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el poder del ahora - caminosalser - el poder del ahora un camino hacia la [pdf] el poder del ahora (texto completo) [the power of now ] - eckhart tolle begins. El poder del Ahora es un libro del escritor alemán Eckhart Tolle publicado en , que Crear un libro · Descargar como PDF · Versión para imprimir. esenciales extraÍdos de “el poder del ahora” eckhart tolle este libro fue pasado circuito en el [pdf] el poder del ahora (texto completo) [the power of now ].

I started reading these books. The text was written in almost Biblical style, pointing towards mystical experience. And I responded very deeply to those books. And I felt later that these books were left there for a purpose. I even copied parts of those books. They created an "opening" into that dimension.

A year later she came back, and my father said to her, "So you left some books with us. Could you briefly share with us the main experiences you bad that led you to become a spiritual teacher?

You have a recently published book titled. In your book, you mentioned a very profound experience, or a "shift" that took place. I was about twenty-nine, and had gone through years of depression and anxiety.

El poder del ahora

I had even achieved some successes, like graduating with the highest mark at London University. Then an offer came for a Cambridge scholarship to do research. But the whole motivating power behind my academic success was fear and unhappiness. It all changed one night when I woke up in the middle of the night.

The fear, anxiety and heaviness of depression were becoming so intense, it was almost unbearable. And it is hard to describe that "state" where the world is felt to be so alien, just looking at a physical environment like a room. Everything was totally alien and almost hostile. I later saw a book written by Jean-Paul Sartre called Nausea. That was the state that I was in, nausea of the world. And then suddenly there was a "standing back" from the thought and Looking at that thought, at the structure of that thought," If I cannot live with myself, who is that self that I cannot live with?

Who am I? Am I oneor two? And the self was deeply unhappy, the miserable self. And the burden of that I could not live with. At that moment, a dis-identification happened. And the fictitious entity collapsed completely in that moment, just as if a plug had been pulled out of an inflatable toy.

What remained was a single sense of presence or "Beingness" which is pure consciousness prior to identification with formthe eternal I AM. I didn't know all of that at the time, of course. It just happened, and for a long time there was no understanding of what had happened. As the self collapsed, there was still a moment of intense fearafter all, it was the death of "me.

But a voice from within said, "Resist nothing. It was almost like I was being sucked into a void, not an external void, but a void within. And then fear disappeared and there was nothing that I remember after that except waking up in the morning in a state of total and complete "newness. With my eyes still closed, I heard the sound of a bird and realized how precious that was.

And then I opened my eyes and saw the sunlight coming through the curtains and felt: There is far more to that than we realize. It felt like love coming through the curtains. And then as I walked around the old familiar objects in the room I realized I had never really seen them before.

It was as if I had just been born into this world; a state of wonder. And then I went for a walk in the city. I was still in London. Everything was miraculous, deeply peaceful. Even the traffic. I even started writing down in a diary, "Something incredible has happened. I just want to write this down," I said, "in case it leaves me again or I lose it.

So a lot of the time I was walking around in a state of inner stillness, and perceiving the world through inner stillness. And that is the peace, the deep peace that comes when there is no longer anybody commenting on sense perceptions or anything that happens.

No labeling, no need to interpret what is happening, it just is as it is and it is fine. After that transformation happened, I could not have said anything about it. I am totally at peace.

I don't know what it means. And it took years before there was some "understanding. The basic state is the same as then, but the external manifestation of the state as a teaching and the power of a teaching, that took time.

It had to mature. So when I talk about it now to some extent, I add something to it. When I talk about the "original experience" something is added to it that I didn't know then.

You mentioned that after a profound realization had occurred you read spiritual texts and spent time with various teachers. Can you share what writings and teachers had the greatest effect on you in further realizing what had been revealed to you? The texts I came in contact withfirst I picked up a copy of the New Testament almost by accident, maybe half a year, a year after it happened, and reading the words of Jesus and feeling the essence and power behind those words.

And I immediately understood at a deeper level the meaning of those words.

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I knew intuitively with absolute certainty that certain statements attributed to Jesus were added later, because they did not "emanate" from that place, that state of consciousness, because I knew that place, I know that place. But when a statement emanates from that place, there is recognition. And when it does not, no matter how clever or intelligent it may sound it lacks that essence and it does not have that power. In other words, it does not emanate from the stillness.

So that was an incredible realization, just reading and understanding "beyond mind" the deeper meaning of those words. Then came the Bhagavad Gita, I also had an immediate, deep understanding of and an incredible love for such a divine work. The Tao Te Ching; also an immediate understanding. And often knowing, "Oh, that's not a correct translation. I knew the translator had misunderstood, and knew what the real meaning was although I do not know any Chinese.

So I immediately had access to the essence of those texts.

