MINI ELECTRONICS PROJECT WITH CIRCUIT DIAGRAM. Book · April circuit and also a proximity sensor for path-tracking robots. Engineer's Mini Notebook Vol III Electronic Sensor Circuits Amp Projects - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Electronics Notebook. raudone.info - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. The light sensor in this circuit senses the car back light and turn on its.

Electronic Sensor Circuits & Projects Pdf

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Sensor. Projects. Forrest M. Mims III. Scanned & converted to PDF format by: POWER SENSOR CIRCUITS WITH BATTERIES. 2. ELECTRONIC SENSORS. The alarm, sensor, and security circuit cookbook / by Thomas. Petruzzellis. p. cm. Cameras t. e. * 6 Alarm-system design philosophy. Doors, keys, and locks . next project is a self-contained camping alarm system, followed. ELECTRONIC SENSORS. Go-NO GO SENSORS. ANALOG SENSORS. BASIC SENSOR CIRCUITS. SENSORS AND COMPUTERS. TOUCH SWITCHES.

Though the electronic circuits may look complex, they are explained in detail along with a circuit diagram, and are explained with links of all devices that are used in the circuit. Please note that these projects are meant for students, hobbyists and enthusiasts.

If there are any doubts regarding the circuit, feel free to comment on the post. You can also bring in any modifications you want, and ask us if you have doubts.

Furthermore, please go through the existing comments to get a better idea of the electronics mini project topics. Top Electronics Projects for engineering students 1.

In order to detect the amount of light that is needed to decide when to cut-off the circuit and later activate it, this project is done with the help of a sensor called Light Dependent Resistor LDR. The main principle used behind the LDR is that the presence of light causes the resistance of the sensor to go low.

You can modify the circuit by placing LEDs instead of the volt lamp. To know more about it, check out the comments given in the circuit. The circuit is comparatively easy to design, and further modifications can be made according to your choice. Here a simple circuit that can be used to charge batteries is designed and created.

Electronics Projects Books

The circuit consists of basic transistor switching methods and the components are cheap and are available in all electronics shops. A detailed description of the post is also given, which will give you a better idea. The air flow is sensed with the help of an incandescent bulb filament. The variations due to the change of resistance in the bulb due to the air flow are given to the input of an LM operational amplifier. The circuit diagram and a better description of the circuit are given in the post above.

Further modifications can be brought to the circuit and some of them are given in the comments section. This circuit uses a basic astable multivibrator made from a timer IC. A resistance probe is set on a point at which the alarm is to set ON, as soon as the water rises up to that level.

The number of components needed for this circuit is very less and can be easily assembled on a PCB.

A transistor sensor called BC is used to sense the heat produced due to the fire. A preset level can be kept for the transistor. As soon as the temperature rises above the set preset level, the leakage current of the transistor rises, thus driving the other transistors in the circuit. The components needed for the circuit can be obtained easily and the circuit is easy to design. Cutting Cable with Scissors and Arduino :An automatic cable cutter at very lost is designed here. Manual cutting of this wire is time taking as the business grows, but at the same time industrial cutters are very costly.

Here 3D printed wires were used for feeding the wire to the scissors. This system uses five cameras, ultrasonic sensors and Arduino. Each camera has its own Arduino board. All these are connected to a master system. Inside the car micro view is connected to ensure that this is working fine. This uses raspberry pi and the Arduino. Raspberry pi is used to display the images sideways and Arduino is used to flip the screen. This is a smartest, connected chess board.

It is designed using Arduino as its core. Self-Driving Tricycle :The self-driving tricycle drives itself by a command without control of the operator. Use of tricycle reduces our dependence on fossil fuels. Collector is a Kind of Reality Re-Mixer :The system proposed here collects the loud sounds from its surroundings and plays them back by eliminating the silence.

It plays the sounds in the order it has collected. This system also had a rotating robotic stereo microphone. Ping Pong FM :A fun musical game is designed in this project.

The ping pong FM is a table tennis played per the song played. Players can choose their own song. If the ball is missed, song slows down automatically. Check the Traffic Autonomously On a Modified Clock :This project shows a smart wall clock that shows the traffic intensity on the roads. The Arduino 1sheeld connected to the smart phone acquires the data about traffic from the internet. Accordingly, LEDs were switched. This project shows the building of this machine using an old CRT.

It is using a 3.

This set up is placed in a metal sheet. It plays the music and shows the current song and time. The nine-set drum kit shown here is build using readily available components. Music is analyzed by an algorithm that activates the servo motors with brushes, fan to spray the painting, electrical valves. A beautiful music can be played from this instrument. It is named as kalimbo.

The scrolling message is displayed in the bottle. Here is how one can build a circuit inside the bottle. Here DS is used.

