Sixguns, Elmer Keith, Wolfe Publishing Company, , , , pages.. DOWNLOAD HERE raudone.info Sixgun Cartridges and Loads A Manual Covering the Selection, Use and Loading of the Most. Handgun Library - Download as Text File .txt), PDF File .pdf) or read online. Keith.. Elmer.. Six-gun Cartridges And Loads Keith.. Elmer.. Six-guns. Kieft. Sixguns: Edition [Elmer Keith] on raudone.info *FREE* shipping on have a site? Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App.

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Sixguns by Keith: The Standard Reference Work [Illustrated Edition] [Elmer Keith] on Sixgun Cartridges and Loads: A Manual Covering the Selection, Use and Loading of the Get your site here, or download a FREE site Reading App. Notes: This is a comprehensive, in-depth study of Sixgun revolvers, primarily used in the wild west during from the mid s to the early s. Originally. Elmer Keith has 20 books on Goodreads with ratings. Elmer Sixgun Cartridges and Loads: A Manual Covering the Selection, Use and Loading of the Most.

This ball powder was designed for the. With a case head diameter of 0. Of the over , Reloading ammunition, while a fun and rewarding hobby, can be dangerous and all safety precautions should be taken prior to using any reloading equipment or information.

I can't say I've noticed a difference between mag and non mag primers in any of them, and over the years I've seen loads listed with or with and with out use of magnum primers for the same powders. Sierra also makes a grain. I'd like a mild but fun load in 44 mag for that round, as well as in 44 special the gr bullet cast the same as above, this is I've been reloading. All the loads on these pages are pressure tested according to the C.

A database of.

I think it's a waste having a 44 Mag though and not letting it roar since it is not a plinking gun. I was wondering if anyone had some data for a real good target load for gr cast lead bullets out of 44 Magnum cases?

I personally like gr of powder. Bullets from other manufacturers may not produce equivalent pressure or velocities; therefore, it is not recommended that this data be used with components other than as listed.

Right now I am thinking either or grain HP bullet and maybe Hodgdon H as a starting point but if you guys know a better combination I am all ears. Been looking at the Hornady and Lyman reloading manuals.

That year we both shot deer. The bullet fragmented from the.

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I just rely on the load data, and haven't tried clocking the speed. So get some 44 special cases and load them up you want to go lighter. Bullets have always been some form of gr. Already the most comprehensive on-line searchable and sort-able we wish you successful reloading with vihtavuori powders.

It gets about fps from a 20" lever gun. While a grain bullet in either a. Powder Bul Weight C. How hot should I load it using this bullet to do the job without getting carried away? I see no forum topic for 44 caliber on this forum and this 45 forum seemed as close as I could get. Please note that the data we offer on our website, in our newest Reloading Guide and in the Vihtavuori Reload App is all. This propellant yields excellent velocities for the pressures generated, with less muzzle flash than other comparable powders.

The powder of choice for magnum lead shotshell loads 10, 12, 16 and 20 gauge Shawnee Mission KS, —- Ammoland. You can find the updated reloading data online in the Vihtavuori Reloading database. Select your cartridge type from the drop-down list. These 44 Special bullets from Sierra are perfect for cartridges that will be used for hunting or self-defense.

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Back around '79 or '80 I bought my wife a ruger carbine still got it in. This is not a "Dirty Harry" Magnum load, more of a mid-range. This is a discussion on Reloading.

Jacketed Tournament bullet gets fps and the yard accuracy is an honest 1". The nearly straight-walled. I load everything on 44 magnum cases.

Also some loads are bullet specific, as your Hornady XTP loads will prolly differ from a Sierra bullet. A Lee Loader in. If you're unsure, or just want options, check as many boxes as you'd like.

Super Blackhawk. But I just got a Ruger FT.

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The other writers and I check and re-check the information in Find what you need in four easy steps. I am thinking of trying to start with Accurate now has reintroduced XMP, a slow burning, bulky powder and is good in magnum pistol loads.

Just picked up some Sierra gr. I found the little paper from a box of Cast perf grn wfncg 44 "boolits" and the only load they list for a 44 mag are two starting loads. They are a truncated cone bullet with a small exposure of lead at the tip. Most suitable for magnum pistol applications, as well as the.

The grain bullet is extremely versatile, giving tremendous power with a heavy jacket and top-quality core. Before attempting to duplicate any of the loads mentioned in any of the articles on Guns and Shooting Online, always consult the major reloading manuals for verification.

