DBPOWER: raudone.info Network IP Camera (For PC View) User Manual 0 DBPOWER: raudone.info Thank you for downloading our. IPCAM User Manual. 4 / raudone.info Manual brief introduction. Thank you for choosing our network ip camera. The manual can help you to use the camera. User Manual. Indoor HD IP Camera. Model:FIW. Model:FIW / FIP. Colour:Black/White. Colour:Black/White. Model:FIEP. Model:FIW /.

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IPCAM User Manual. 1 WELCOME. IPCAM is an integrated wireless IP Camera solution. It combines a high quality digital video Camera with network. IP CAMERA User Manual. 2. Index. 1. INTRODUCTION. VISIT IP CAMERA FROM LAN. SEARCH AND SET THE IP ADDRESS OF THE IP CAMERA. dbpower ip camera user raudone.info Postini/site tops list for customer service /HP LaserJet Pro Pw Printer/HP Windows 7 Setup Workflow checklist.

You can either login to your existing router using a browser to find these and the new wired IP allocated or alternatively if you have one, a network scanner tool for a full local audit.

Sadly the camera does not reveal an easy to spot manufacturer name or device type in any scan I tried or the router connected list so knowing your existing network device numbers is a must. Lets say you find the local camera IP is Once spotted, as an option I scanned the ports on the "new" device and revealed a service called "megagram" on port 99 in my case. This turns out to be the port you point your browser at.

XXX and login as admin and no password. You must of course add a secure password asap.

Now you can give it your Wifi credentials and reboot. Now login again with password and wireless IP. Also go through the 16 screens of setup parameters including adding a non-admin user and a guest user passwords.

You can also rename the camera, set the timezone, date and time and designate email and ftp servers to send alerts and pictures to. Annoyingly I could not find a way to turn off the flashing green LED under the lens. In use access: View video straight away on the internal network or after more setting up external internet either by a browser or by the Android App, the iOS App or a third party viewer app. The suppliers App allows 3 ways to initially connect to the setup camera, by typing device ID, by local network search or by QR code base of camera.

Many third party mobile apps are also available that allow access to this IPC too.

I P C a m e r a

Accessing logging in whilst viewing on your internal network is straight forward. Smartphone users choose "No Plug-In Mode" as touch control does not translate so well otherwise. You can pan, tilt and save up to 16 views. I could not find any audio controls or recording controls, these only exist in IE I assume.

In use, Picture: The top video resolution is x and thus a little soft looking by todays HD standards. The lens is set more for indoors views as pointing out of a window in daylight washes out any colour especially green becomes grey.

Pointing out a window for night viewing is not really possible either due to IR reflection off window glass.

Basically the lens has no IR filter which results in outdoor daylight images lacking green information so trees, grass etc look grey. The below chart simply illustrates the process on how to access your IP cameras via the local and external network. However, if you want to view live streaming of your IP cameras in external Internet, you need to configure IP camera port forwarding.

In fact, all you need to do is to find out these two things and set up the IP camera port forwarding rules so that you devices can find the camera correctly. Check the IP address of your IP cameras. Each IP camera has its own IP address. Different IP camera brands vary in the ways of checking the IP addresses.

Here we take a Reolink IP camera as an example. We assume that the IP address of this IP camera is Step 2.

How do I find my IP camera port? What port does a security camera use? Obviously, the port number is crucial in IP camera port forwarding, and it can be easily found with the security camera software. After that, you can see the 2 ports of this camera.

Note: IP camera port forwarding numbers can be changed according to your situation. Step 3.

Cloud Recording and Surveillance Service Manual

Log into your router to set up the port forwarding rules. Below is a screen shot of the port forwarding rules as an example.

Select both if possible, otherwise select TCP. Note: Different routers have different pages to set up port forwarding.

User Guide

You can read the user manual of your router for more details. How to Set up Remote Viewing with IP Camera Port Forwarding Now you are actually done with the IP camera port forwarding, but there are still two simple steps to go to access the camera live via security camera port forwarding: Step 1.

Open a web browser and enter the URL address in the address bar.FTP has been around for over 40 years, and is widely used for downloading software and sharing large files with other users. Here are top 2 IP cameras without port forwarding for you: The Reolink Argus 2 is one of the easiest to use cameras both in installation and configuration — zero configuration for remote viewing actually.

The key step is to discover the local network IP address allocated to the camera from DCHP in your home network once temporarily connected by the supplied ethernet cable to your router.

If you downgrade your subscription, please make sure your account usage is below your new subscription plan. Can be set up to 3 users.

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