ELFRIEDE JELINEK'S DIE LIEBHABERINNEN. Despite their common roots in enlightenment discourses of liberation, Marxism and feminism. ELFRIEDE JELINEK DIE LIEBHABERINNEN PDF - download Die Liebhaberinnen ( Fiction, Poetry & Drama) German Language by Elfriede Jelinek (ISBN:) from. the two main characters, Brigitte and Paula, in Elfriede Jelinek´s novel Die The laureate writer Elfriede Jelinek wrote Die Liebhaberinnen in , during a.

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Chapter One examines how Jelinek depicts alienation (in the Marxist, socialist feminist, and Lacanian senses) in her novel Die Liebhaberinnen, and. Bethman, Brenda L., "“Obscene Fantasies”: Elfriede Jelinek's Generic Perversions" (). . “Reading the (Anti-)Romance”: Die Liebhaberinnen and the. Elfriede Jelinek was born on 20 October in the town of Mürzzuschlag in the Die Liebhaberinnen (; Women as Lovers, ), Die Ausgesperrten.

This human tragedy results in the formation of the refugee-rescue-program Mare Nostrum, which is though given up due to financial reasons after only a year of existance. Compared to Mare Nostrum, Triton has restricted financial resources, and has no humanitarian mission. Today, more than a million of people wait at the Libyan coast for their transit to Europe.

And new figures from the aid organization Save the Children say that nearly Wir leben. Hauptsache, wir leben, und viel mehr ist es auch nicht als leben nach Verlassen der heiligen Heimat.

Rhizomatic bracings It was on the occasion of a theatre festival in Japan in , where one of her plays was staged, that Jelinek pick up the image of the rhizome to describe the structure of her theatre texts.

Nichts zu interpretieren und zu bedeuten, aber viel womit man experimentieren kann. Jelinek works with semantic displacements, polysemies, and agglomerations of meaning.

She enters and absorbs these texts, assembles them, continues writing them. Die entsprechende Theoriebildung zielt in Richtung der Autorschaft: Unterstreichung des auktorialen Ich, Durstreichung des Ursprungs, Mythendekonstruktion.

Theater der Neunziger Jahre. Theater der Zeit.


Recherchen 2. Berlin , S. It was Aeschylus tragedy The Suppliants or The Suppliant Maidens , in Greek Hiketides, in German Die Schutzflehenden — a more than years old drama on human rights and the situation of the woman — that Jelinek used as a source of inspiration for her own human rights drama. Already the etymological roots of democracy as the sovereignty of the people refers to the significance of community.


Polis is therefore first of all a representation of a community of the people. Its potential of re-presentation facilitated to go in distance to a mere presentation of both the political and the philosophical. Sie brauchen vielleicht mehr, aber das ist mir wurst. Characters dissolve in voices. As a consequence, it comes to an amplification of speech, a talking at cross-purposes.

For a transcription of her theater texts into a stage language, Jelinek adopts a democratic attitude: she invites stage directors to use her text thoroughly and thus to become co-authors.


Attached to both of these productions are the central questions: Who is speaking? And: Who is representing whom? By and by, their position as speakers is challenged through other actors: first a black man, later a black man and a white woman. P The criteria of art are the imponderable, the immeasurable. P Art and order, the relative that refuse to relate.

Perhaps Beethoven applied the word to entities that are not even sonatas in the strict sense of the term.


One has to perceive new law in the highly dramatic musical form. Often in the sonata, feeling eludes form.

In Beethoven, that is not the case, for here the two go hand in hand; feeling makes form aware of a hole in the ground and vice versa.

God and his dwelling place are always involved whenever these people talk about Bach.

Where then shall I be brought? (Kafka, Diaries)

P Art is not a Trojan horse. London: Serpent's Tail For the eyes are the mirror of the soul and ought to remain unscathed if at all possible. Otherwise people will suppose the soul is done for.

People should place their belief in Beethoven and Socrates. We are the children of ordinary people but we are not content with that. Inwardly we are consumed with wickedness, outwardly we are grammar school pupils.

Rainer [protagonist in the novel], who is reading The Outsider by Camus , says he would like to put the hostility of the world behind him. Once your hope for something better is taken from you, then at last you have the present all in your hand. Then you yourself are reality.

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Others are extras. When Rainer contemplated san evening he says that evening is melancholy ceasefire where all life has come to and end.

Any means that accomplishes that end is fine. Some people erroneously imagine that they have a birthright to non-manual work. Man's activity provides his true fulfilment.Their struggle for resources starts taking place in real terms on stage, until the actors finally decide to join forces.

Bethman argues that Jelinek disrupts literary genres and thus creates a negative aesthetics. Diese Art von missratener Pose hasse ich, ich lehne solch exhibitionistischen Porno ab. Visitors would see flotsam that came ashore with the refugees — objects of a shattering banality: a pocket Koran, shoes, music tapes with Arabic inscription, broken sunglasses, a mosquito spray, photographs, a pack of spaghettis from Libya. Really, are things so different now?

Here, Jelinek parodies pornography. Thrown By A Curve. It cannot merely start with financial independence, because this treats only a symptom of the problem that is capitalism.

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