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I have posted the alter ego's below from this book, so that the potential reader can see how fantastic, and at the same time, how horrifying this man's condition was at the time of his arrest for several campus rapes, which he claimed he had no rememberance of committing. Billy Milligan William Stanley Milligan is the core personality. Arthur is a sophisticated Englishman. He is an expert in science and medicine.

He is in "the spot when intellectual thinking is required.

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Ragen Vadascovinich is the "keeper of hate". Ragen is Yugoslavian, has a Slavic accent and he can write and speak in Serbo-Croatian. He controls the spot when danger is immenent. Allen is a con man and a manipulator. He is the most common person to talk to the outside world.

He plays the drums and paints portraits. Also the only right-handed self. He is the only personality that smokes cigarettes. Tommy is the escape artist; he is often confused with Allen. He plays the tenor sax and is an electronics expert. He is also a painter, specializing in landscapes. Danny is afraid of people, especially men.

He only paints still lifes, saying that this was because Chalmer made him dig his own grave and buried him in it. David, age eight, is the "keeper of pain". He comes to the spot to take the pain of the others. Christene, age three, was the one who would stand in the corner in school when "Billy" would get in trouble.

She has dyslexia, but Arthur taught her to read and write. Ragen has a special bond with her. Christopher, Christene's brother, plays the harmonica. Adalana, a lesbian, cooks and cleans house for the others, and writes poetry.

Milligan's attorney claimed that Adalana had admitted to committing the rapes without the knowledge of Milligan or the other alters Phil is a thug and took part in planning some small time crimes.

Has a Brooklyn accent. Marked due to him being a criminal. Kevin is a criminal planner; he helped devise a plan to rob a drug store. Labeled also because he is a criminal. Walter is Australian. He calls himself a big-game hunter and has an excellent sense of direction. Was often used as a spotter. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. The life of Billy Milligan is as tragic as it is fascinating and the fact that this book does indeed shine a light on the traumas that he went through and that eventually led to his multiple personality disorder makes me glad that I picked it up.

It's extremely heartbreaking how people at that time handled his situation, how there were so many bitter people who instead of helping him by offering him as much support as they could, or at least keeping their mouth shut, decided to harm a poor soul. Of course, just as in every one of us, in Billy there were personalities or 'people' that were not the definition of a good samaritan, but they were kept in check by personalities such as Arthur's, an incredibly logical person with a deep understanding on how he should treat other people.

Split as he was, Billy has always shown a desire to protect women and children from harm, something that no one has offered him as a child when faced with his stepfather's cruel and torturous actions.

I'm deeply saddened by the fact that he was branded as a liar and that he didn't get all the help that he needed from those surrounding him, from people who couldn't understand one simple fact pointed out very well in the book: We, I, am a freak, a misfit, a biological error. Is life worth living in the jaws of society's trash can for misfit minds? All this said though, I was very disappointed with the way Daniel Keyes decided to write Billy's story.

The way he narrates is of course very matter-of-fact, but sometimes you are reading reports and they do get very boring. Also I was irritated by the fact that he decided to mention every single person that ever came into contact with him.

Just a simple list at the end if he considered it necessary of the personnel in the institutions that Billy ever stepped into would have sufficed. But such as it is, I was put through the ordeal of reading and memorizing names that will never help me in any way.

I don't care what nurse refused to treat him at one point. I just don't. That was a hard book for me to read. The idea of multiple personalities is rather fascinating, but I couldn't enjoy the style this book was written in.

I wish I could like the book, but I didn't. Am I really supposed to believe that because one of Billy's personalities is a lesbian, that makes it OK that he raped someone who was underage and clearly unwilling? This story was interesting and heartbreaking but I didn't like the way it was written. This surprised me because Keyes prior book, Flowers for Algernon, was a beautiful, heart-wrenching, masterfully written story- one of my very favorite books in 50 years of reading.

