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structive hurricanes, Cuba is the ultimate travel contradiction; a dynamic mix of music . crapshoot between tips, personal guile and who you know. Since April. book Real Havana: Explore Cuba Like A Local And Save Money. This book . Most tourist guides dismiss the importance of the Moneda Nacional currency and . Create your own Cuba travel guide! All you have to do is select the type of places you'd like to include (restaurants, museums, etc.). When you're done, you can.

This list of casa carticulars is less than 2 months old. Some of these have email addresses so that you can book a room in advance over the Internet. They all have phone numbers Call Cuba by dialling country code 53 and Havana city code 7.

Each room has a bathroom, air conditioner, mini fridge and TV. Antonio E. Each room has a bathroom and air conditioner. Nice place for a group of people. Each room has a bathroom, air conditioner and fridge. Melba and Manuel Lealtad 59 between Lazaro and Laguna Has one large rental with 2 rooms, kitchen, bathroom plus two balconies.

Entrance is not private.

Caridad Jovellar between Infanta and San Francisco. Air conditioner, private entrance, fridge. Meals available. They leave when it is rented. Magalis Sanchez Lopez Calle 25 No. Calle 0 No. Small apartment in a high rise. Very clean, good food. Good for single or couple. Very expensive but not worth it or super expensive and sort-of worth it. We have a found a range of clean and adequate medium ranged hotels for you with a few of the better high priced hotels thrown in for good measure.

Air conditioning, includes breakfast. Expensive but nice. Older style. Air conditioning. Nice, clean and Modern. You can eat well and pay a lot of money, you can also eat bad and pay a lot of money. The There are few different options. Eating at your casa particular, state run restaurants, private restaurants paladars , peso restaurants, and on the street. Understanding the differences is important. Casa Particular Most casa particulars will make, breakfast, lunch and dinner for a reasonable price.

What To Do In Havana Cuba: 36 Things Inc. Havana Cuba Map

Restaurants and cafeterias These can offer a wide variety of styles and prices. In general, any restaurant that is not in a private home is state run.

In recent years they have advanced the level of service and variety of styles. At one time, all of the restaurants would have a large menu but never have any of the items.

Many of them are still like that. Highlights Eating a meal a day at your Casa Particular will be cheaper and better than dining out There are many very inexpensive peso restaurants, but it can be difficult for a tourist to pay the same the price as Cubans.

In other cities it is easier to walk in and eat, but in Havana they will tend to hustle you by either trying to charge you dollars instead of pesos or by handing you a menu designed to deceive tourists.

You can tell the difference between prices in pesos by how many lines are in the dollar symbol. The peso only has one line through it and the dollar prices have the usual two lines. Paladars Private run restaurants are one of the legal ways that Cubans can make money.

They tend to be good but expensive. You can negotiate for a better price if you like. They usually have more items than are on the menu so you can ask if they have steak or lobster.


Most of them are quaint with no more than 10 tables, and they tend to have good service. Many of the hustlers will try to get you into a paladar as many are hard to find. Always look at the menu and negotiate a price and trust your instinct. It will be more expensive if someone brings you since they get a commission. Also be careful of hustlers wanting to eat with you—unless you want to pay for their dinner.

Paladars close and reopen often, although fewer new places open than those that close for good.

Street food The street food is cheap and generally safe but not great. It helps to get pesos first but these places can be good for changing money as well. Most of these places can be found on the street in doorways. Restaurants Habana Vieja Puerto de Sagua On the corner of Egido and Acosta Reasonably priced restaurant with a fun bar filled with fish tanks. Steak, seafood, pizzas, salads. Great for a sunset dinner.

Lunch — simple dishes, pasta, patries, sandwiches, pizza, good coffee. Reasonably priced. Quaint place that overlooks the Malecon.

Nice atmosphere. No menu. It falls somewhere in between in price but not quality. But there are other places that are twice the price, so always check the menu. The three we recommend below are the cheapest and best quality on the street. Bellomar Criolla Style, fish, chicken, pork, seafood, salads. Virtudes A On the corner of Virtudes and Amistad. In front of the University. Traditional Cuban cuisine. Fun hangout with music.

Criolla style, pork, chicken, fish and ensalada. Great atmosphere. Very nice building. We would also like to recomend aquiring a taste for discovery.