Engineer's Mini Notebook Vol III Electronic Sensor Circuits Amp Projects

RTC can count the time and date even in the absence of power. Smart Gaming Ensorinstituut : Smart gaming is very useful to control the children from playing games for long time. Time for which a child can play a game is set. If the time is reached screen is becomes invisible and game stops automatically. A notification message is sent to the parent indicating the time ,when their child started playing the game.

D25 Food Detector : The proposed project detects the food. Generally, the types of food are detected by measuring its resistance. Name of the food is displayed on the LCD. Sigfox Talking Plant : The talking plant is designed such that it speaks on the twitter.

Sigfox is a network that connects the plant to internet. One can monitor the messages from the plant in the internet. The Traffic Light : Traffic lights are designed using Arduino in this project. In this project Led lights were used as traffic lights.

The sequence of lights is processed by the Arduino. This inventive brush plays a pleasant music, when child is brushing. It also gives some instructions for a good brushing behaviour.

Singing Arduino : This project consists of an Arduino playing music. A web page is present in which one can select the songs to be played. Time can also be set to play the song at particular time. Smart Plastic Container : Smart plastic container monitors the stock kept inside it. It sends a notification to the user using it. It also updates the same in the web page. Raspberry pi is a mini computer; it is sometimes requiring display connected to it.

Transport checker Ensorinstituut : Transport checker will send a notification to the mobile which is connected to the public transport network.

150+ Electronics Projects for Engineering Students

Details like bus number, time of arrival etc. A step by step procedure is explained here. Free Parking for You Ensorinstituut : This system designed here shows a free parking spot in an area. It also sends a message if the spot is occupied. Time is displayed using a neopixel ring.

Neopixel ring is beautiful arrangement of leds. Eggzact Science : This system can be used in modern egg farms. Eggs laid are passed through a sensor. The sensor detects these eggs counts them. This data is updated on the web server. The charger can automatically, stops charging when battery is fully charged. Doorbell : Doorbell shows the connecting of a device to the cloud. Door connected to the cloud can be operated from anywhere.

The transmitter actually opens door while the receiver rings and is used to open the door. The Train of the Future : This is prototype of future train. Trains in future will give the information like their location and only authenticated passengers were allowed into the train. The same is explained in this project.

Sensal — All Senses Alarm Clock : Instead of an alarm clock that produces ugly sound ,an alarm which awakes you with pleasant fell was developed. This is called sunrise alarm.

The alarm switches on the LED light instead of sound. In this project we design a calculator by implementing the knock sensor sound sensor in a wooden box.

To perform the mathematical operations, we run the Arduino program in computer.

Smartwatch Prototype Turns Your Wrist into a Joystick : Smart watches can be used as an alternative to the smart phones. But for operating these smart watches it is necessary to use another hand. So, an interactive smart watch that can be controlled using gestures of the hand to which it is held is shown here.

This contains several IR sensors, piezo vibration sensor and an Arduino board. It uses Arduino along with acceleration sensor. When the smoke level greater than a certain level, a buzzer starts ringing and a red LED is switched ON. This sensor transmits ultrasonic waves and if nay obstacle is present it reflects back.

Arduino calculates the distance between the obstacle by using the time taken by the waves to reflect back. Servo motor rotates the sensor at particular angle. This system allows the user to monitor the temperature, lighting etc of the tank. Arduino sends the status of these sensors the user, accordingly user can control these parameters. Automatic Pet Watering System : The automatic pet watering system, monitors the water level in the tub.

If the water level is below the fixed, it automatically fills water into it. Water level is sensed using ultrasonic sensor. The two sensors are infrared proximity sensor and ultrasonic range finding sensor.

The IR sensor has a light source, which bounces the infrared light from the objects to the sensor. The ultrasonic range finer sensor produces the high frequency sound waves and calculates the echo time, to determine the distance. This process is used to replicate certain parts of the DNA. The process carried out in a device called thermocycler. Here a simple thermocycler of low cost and easy to use was proposed.

IOT is used to monitor these parameters in the system. Mind Controlled Arduino Robot : This project shows a robot that works on electrical signals generated from the brain.

It requires Arduino, EEG band. When you focus more on the robo moves fast, if you wander it slows down automatically. Deltu Gaming Robot : Deltu is a gaming robot that plays small games with the user. The user should mimic it. If not it will shake side to side, stops playing and opens the camera, take pictures and upload them to Instagram. This fish is made up of Arduino, bent PVC pipe.

This fish can be controlled using TV remote. The tail is powered through water. Bluetooth app is used to control the robot. Bluetooth receiver is connected to the robot via Arduino. Arduino Based Line Following Robot : The Arduino based line following robot is operated by two servo motors at its wheels. The servo motors and the light sensors work with coordination move the robot on specific line.

Arduino Based Obstacle Avoiding Robot : The Arduino based obstacle avoiding robot will be able to move away or shift its path by sensing the obstacles. This project uses the concept of distance measuring using distance sensor drivers.