Keyes wanted to make it very factual but it ended up reading like a very detailed case file, rather than a life story. There was too much irrelevant detail. It the book had been edited to about half its content, I likely would have This story was interesting and heartbreaking but I didn't like the way it was written.

It the book had been edited to about half its content, I likely would have given it 5 stars. Jul 09, Nurul Chan rated it it was ok.

Hmm mungkin lebih tepatnya susah aku mengerti karena berkaitan dengan pengadilan gitu. Tapi, begitu kepribadian yang lain mulai muncul --aku lupa deh Danny atau David ya? D Sempet bolak-balik halaman awal juga karena saking banyaknya, lihat semua kepribadian Billy, sekaligus karakter dan talentanya.

Tapi lama-lama aku terbiasa dengan semua kepribadian yang ada di diri Billy. Aku hafal 10 kepribadiannya, yeay! Tanpa lihat novel lho haha. Tapi kepribadian yang 'tak diinginkan' itu ga hafal semua.. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

I would have given this book a higher rating but I was really put off by two things.

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First, the book softens the descriptions of the rapes and blushes over them pretty quickly. Billy is seen as more of a victim than the women. Permette anche di raccontare nel dettaglio come queste 23 persone interagiscano tra loro, quali siano le gerarchie, quali siano gli stratagemmi per auto-regolarsi. Keyes ci racconta proprio tutto tutto, e certe parti della vita di Milligan, soprattutto quelle prima dei famigerati stupri e della vicenda giudiziaria, soffrono di una certa ridondanza, che non ci aiutano neanche a far luce sulla condizione psicologica di Milligan.

Highly interesting case. Satu-satunya alasan baca buku ini adalah karena "candu" yang diberikan oleh buku Sybil: Buku-buku multiple personality itu begitu menarik untuk terus dilirik. Namun ternyata ekspektasi berlebihan memang selalu mendatangkan hal yang tak sesuai harapan.

Terbukti buku ini ngga mendatangkan kepuasan seperti saat membaca Sybil: Dari isi yang aku baca, penceritaannya terlalu datar. Datar, dan sangat membosankan. Unfinished bahkan.

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Hanya karena ngga tega aja jadinya aku kasih 2 bintang. I have always found this psychology genre interesting. However, this portrayal of Billy Milligan feels rather fake, everything that he did is in someway put in a light that makes him look better than a criminal, which he was. Most facts were based on what the fused personality was remembering, which is not a great source for facts since he would have the greatest interest in changing facts in his favor.

He definitely seemed to suffer of some kind of psychological disorder, but the multiple persona I have always found this psychology genre interesting. He definitely seemed to suffer of some kind of psychological disorder, but the multiple personality disorder diagnosis, in my opinion, was not proved in this case. He maybe was an intelligent individual, that found a clever way to cheat the justice system.

It's an interesting case but not a worth reading book. It's totally awesome! Keyes has marked his authentic way of writing. The books seems poorly organised. Things are repetitive and nothing is really interesting. All is dull, especially the way the author wrote it. Interesting read since it related to both psychiatry and Ohio U. Regardless, I don't download the dissociative identity argument. Prom Lee rated it it was ok Jun 12, Intervening rated it it was ok May 19, Jason Harkins rated it it was ok Dec 29, Tessi rated it it was ok Aug 25, I was a Billy Idol fan way back when, but I knew little about the man.

Billy is seen as more of a victim than the women. Rudess proves his supreme dexterity as a pianist and you can only imagine how such a fascinating song would sound if we ever had the opportunity to hear Dre am Theater play it all together.

An anthology of noise and. You earn Kobo Super Points every download. Tak punya kendali atas tindakan pribadi-pribadi dalam dirinya, Billy Milligan ditangkap dan dijebloskan ke penjara karena penculikan dan pemerkosaan 3 wanita di kampus Ohio State University. Tapi lama-lama aku terbiasa dengan semua kepribadian yang ada di diri Billy.

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