El Poder del Ahora pdf

Then I also started reading on Buddhism and immediately understood the essence of Buddhism. I saw the simplicity of the original teaching of the Buddha compared to the complexity of subsequent additions, philosophy, all the baggage that over the centuries accumulated around Buddhism, and saw the essence of the original teaching.

I have a great love for the teaching of the Buddha, a teaching of such power and sublime simplicity. I even spent time in Buddhist monasteries. During my time in England there were already several Buddhist monasteries. I met and listened to some teachers that helped me understand my own state. In the beginning there was a Buddhist monk, Achan Sumedo, abbot of two or three monasteries in England. He's a Western-born Buddhist. And in London I spent some time with Barry Long.

I also understood things more deeply, simply through listening and having some conversations with him. And there were other teachers who were just as meaningful whom I never met in person that I feel a very strong connection to. One is [J. I feel a deep link. And I feel actually that the work I do is a coming together of the teaching "stream," if you want to call it that, of Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi. They seem very, very dissimilar, but I feel that in my teaching the two merge into one.

It is the heart of Ramana Maharshi, and Krishnamurti's ability to see the false, as such and point out how it works. So Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi, I love them deeply. I feel completely at One with them. And it is a continuation of the teaching. You mentioned that you have been a spiritual teacher for ten years now?

It is very hard to tell when I started to be a spiritual teacher. There was a time when occasionally somebody would come and ask me questions. One could say at that point I became a spiritual teacher, although the term did not occur to me then.

For awhile I thought I was a healer. Occasionally people would come to me. I was sitting with a woman one day and she was telling me her story and I was in a state of listening, a state of bliss as I was listening to the drama of her story, and suddenly she stopped talking and said, "Oh, you are doing healing.

Many years. About ten years. And "spiritual teacher" of course is not an identity. Somebody comes, the teaching happens.

Somebody leaves, there's no spiritual teacher left. If I thought it was my identity to be a spiritual teacher, that would be a delusion. It's not an identity. It's simply a function in this world.

I have been very happy being nobody for many years after the transition. And I was nobody even in the eyes of the world, really. I had not achieved any worldly success.

Now, there is a book, and the groups are getting bigger and bigger. And people think I am "somebody. Well, I smile. I still know I am "nobody. The impact of projections that they receive from all their followers or disciples is so strong that after a while the delusion of "specialness" returns. And that is often the beginning of the end of the power of the teaching that comes through.

They may then still teach from "memory," but when the "specialness" returns, that is the end of spiritual power coming through. Any idea of "specialness. Yes, many times it has happened. What have you recognized in individuals who have come to youand I don't know if you would refer to them as "students'and in yourself that would lead you to believe that your realization is "true" and that it can be realized by others?

The certainty is complete.

There is no need for confirmation from any external source. The realization of peace is so deep that even if I met the Buddha and the Buddha said you are wrong, I would say, "Oh, isn't that interesting, even the Buddha can be wrong.

And I have seen it in so many situations when there would have been reaction in a "normal state of consciousness"challenging situations. It never goes away. It's always there. The intensity of that peace or stillness, that can vary, but it's always there. It often becomes more intense when there is an external challenge, if something goes wrong or there is a great loss externally.

And then the stillness and peace becomes extremely intense and deepens. And that is the opposite of what usually would happen in the normal state of consciousness, when loss occurs or something goes wrong, so to speak. Agitation, upset, fear arises.

Reactivity arises. So this is the opposite. I noticed it the first time I was watching a film not long after the transformation. It was a science-fiction film, and one scene showed the annihilation of Japan, the whole country going up in flames. And I was sitting in the cinema, feeling the bliss deepening and deepening, until there was only That. Then the mind came in and said, "How strange!

How can you feel so blissful when you're watching disaster?

That is, whenever a great loss of any kind occurs to anybody, loss of whatever kind, disaster, something goes drastically wrong, death, for some people that has been their spiritual breakthrough. Loss is very painful, because any kind of loss leaves a hole in the fabric of one's existence. A person dies, or something you had identified with completely is gone. Your home goes up in flames. There is extreme pain at first. But whenever a form dissolves, which is called "death," what remains is an opening into emptiness.

Where the form once was, there's a hole into emptiness. And if it's not resisted, if you don't turn away from it you'll find that the formlessyou could say Godshines through that hole where there was a form that died. Maybe that is why the Buddhists spend so much time practicing in the graveyard?

Yes, that is right. I'm talking about this now in connection with my inner state, which is always the same although the intensity varies. And it intensifies through any loss or disaster. Has this knowledge become part of the teaching? Yes, because often people come to me because they are in great pain, because of some recent or imminent loss. They may be faced with death. They may have just lost a loved one, or lost their position. It's often at that point that life becomes too unbearable, and then there is "seeking," "spiritual seeking.

