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The Divergent (PDF,ePub) series is quickly becoming very popular amongst readers. Insurgent and Allegiant are also great pdf reads. THERE IS ONE mirror in my house. It is behind a sliding panel in the hallway upstairs. Our faction allows me to stand in front of it on the second day of every third. Link to Insurgent, Allegiant and Divergent PDF and the transfer is available below for you guys, Veronica Roth has blessed us with this.

Tris befriends several fellow initiates, but comes into conflict with others. The Willis or Sears Tower , one of several landmarks Roth describes within post-apocalyptic Chicago, the novel's setting. In the first stage of initiation, they are trained in guns, knives and hand-to-hand combat. Despite her lack of physical strength, Tris finishes in sixth place. A relationship emerges between Tris and Four, and Tris is pummeled by Peter in a fight.

After the Stage 1 rankings are announced, the second-place Peter stabs first-place Edward in the eye. Edward leaves to become Factionless, followed by his girlfriend Myra. On Visiting Day, Tris learns that her mother was originally Dauntless.

Erudite stirs dissent against the city's Abnegation leadership and accuses their leader Marcus of abusing his son. The rumors are fueled by the fact that Marcus' son, as well as Tris and Caleb, all left Abnegation, which is also alleged to be hoarding supplies. The initiates enter Stage 2, facing hallucinations based on their deepest fears.

Tris' Divergent abilities give her an advantage and earn her the top rank. Peter, Drew, and Al attack Tris, threatening sexual assault and nearly throwing her to her death, but Four intervenes. Tris and Four grow closer, and he lets her into his own fear landscape; she discovers he has only four fears, hence his nickname. She also learns he is Marcus' son Tobias, and the claims of abuse were true.

Four uncovers Erudite's plans to use Dauntless to stage an attack on Abnegation. Tris overcomes her fear landscape, and the Dauntless initiates are injected with a "tracking" serum. Tris shares her feelings for Tobias, and is ranked first at the initiation ceremony.

A junction on the Chicago "L" , one of modern Chicago's train systems. Dauntless demonstrate their fearlessness by jumping on and off moving trains throughout the novel. The serum transforms the Dauntless into hypnotized soldiers to attack Abnegation. Tris and Tobias' Divergent abilities allow them to escape to the Abnegation compound.

Molly beats Tris easily.

Additionally, she does not fare well in shooting practice or other tests. Four and Eric sneer at Tris and doubt her ability to keep up. To cheer her up, Christina, Will, and Al take her to a parlor to get tattoos. There, Tris finds Tori and follows her, even though it looks like she's trying to avoid her. She warns Tris that she shouldn't have chosen Dauntless as her new faction, because there are people looking for Divergents. She gives Tris a tattoo of three flying birds. Tris practices fighting on a punching bag, with Four coming to watch.

He tells her she's weak, but fast, and her moves won't work. He positions her properly and gives her tips on what moves she should use. Meanwhile, Christina is fighting Molly, getting beaten pretty badly. Christina is knocked to the floor and recoils from Molly, pleading for no more.

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Eric asks Christina if she wants to give up, and she says yes. He helps her on her feet and guides her somewhere.

They walk over a bridge that stands over a deep chasm. Eric asks her if she's feeling better and then pushes her off the bridge. Christina grabs onto it for dear life, and Eric times her to make a choice - hang on and he will forget her cowardice, let go and die, or give up and force herself out of the faction. She almost slips off until the time is up, and she's still hanging on. Tris and Four pull her out as she cries. Eric reminds them that Dauntless cannot be afraid of anything nor can they ever give up.

The initiates then practice throwing knives at targets. Al throws his knife weakly and it doesn't hit anywhere close to the target. Eric tells him to go get it, but Al refuses to as everybody is throwing their knives. Eric stops everybody and forces Al to stand in front of the target. Before Eric throws his knife, Tris tells him that this won't prove anything.

Eric makes her take Al's place. Four grabs four knives to throw. He throws the first one far away from Tris, but gets closer with each knife until he throws the last one close enough to cut Tris's ear. After the practice, she tells Four that he cut her, but he says Eric wouldn't have let her out of there if she was left without a scratch. The other initiatives, including Molly, congratulate Tris. Peter approaches her to congratulate her sarcastically while adding that there is a news report on both Tris and Caleb and their both choosing to leave Abnegation for other factions.

The next day, Jeanine and a couple of Erudite Council members go into Dauntless, as it is implied they are searching for the Divergents. Tris never reveals her status, but Jeanine tells her to let her know if she needs anything.

Tris is set up to fight against Peter. Four reminds her of the moves he told her about, which is to dodge her opponent's move and go for his throat first. Four also tells Tris that Peter always steps in before striking.

The Divergent Series: Ascendant

Peter, being significantly bigger than Tris, has something of an upper hand, but Tris hits him in the throat as planned. However, he still ends up beating her hard, knocking her down, and then knocks her out with a stomp to the face.

When she wakes up, Tris sees Christina and Will standing by her side with black jackets. Will tells Tris she's been out for a day and that Eric has decided to cut her from the faction. Her friends leave to join the other Dauntless initiates on the moving train. Tris, not ready to be thrown out, runs after the train and hops on.

Divergent Book Free PDF Download & Reviews

Eric is slightly impressed by her determination and allows her to join in on their game. Both Eric and Four gather up members for their team in an extreme version of Capture The Flag, with everyone carrying guns full of darts that simulate the pain of a gunshot. They are all taken to an abandoned amusement park, are divided into two opposing sides, and Four's team tries to come up with strategies on taking the other team down. So she begins to climb the huge Ferris Wheel.

