Project Gutenberg · 59, free ebooks · 7 by Luigi Pirandello. Enrico IV by Luigi Pirandello. No cover available. Download; Bibrec. Henry IV is an Italian play (Enrico IV) by Luigi Pirandello written in and premiered to . Print/export. Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. MASCHERE NUDE. teatro di LUIGI PIRANDELLO. E N R I C O I V. TRAGEDIA IN TRE ATTI. F I R E N Z E. R. BEMPORAD & FIGLIO - EDITORI.

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Spring Pirandello's Enrico IV: Mussolini as Mask, History as Masquerade Gian Balsamo In Pirandello's II fu Mattia Pascal, Anselmo Paleari tells Mattia. PDF | On Jan 1, , Gian Balsamo and others published Pirandello's Enrico IV: Mussolini as Mask, History as Masquerade. It is a question of a link that is to be found mainly in two plays: Shakespeare's Hamlet and Pirandello's Enrico IV (), which present on stage basic thematic .

Luigi Pirandello

The Merry-Go-Round of Love. Common to both books is the theory of the subconscious personality, which postulates that what a person knows, or thinks he knows, is the least part of what he is.

Pirandello had begun to focus his writing on the themes of psychology even before he knew of the work of Sigmund Freud , the founder of psychoanalysis. Both are more typical than Il fu Mattia Pascal.

Uno, nessuno e centomila, however, is at once the most original and the most typical of his novels. Its exploration of the reality of personality is of a type better known from his plays. Pirandello wrote over 50 plays.

This delay may have been fortunate for the development of his dramatic powers. Six Characters is the most arresting presentation of the typical Pirandellian contrast between art, which is unchanging, and life, which is an inconstant flux.

Characters that have been rejected by their author materialize on stage, throbbing with a more intense vitality than the real actors, who, inevitably, distort their drama as they attempt its presentation. And in Henry IV the theme is madness, which lies just under the skin of ordinary life and is, perhaps, superior to ordinary life in its construction of a satisfying reality.

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The production of Six Characters in Paris in made Pirandello widely known, and his work became one of the central influences on the French theatre. In Pirandello said of his own art: I think that life is a very sad piece of buffoonery; because we have in ourselves, without being able to know why, wherefore or whence, the need to deceive ourselves constantly by creating a reality one for each and never the same for all , which from time to time is discovered to be vain and illusory.

Frida enters wearing the dress; she looks identical to her mother's portrait. Donna Matilda and the Doctor re-enter Henry's room in order to placate him and make him act calmer.

After they leave, Henry turns to his valets and tells them that he is tired of acting. They look at him in surprise, and are even more shocked when he reveals that he is perfectly lucid.

Henry has been playing the part of the madman for over eight years, having woken out of his madness after twelve years. He and the valets sit around a table and Henry tells them about what it means to be mad, claiming that madmen always speak the truth. Meanwhile, the Doctor has set up a trap in order to shock Henry IV out of his madness.

Henry leaves his valets and starts to walk towards his bedroom, passing through the throne room on the way. Frida calls out to him, but she soon becomes frightened and starts to scream.

The Doctor, Belcredi, and Donna Matilda all rush in to support her. Henry watches this scene in amazement. It turns out that the valets came to them and confided everything that Henry had secretly told them.

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Henry explains that after waking up twelve years after the accident, he realized that he was more comfortable playing Henry IV than dealing with changes in the outer world. He therefore pretended to be Henry IV for over eight years. Henry then discusses the variable nature of reality with them. He explains that since he is aware what mask he is wearing, that of Henry IV, and since he is also aware that other people also wear masks, he is not mad.

He explains that madness is when someone wears a mask but is not aware of it. Belcredi comments that according to Henry IV, they are all mad.My daughter doesn't exist for him: Ah, but I see that you too, Duchess The Rome of was, like Berlin for the last forty-five years, a divided city.

I say that--you are fools!

His guests' tenacity leaves Enrico, a fake emperor counselled, obeyed and served by four professional actors, with no choice but that of falling back on obstructionism. I could, you know, accept the assistance of the Lombard bishops, arrest the Pope, lock him up here in the castle, run to Rome and elect an anti-Pope; offer alliance to Robert Guiscard--and Gregory VII.

And you, as usual, begin to imagine things! We're "secret counsellors"--in a manner of speaking only; because it is written in history that Henry IV.

It would have required more courage than I felt I possessed.

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