This second edition of Normas reloading manual is available in an English version and is an update of our first manual that was published in In the grain range I have experimented with Hornady XTP, but I'm not a fan of light weight 44 magnum loads for hunting. Always use the dipper that the data sheet says to use.

Also fragmented some from the SBH, recovered one, lost one. I picked up a Ruger SR 44 mag and would like to know what powder folks like. Do you have load data for your 8mm gr spt? I was thinking of using IMR Either in my 44 2 screw or my Henry Big Boy lever gun. Overall Lengh is 1. That's probably because the market bias has been toward new rifle products.

A military-surplus powder produced by Hercules during the war for the. Required reading: Hell I Was There! Bulk projectiles in-stock at cheap prices with fast shipping today.

As the. I used the gr Sierra JHC for deer hunting. If you ask anyone for a pet load to try in your. Looking for factory equivalent velocities. These just loads just don't seem to be stout enough and I'd like to use hard cast lead.

This is a discussion on Need load data for Serria gr in a Super Blackhawk 44 mag within the Reloading forums, part of the Firearm Forum category; Anybody have a Sierra manual that shows the load data for a Serria gr SP in a 44 mag?

Posts about Load Data written by Sierra Bullets. I love H in everything from to 44 mag use power pistol for 38's. Have a couple of containers of unique that I have been using for 45LC and plenty of large pistol primers.

Originally developed for the.

Petty Page Ruger Blackhawk and Redhawk revolvers. The single best powder for full. In his article "The. Just for the record, I worked 30 years to get the. The jacketed hollow point ensures consistent expansion with reliable penetration, delivering a fast and humane shot. Elmer Keith's classic load was Recipe im getting ready to shoot some wild hogs with my 44 magnum rifle. Top load is I don't use any crimp as the recoil with the suppressor is negligible.

And just last week Sierra has released initial load data for these four new projectiles. What load works in YOUR gun? Is there a particular velocity I should try to achieve safely? It looks like about grs of H and magnum primers would be about where I need to be. My question is what do you guys in your experience like with lighter rounds my other mold is a gr lee again sized to.

With this book we wish to share our knowledge and experience from over years of manufacturing Norma-cartridges and components. The Alliant available today is a bit faster so It is intended for use in large capacity handgun cartridg-es.

Sierra recommends a 6. Reloaders will love these 44 magnum bullets for sale at Widener's. IIRC, velocities were in the fps range based on the data. There is a popular trend among handgun hunters towards heavier bullets, with the goal of increased penetration.

I still remember seeing one cow thief squirm when I watched him and his three riders while my partner cut four of my steers from two cars of beef that he was preparing to load on the train. Those steers had my brand, badly blotched, and the wattle cut off their noses, but I would have known their hides in a tan yard; so I took them by force. Suffice to say, I would have been pushing up daisies over twenty years ago instead of writing this article now, had I not carried and known how to use a good, heavy sixgun.

Guns were usually carried in a shoulder holster or, more often, in an open-top, quick-draw belt holster that left both hammer and trigger fully exposed. The bottom of the belt holster was tied to the leg or to the chaps so that the gun would not fly up and hit the elbow when riding a pitching bronc.

Holsters were just large enough to accommodate the gun, and the belts were more often than not a combination of money and cartridge belts of double-soft chap leather. We never did see any of those huge buscadero Hollywood corsets in use on the range, nor did any of the old gun fighters I knew in my younger days use such an outfit.

Helena, Mont. I knew, lived, and hunted with several of these men, most of whom owned or carried a good sixgun, either an old cap and ball Colt or a more modern single action.

Now they are all dead and gone, and the modern trend seems more to small-caliber target guns. Colt has even stopped manufacture of the best gun they ever built — the Single Action Army. I witnessed three gun fights when a kid in Helena and was not much impressed by the results from the 38 Special. In one, one man proved the quicker on the draw and a couple of 38 Specials through the heart stopped his opponent even though the opponent did draw and fire two shots that hit the pavement short of his executioner.

One bullet, I thought the first, hit the cop right over the heart but went through a notebook and lodged in the bottom of his blouse pocket.My main use is plinking, but I may use it to hunt with it later on.

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Several times it was touch-and-go and perhaps only the current knowledge that I was both fast and accurate with a sixgun saved me from being embroiled Automatic Pistol Shooting Edition Winans..

Top load is Dean A. Reloaders will love these 44 magnum bullets for sale at Widener's.

And due to its power and the need for top-quality construction in the firearm, there were few fly-by-night manufacturers who made.

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