Four follows her, though he looks uneasy climbing up. Tris realizes that he's afraid of heights. They get their view on the other team and lead their team into an smart attack. Together, Tris and Four shoot through Peter and Eric, and Tris takes Molly down, and with Christina they gain the flag and emerge victorious. As part of a final Dauntless initiation, Tris joins the others on a crazy zipline over the city.

She pulls the braking cable just before she hits the wall at the end of the line. The next day, the Dauntless initiates are taking in bags of supplies from Amity and loading them onto trucks.

Tris sees a light flashing in her eyes as if somebody is trying to get her attention. She walks behind the trucks and finds her mother had signaled.

They hug. Natalie asks Tris if she really got Dauntless for her aptitude test. She admits her results were inconclusive. Natalie warns her not to let anybody know about this and to be safe, because Erudite is hunting down Divergents, believing they are a threat to their system since they do not conform to just one faction and are capable of free-thinking. Tris then asks Natalie if she was Dauntless. She leaves before answering. Tris's ranking rises above the dreaded red line, keeping her right above Al.

Her current position is The next stage of training is a simulation room to test out the initiates' control of their fears. Molly walks out of the room, shaking and trembling. Four oversees Tris's test. As the simulation begins, Tris sees herself in a field outside a town, behind a fence near the Amity faction.

A flock of crows fly over her and swoop down to attack Tris. She tries to run but gets stuck in mud. The crows surround her, but she tells herself "This isn't real," and she swims into what looks like a puddle but actually holds a larger body of water. Tris is snapped out of the simulation. Four asks her how she got out of there so quickly.

She only lasted three minutes, quicker than most initiates. Tris says she just got into the water. Her second simulation has her coming up to her friends, but she is trapped by an invisible wall.

Christina appears to laugh at her and then talks to Peter. Tris realizes she is in a tank that slowly fills up with water. It starts to fill up to the top until she is completely submerged.

The Divergent Series: Ascendant

She sees her reflection and once again tells herself, "This isn't real. She wakes up from the simulation again, and Four once more questions how she got out of there so fast. He's noticeably suspicious, and tells Tris that no Dauntless has ever completed the simulation so quickly. Tris goes to visit Tori. She reveals to Tris that her brother George was Divergent but he chose Dauntless as his faction. When he was found out, he was dropped into the chasm.

Tris goes to Erudite headquarters to visit Caleb. The other Erudite members look at her with surprise to see a Dauntless member in there. Tris tells Caleb that she thinks Erudite is planning to take over the other factions, starting with Abnegation. Caleb, now acting and thinking like a real Erudite, agrees, but maintains his devotion to his faction over his family "faction over blood".

Tris tearfully leaves when she realizes her brother won't help her. She is stopped by two Erudite officials trying to take her in. She punches one of them and tries attacking the other when Jeanine stops them. She takes Tris into her office to refresh her. Jeanine reminds her of the need to maintain a balance in the system, as well as peace.

When Tris returns to Dauntless, she is caught by three masked guys.

They carry her and nearly throw her into the chasm, but she fights herself out. She unmasks one of them, shocked to see it is Al. She fights them off and Four comes in to her rescue. He tends to her wounds, and she expresses disbelief that Al would attack her. Four says it's because he's trying to boost his ranks since he knows he's close to getting kicked out.

Later, when everybody is eating in The Pit, Al tries to apologize to Tris for what he did.

Divergent Series

She tells him to leave her alone and that she'll kill him if he touches her. Afterwards, Tris and Christina come across the chasm where some Dauntless members are pulling out a body. It's Al, having jumped to his death out of guilt. They seem pointless. Anything I can think of that might go with them is really better suited to Erudite. And wait a minute. Healthcare is given to Abnegation? Wait really? Or what, is it like homeopathic healthcare?

How helpful. Putting one group in all the power. That's ridiculous to say that something like that happens in Future America.

There's no way they wouldn't have put together a system where there is representation from each faction within a council. Isn't that what the American Revolution was all about? Lack of representation in government?

I cannot see everyone saying 'fuck representation! So the whole main plot of Divergent is based on something that's already broken my suspension of belief.

Construction workers, bus drivers, gasp, the horror. The villain wants to get rid of them. Oh yes. Okay, we need to talk about the train for a second. Is with. The Train. Why is this train an asshole? Oops, you failed. Learn to live. Why is everyone like just ignore it guys, just ignore it. Or otherwise the steepest track change in the world, haha.

They had perfectly good empty buildings to refurbish, and instead they spend however many millions of dollars digging a bigass hole in the middle of the city just so people can enjoy some nice sunlight-deprived living. Or maybe she just wanted to copy Mockingjay, that too, of course.

And guess what people. In the future, the trains stop for no bitch, so watch out. One thinks that a dystopian society would care about their military.

Especially considering that in this case, their entire city is surrounded by a guarded fence with barbed wire. Clearly protection is important to them.On Visiting Day, Tris learns that her mother was originally Dauntless. Tris, not ready to be thrown out, runs after the train and hops on.

Based on the context of the story, the intended meaning of the idiom is Will do not wanting to disturb Peter and Myra by sticking around with them. The idiom in the TL is not transferred into the SL; it is transferred into a verb phrase which represents the intended meaning of the SL idiom.

The other initiatives, including Molly, congratulate Tris. The idiom found at the following situation in the story.

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