A large archive of magazines from German true PDF, download and read magazines online. So instead, let's focus on magazines with their roots in Deutschland. Download : This blog post is available as a convenient and portable PDF that you can take. Here we are going to list 10 most popular PDF magazine websites allowing you to download PDF magazines online for free. The PDF magazines are classified into different categories (fashion, education, travel, cooking, business, etc) in these websites, so you can search your.

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We try our best to present you the most recent issues of magazines. Also at our site you can check out the newest 45 issues added for you read at our best. Raoul Fracassin - 03 Los pistoleros atraen los lнos (CRG).pdf. MB . Romanesque, la folle aventure de la langue française - Lorànt MB. A Directory of German Newspapers, News from Germany. For information on local issues, politics, events, celebrations, people & business. Also accommodation.

Use My Kiosk to easily find stores in your area in Germany that sell the magazine. You can also download Deutsch perfekt at newsstands in many other countries as well as online. Choose your preferred subscription from our subscription shop.

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This is where you will also find an overview of our prices. The price includes the shipping costs for Germany, and shipping costs are added for all other countries. Is it also possible to subscribe to the magazine outside of Germany?


The euro price includes the shipping costs for Germany, and shipping costs are added for all other countries. Is the digital edition the better choice for me?

If you live abroad, the e-paper version of Deutsch perfekt might be the right thing for you. As a subscriber you can either stream the magazine on the first day of publication, read the PDF edition or use the free app.

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You also save on shipping costs. You can pay the e-paper by credit card or as an in-app download in the Deutsch perfekt app.

Are there special rates for students and pupils?

However, these rates only apply for the printed edition. Special rates are available for students, pupils, community service volunteers, apprentices and student teachers. This is your magazine if you want to learn to speak expressively about cultural issues. Zeit Wissen If the cutting edge of science makes your heart beat faster, this magazine is for you.

Stories present the latest news from the research world, including updates from the areas of medicine, energy, technology, physics and more.

Particularly rewarding for German students who are also pursuing a career in the hard sciences and want to acquire advanced vocabulary or those who are simply ravenous for Wissen knowledge. Spex One of the leading German magazines for music criticism and arts coverage.

The focus has shifted over the years from a more fringe perspective on youth subcultures towards mainstream rock and pop culture — much like the evolution of Rolling Stone in the States. Learning die deutsche Sprache the German language and passionate about music? Stern Stern offers plenty of human interest pieces, cultural coverage and profiles of prominent people, generally accompanied by high-quality photo spreads.

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