The Authentic Cuba Travel Guide

Much of what makes Havana interesting is the people and the culture. Take a ride in a bici-taxi, download some pastries from a doorway shop and enjoy the worn architecture.

Just take in the atmosphere and see where it leads you. The Malecon The Malecon is a must see. It may be the most famous seawall in the world and is a favorite hangout for thousands of people living in Havana. There are many outdoor cafes, restaurants and even a few museums. Across the street is where everyone goes to hang out on the wall and drink rum, swim or just people watch. Perfect for a sunset stroll. Some highlights: Torresson Malecon No.

Nice paladar that overlooks the Malecon. Museo de Grafia Gallery on the Malecon, near Prado. Obispo street Starts on the East side of Parque Central and runs to the Plaza de Armes Obispo is a great street for music, shopping and more.

There are little shops, some restaurants and bars loaded with great live music that runs from the afternoon until midnight.

And it is a great way to get to the Plaza de Armes and the Plaza de la Catedral. Cafe Paris Great place for music and drinks. La Moderna Poesia on Obispo Modern bookstore with plenty of useful books for tourists Prado Prado is a pleasant walking boulevard that runs from the malecon to Parque Central. It is lined with restaurants, hotels and dance clubs. There is much to discover. Some highlights: Hotel Seville An old mobster hangout complete with pictures of pre-revolutionary Mobsters and movie stars.

Has a great top floor restaurant and bar that has a fantastic view of Havana, great for sunset dinners. Parque Central One of the more famous and touristy parks in Havana but a must see. Some highlights: Habana Libre Coppelia The cream of the ice cream shops. The shear size of this place will surprise you. The hundreds of Cubans standing outside are actually waiting for hours to download a cheap dish of ice cream.

It tastes better when you wait 2 hours though. Cine Yana There are tons of movie theaters in Havana and they often show dubbed or subtitled American movies. Sofia Fun cafe with live music. Neptuno Neptuno runs off of Parque central, right next to the Hotel Inglaterra.

Makes for a great authentic Cuban shopping spree. Brand new concert hall filled with Cubans dancing their asses off. Tropicana Probably the greatest show in Cuba and a definite must see just to say you saw it. The more expensive package includes transportation and meals but you can also take your own taxi and eat beforehand to save money. Every driver knows how to get there.

You must book tickets in advance and you can do that at almost any big hotel. Take a tour of the lobby. This is confusing as 1 USD for an expresso seems reasonable. Actually, it was 1 peso 5 cents for that coffee.

But not always vice versa. There are a lot of reasons why this has happened. The good news is, things are getting better and yes, there are some good food experiences to be had in Havana Cuba.

This section is our guide to the better choices we found. Is all food in Cuba terrible? And Why? The quick answer is, now in , there is some good food in Cuba. But quality can still be very inconsistent and there are a lot of reasons for that. The first big problem is availability of produce. Imported products are ludicrously overpriced ie. A g pack of basic dry spaghetti for 3.

The majority of the population lives off basic rations provided through a ration card system. This only includes things like rice, beans, sugar, coffee, and 1KG of pork per month. The pricing on these rationed items is similar to prices in Mexico, or a bit less ie.

But once you download all your rations, anything else you want to download costs a lot more. On top of all this, food shortages have been very common in Cuba.

Even today, although basic products are available most of the time, other things, like fresh fruit and veg, can be in short supply. You will often see long lines outside certain stores that have just got in new products. They disappear fast and not everyone gets them in time. The ingredients they can get each day may be inferior quality.

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Cart Shopping Cart. Mobile Navigation. Sign In Your Account.Criolla style, pork, chicken, fish and ensalada. We offer candid tips that will help you make your way through Cuba, and we identify up-to-date places to stay and eat that can save you hundreds of dollars. Tropicana Probably the greatest show in Cuba and a definite must see just to say you saw it.

Taxis Getting around can be difficult. You can exchange them at the airport before you leave if you get stuck with any.

There are many prostitutes, both male and female, and many more people who you may not call a prostitute, but will have sex in exchange for hanging out with someone with money. If you need something 6 there is always someone to help you find it, the trick is finding that right someone. To Call Cuba you can dial direct by using country code 53, Havana city code 7. To learn more read this document before contacting them.

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