LDR Projects

Arduino Based Robotic ARM : The Arduino based robotic arm project is a simple robotics project which uses the Arduino board to control the robotic arm. We can move this arm by sending commands through Arduino.

Artificial sticks are moved according to the music and play the drum. The movement of the sticks are controlled by the Arduino.

By this, we can control the robot with our computer by using motor controller and distance sensor and Bluetooth slave in the robot. Robofish — Swimming Arduino Robot : Robo fish- the name itself denote that this project is to build a robofish and controlling it.

In this project we design a fish and make it to swim in pool or water like original fish, skipping the obstacles. It uses 3 servos to swim and position sensors to avoid obstacles. Self-Balancing Segway-Like Robot Arduino : The operation of self-balancing Segway is just like robot, which uses gyroscope to measure the tilt and adjusts itself automatically. This project uses the analog accelerometer along with the Arduino board to control itself. Simple Obstacle Avoiding Robot Arduino : The obstacle avoiding robot can be designed by using Arduino and distance sensors.

By using this project, we design a robot which senses the obstacles in its way and it avoids automatically. The wireless connectivity of the Arduino based automation system uses the simple components like relay and resisters.

It controls the home appliances by using the Wi-Fi enabled device. Arduino Based Wireless Power Meter : The Arduino based wireless power meter is to measure the number of units of power of an acceptable range.

The main goal of the project is to present the accurate information of consumed energy, to the user. RC Car Controlled Via the Web : The main goal of this project is to control the motion of a remote controlled car by using web and Arduino. Tweet-A-Watt Wireless Electricity Monitor : This Arduino based project is used to monitor the power usage of the household appliances through social media.

The Arduino will monitor the power usage of appliances by using heat shrinks. By connecting to the social media in this project we used twitter we will get notified by getting push messages by using Arduino.

By using this project, we can develop the multiplayer chess game, controlled by using Arduino. Xbee Wireless Accelerometer : This project is to design the xbee based accelerometer by using Arduino. The xbee will work as data receiver. By programming the Arduino, we can control the accelerometer sensor operation. Arduino Wireless Animatronic Hand : The wireless animatronic hand project is like robotic hand moment project.

In this project, we will move the hand by controlling its operations by the Arduino. The servos implemented in the hand glove will move according to the Arduino instructions. This project describes the measurement of these data and transferring to the mobile device via Bluetooth. AN example controlling an Led sing blue tooth is shown in this project Arduino Bluetooth Android to Arduino Communication : This project is based on both the android and Arduino, which lets you to control your Arduino kit by using the Bluetooth of the android smart phone.

To communicate with the Arduino, android need an interface, Android. By using this interface, android sends the text commands to Arduino. Several sensors were used for monitoring the various parameters in home. Gestured Controlled Smart Home : A gesture controlled smart home system is proposed here.

This project uses Mayo for detecting the hand gestures. These gestures are used for controlling the appliances. Homes are fitted with different sensors.

Data from these sensors like when they woke up, medication taken etc. The proposed project controls the home appliances using smart home.

Arduino plays a key role by processing the data. Arduino is used to proceeds the data received from RF and control the appliances. In this project we design an instrument to detect the presence of gas by using a sensor and we indicate it by using a 7 segment LCD display.

The gas detection and indication operation is achieved by an Arduino. Arduino Based Home Security System : The Arduino based home security system is used to for providing security to the living places. With this, we can provide safety and can prevent theft and theft attempts, and un authorized entry of restricted persons. Arduino Based Security System : The Arduino based home security system is used to for providing security to the living places.

This Arduino based night security alarm is used to for providing security at night times. With this, we can provide safety and can prevent theft and theft attempts. Arduino Security Alarm with Reed Switch : The Arduino security alarm with read switch project is used to alert the user by sending or ringing alarm at if any theft attempt is observed by the sensor. This is a home automation and security project based on Arduino along with reed switch and piezo buzzer.

Notifying Doorbell with Pushingbox : The Arduino based notifying push bell is a home security based project. In this project, we are able to hack the doorbell in order to send the push notifications to mobile. We can also send an email with an attached picture when somebody is present at the door. The Arduino programming will work along with pushing box service to do this task. We can control the quadcopter by remote.This lessens the voltage at the inverting input and thus the comparator produces a high output which turns a transistor and thus the relay on.

Remote Password Operated Electronic Home Appliances : This circuit explains you how to control the electrical appliances using an Android device. Apart from previous components we need 1 BC The circuit is all about lighting LEDs with battery. The tone generator is a programmed divider which produces certain frequencies. We preserve the semblance of functionality in this project. Gabriel Sarmiento.

Car Battery Charger Circuit : This article aims to describe the principle of operation, design and working of a simple car battery charger from AC mains supply and a feedback control section to control the battery charging. A much advanced audio amplifier project is given below. The circuit raises an alarm whenever the temperature crosses a certain limit.

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