It's the winds of grace that blow through that hole. It's interesting. When I first read about your "awakening," I was reminded of St. John of the Cross and the "Dark Night of the Soul. But what I heard you say yesterday at the Gathering is that it really isn't necessary. The "Dark Night of the Soul" seems to be one way that some individuals have managed to have a "shift" in their consciousness.

I hear you saying that there is another way. What I have experienced with other spiritual teachers is that almost to the person, they have gone through a similar shift. There has been a "dark night of the soul" and then the "shift" takes place. I have yet to find someone who has done it the other way, who has actually been able to have that realization and not go through "the abyss," and has been able to help other individuals realize that it is not absolutely necessary.

One could say that everybody in this world has a spiritual teacher. For most people, their losses and disasters represent the teacher; their suffering is the teacher. And if they stay with that teacher long enough, eventually it will take them to freedom. Maybe not in this lifetime. So everybody has a spiritual teacher. But a "spiritual teaching in the narrow sense of the word is there to save time and suffering. Without it you would get there anyway, but it saves time. And every spiritual teaching points to the possibility of the end of suffering Now.

It is true that most teachers have had to go through the "Dark Night of the Soul, although for one or two it was very, very quick. Ramana Maharshi had one brief death experience. For J. Krishnamurti, it happened when his brother died. He [Krishnamurti] wasn't "free" yet when they discovered him. There was great potential in him. But he really became "free" after the death of his brother.

Humankind as a whole has been through such vast suffering that one could almost say that every human has suffered enough now. No further suffering is necessary.

And it is now possible as spiritual teachings are coming through with greater intensity, perhaps greater than ever before, that many humans will be able to break through without any further need for suffering. Otherwise I would not be teaching. The very essence of the teaching is the message, "You have suffered enough.

Now" accessible to you here and Now. In your book, you mentioned that "enlightenment is simply our natural state of "felt" oneness with Being and a state of "feeling-realization. Is enlightenment based on feeling rather than thinking? Help us understand who feels it and where it is felt.

Yes, well it is certainly closer to feeling than thinking. There is no word to describe the state of connectedness with Being.

El poder del ahora: una guía para la iluminación espiritual (Perenne) por Eckhart Tolle

I am putting together two words in the book: feeling and realization hyphenated Because there is not a correct word that I can use. Language doesn't have a word for that. So I can only use something that gets relatively close but that's not it either. Realization sounds a little bit as if it were a "mental" thing. And it is not a mental recognition of anything.

Perhaps the word that is closest to it is the realization of stillness, which is when the mental noise that we call thinking, subsides. There is a gap in the stream of thought, but there is absolutely no loss of consciousness. In that ''gap" there is full and intense consciousness, but it has not taken on form. Every thought in consciousness has been born into form, a temporary form and then it dies and goes onto another form. You could say the whole world is consciousness having taken birth as form, manifesting as form temporarily, and then dying, which means dissolving as form.

What always remains is the "essence" of all that existsconsciousness itself. Now, when a form dies, I pointed out earlier it is an external loss; it's a great opportunity for the formless, pure consciousness to be recognized. The same happens when a thought-stream comes to an end. Thought dies. And suddenly that which is beyond thoughtyou may call it pure consciousness is realized as deep stillness.

Now the question you may ask, and perhaps have asked, is "Who realizes the stillness?

El Poder Del Ahora Texto Completo The Power Of Now

It looks as if there were a human being becoming enlightened, but that is an external appearance. What is really happening is that consciousness has withdrawn from its identification with form, and realizes its own nature. It is a "Self-realization" of consciousness. Therefore it is a cosmic event.

What looks like a human being, a person, becoming free of suffering and entering a state of deep peacefrom an external viewpointin reality is a cosmic event. Please remember that all language is limited, so these are just little "pointers. For millions of years, as long as the world has been in existence, consciousness has been engaged in the play of form, of becoming the "dance" of phenomenal universe, "Lila.

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But having lost itself, that was part of the game. Having lost itself in form, after having lost itself in form, it knows itself fully for the first time. Don't take anything I say too literally. They are just little pointers, because no one can explain the universe through making "sounds" or thoughts. Download the best Bible in French apps and strengthen the good word in this beautiful language. Looking for the original translation of the Bible in Spanish?

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Google Play Libros y Literatura. En realidad, cualquier lectura tiene el potencial de cambiarnos la vida. Read More Read Less.Yes, because often people come to me because they are in great pain, because of some recent or imminent loss.

Dragon Ball Z: Enjoy singing at church services with a vast array of Christian hymns. For millions of years, as long as the world has been in existence, consciousness has been engaged in the play of form, of becoming the "dance" of phenomenal universe, "Lila. Yes, is it possible to be perfectly enlightened and have any remains of an ego?

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