Fashionary design and produce products for professional fashion designers and fellow fashionistas. Products include sketchbooks, planners, handbooks and. best-selling fashion sketchbook, a practical able worldwide at over retail stores . Non-Book. Fashionary Purewhite Edition. Purewhite is the new black!. The Fashionary sketchbook is kind of like a Moleskine, accept it totally terminology, a book and website list, and a table of measurements.

Fashionary Book Able Sketchbook

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Fashionary International Ltd | Fashionary is the world 1st fashion sketchbook for fashion designers and fashionista. | fashionary. Fashion Books. Fashionary .. But expert help is at hand, with repair specialists able to restore your accessories back to their box-fresh aesthetic. When I was surfing in the internet I found an awesome sketchbook called ' Fashionary'. The special thing about this book is that the pages are. So, this Fashionary Sketchbook really appeals to me, as it allows me to As a side note, this book has inspired me to start painting again, so I signed up .. But I'd really love to be able to sketch so this notebook could be very.

I really like the back pocket on the cover as it makes it easy to store little notes, ideas and things like coupons, receipts On each page you have a space dedicated to notes which is very useful for designers and writing down intended fabrics and colors.

It's also nice to be able to remove each page without a fuss as all the pages are micro-perforated for easy removal. These figure templates are 8-heads long which is usually less than a regular stylized 9 or head figure.

As a designer, you could use this sketchbook to draw initial ideas for your collection or clothing line and then later work on developing each look a bit more. This is definitely an advantage when it comes to drawing sketchbooks as you want your art work to be preserved as long as possible.

Fashion design with Fashionary sketchbook

I experimented with different drawing media to see how the paper reacts with each type and here are the results. There was no streaks as the paper is really nice and smooth and it was also easy to blend colors as well. It was also easy to clean up the waxy residue from Prismacolors without smudging the white background.

It was easy t color with them and the paper did not soak too much color. If I compare it to a marker paper I would say it is similar in texture, but thicker. Then I got out in the real world with a real design job, and oodles of curiosities and ideas that had nothing to do with my job.

Pretty soon I had more jobs; freelance jobs, personal projects; more ideas than one sketchbook could handle. You can see above, I have a Fashionary sketchbook for fashion designs, I have another at work. Fashionary makes a sketchbook with watermark croquis so you can get to designing faster.

Old school right? That book is too big to travel with, so there is an envelope in the back of the Fashionary book that holds traveling ideas. I have a medium sized watercolor sketchbook for travel sketching and life drawing.

Shoe design sketchbook by Fashionary

I most recently started sketching and note taking in a grid notebook. My architect brother loves them, I never cared for them until one day they just really made sense for problem solving and Design Thinking. I use grid paper to mind map strategy of my process and procedure.

If anything goes wrong in the process of prototyping , I can back track and find a resolution much faster. The truth is, you think all the info you need is in your head.

Neurologists have proven that we can only hold about seven pieces of information in our minds at once, I call this Congestive psychology. If you want to make a creative career out of being creative, you absolutely need to be able to chase those ideas down a rabbit hole. So what holds people back?

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Fear : fear of making a bad drawing. Fear of having stupid ideas.

Fear of wasting time and paper, paint, materials.At the end of the day, you are not creating, you are only following instructions! I really spend a lot of time jumping from hobby to hobby..

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What a great idea. To enter, just leave a comment on this post and tell me if you have any artistic talents beyond sewing.

Say these things out loud to yourself. Comments Comments Categories Giveaway. I bought a set of watercolors for the children and they are quite talented as well, lol Reply. So I loved to draw and paint.

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