary explaining some of the more difficult words used in the text. At the moment there are four titles available at each level. Let us hope there are more to come. For more go to peterviney. Mann and S. Macmillan ISBN , pp This book is a new addition to the well established three part general English course aimed at teenagers.

This course book, just like the other books in the series, reflects the needs and interests of the learners.

Cambridge International Book Centre

The book is divided into fourteen topic based units with comprehensive skills coverage, grammar and vocabulary practice. The course has a skills based approach, in which language functions, grammar and lexis are closely linked to the skills themselves. Production of language requires speaking and writing using motivating activities close to life.

The book like all the other parts in the course is pleasing to the eye with a clear layout and reasonably good photography and drawings. The book nicely completes theh course. How long have you? Listen to the dialogue, point to the corresponding frame and repeat each sentence. Listen to the CD and number the pictures according to what each animal can do. Listen to the CD, point to the corresponding picture and repeat each sentence.

In pairs, take turns to say what each animal can do and guess the animal. Look at the photos and complete the crossword with the names of the animals, the picture. Read the sentences and follow the animal that each one describes. The animals will lead you to the correct path to the lake. Robby 1 He has got big ears.

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She has got fair hair and green eyes. My best friend's name is 1. Present your work to the class.

I've got a pet She has got small ears No, I haven't. Listen to the CD and circle one of the two pictures. O There are some plates and cups in the basket.

Every year, in the last week of June and the first week of July, people from all over the world go to Wimbledon, near London. They see the world's best tennis players.

After two weeks of tennis, there are two tennis champions. Q 4 Wimbledon begins in the winter. Recycling good for the environment. We can recycle glass, paper or metal. So, don't throw away your old newspapers, empty bottles, cans or your old mobile phone in the rubbish.

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Write a-e. Today's games b. A speciaL fire c. The Olympic fLag d. Winning a medaL e.

How it started The Olympic Games are the biggest sports event in the world. Over 10, athletes from around the world take part in more than 20 sports!

MM Publication 2016-17 iskolai árlista

After that, the games took place every four years in the town of Olympia. During the Olympic Games there was peace. People stopped the wars.

In AD the Games stopped for more than 1, years! Now the Games last for two weeks and take place every four years, but in a different country each time.

The rings on the Olympic flag show the five continents.You can easily go through the program using just the written lessons if you'd like. This is for you.

She has got big ears. Children aged five might respond well to this kind of style, however, it will be interesting to see how the artwork of the course will change as the learners grow older.

So, don't throw away your old newspapers, empty bottles, cans or your old mobile phone in the rubbish. Listen to the CD and number the pictures according to what each animal can do. Yes, 1 am.

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