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For years, Arcadia has been ruled by the Gentle Lord, Ignifex—a powerful demon willing to bargain to grant his subjects wishes, but there are always. Download [PDF] Books Cruel Beauty (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Rosamund Hodge Online Full Collection. Read Cruel Beauty read free novels online from your Mobile, Pc. Cruel Beauty is a Fantasy novel by Rosamund Hodge.

This is honestly quite unlike anything I've ever read before. I liked how everything about the book, the setting, the story and the characters was a bit like one of those Russian dolls. Something else within something else within something else. Then there's that whole haunting bittersweet tone that permeates this entire novel.

I swear Ms Hodge has perfected the art of raising goosebumps with a perfectly-spun twist on an old Greek myth. And it just got better and better. I think this review is more of an incoherent mess of feelings, so I'll stop now before the drooling starts. What I want to know is this: View all 96 comments. Caroline I'm so happy I picked up this book and it's largely thanks to your review! Sometimes the ratings really doesn't reflect the quality of the story.

This I'm so happy I picked up this book and it's largely thanks to your review! This might be an odd comparison but this book reminded me of the many films from Studio Ghibli. Much like Spirited Away, Totoro, Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke and so on, I was suddenly thrown into the story with unexplained phenomenons and things just happens.

That's it. And I loved that because it only added to the mysterious powers that even the characters living in that world can't understand. And boy, what a ride that was! I cried like no tomorrow for the two main characters. I understood them. To me, they had more chemistry in this one single book than any other YA books with multiple volumes. So, anyway. Thanks, Emily.

I look forward to reading more of your reviews. El Caroline wrote: Sometimes the ratings really doesn't reflect the quality o Caroline wrote: This might be an odd comparison but this book remi And you are right. Despite the lack of stars, this book does stand out in comparison with the other better known YA books. Jun 15, Kat Kennedy rated it it was amazing Shelves: All of them. I loved the hell out of this story. The passion. The intrigue. All the kissing. This book kind of had it all for me.

Plot, mystery, intrigue and a whole lot of making out. It was fantastic! I immediately went out and bought a copy I got mine from the library. This is only a mini review as I wrote a guide to Beauty and the Beast retellings here. View all 48 comments. Jun 20, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it really liked it Shelves: If one of us had to die, it ought to be the one with poison in her heart. Actual rating: Ok, except Beastly.

That abomination was just horrible all the way around. And let's not even mention the movie. Some people just have the kind of face that just begs for an encounter with my fist, and pretty boy Pettyfer is one of them. But I digress.

This was a very enjoyable read, though not without If one of us had to die, it ought to be the one with poison in her heart.

This was a very enjoyable read, though not without its faults. It is supposed to be a retelling of Beauty and the Beast , but I felt like it had hints of the fairy tales Rumpelstiltskin and Bluekbeard as well. I can go on for days about the plot, setting, grammatical structure blah blah blah, but let's be honest, what makes or breaks a book is its narrator.

If you don't like the narrator, screw the rest of the book; I really liked this book's main character, Nyx. I like my heroines flawed, strong, and strong-willed. I like it when they're angry.

I like it when they're defiant. I like it when they lose control. I like it when they snap like a rubber band strung past its tautness. I like it when they see their own weakness. I love it when they fall apart.

I love it when they hurt someone they love, while hating themselves for it because they are past their breaking point. Nyx is strong, but not to the point where her overwhelming bitchiness eclipse the book; she never, ever, ever comes off as bitchy.

I do have a few problems with Nyx, and my problem with her ties into the plot as well, my main complaint about this book is that it is just overwhelmingly romantic at times. It promised me intrigue, it promised me a kick-ass heroine, one who is the savior of her people, one who will sacrifice herself and become a killer of an evil immortal.

I didn't exactly get that. I wanted bad-assery. I wanted more plotting. I wanted an assassin. Instead, I got not a lot of plotting, I got a lot of illicit kissing, I got a lot of falling in love.

As beautiful as this book was, it felt to me that the MAIN plot of mayhem and murder got tossed aside for a love triangle.

Cruel Beauty

It wasn't exactly Throne of Glass bad, but it bothered me a lot the way Nyx skirted her mission for romance and dreams. In terms of plotting, the second half of the book was a big mess of confusion for me. The Summary: Some people are born to a grand destiny, others have it forced upon them.

Nyx was born to be a sacrifice. Demons have control of the country of Arcadia. There is no sun, there is only a parchment paper sky, painted with an artifice of the sun. Her country lives in fear. To gaze upon the demons is to lose your mind as the shadows prey upon your soul. For years, this has been Arcadia's curse. Nyx was intended by her father to be the savior of her people. It means she will most definitely die.

Her father made a deal with the king of the demons, the Gentle Lord; in exchange, Nyx will be given in marriage to the Gentle Lord when she turns In return, her beloved twin sister, Astraia, will be able to live a normal, happy life. Nyx truly loves her twin sister, the innocent, sweet Astraia, but it is so hard not to feel resentment at one who has been the recipient of all their father's love, while knowing that her happiness will come at the cost of your own, but she is determined to fulfil her mission: I would never see her again, so I could never beg her forgiveness.

But I could make sure she lived free of the Gentle Lord, no longer afraid of his demons, with the true sun shining down upon her. Nyx has been groomed half her life to be the Gentle Lord's bride, but her father and his secret society has other plans for her: Nyx will save Arcadia from the demons.

The Gentle Lord is not what she expected. He tells her to call her Ignifex, but that's not his true name. Instead of ravishing her, he leaves her in a tenuous peace. He has but two rules for her which are so reminiscent to me of Rumpelstiltskin and Blackbeard: Every night I will offer you the chance to guess my name.

If you guess right, you have your freedom. If you guess wrong, you die. Most of the doors in this house are locked. This key will open all the rooms you are permitted to enter. Do not try to enter the other rooms or you will regret it dearly He likes her spirit, he likes her defiance.

I do like a wife with a little malice in her heart. But Ignifex is also capable of unimaginable cruelty; he makes her shudder with fear. Unexpectedly, she finds an ally in his magical castle, one named Shade. One who is close to the Gentle Lord, but who can never betray him. Who can Nyx trust? The Setting: The setting is not the star here, and it's a rather vague alternative universe that is rather jarring at times. It is based off of an ancient Greco-Roman world, as far as I can tell, gods and goddesses in the Greek Pantheon such as Aphrodite and Hermes and Zeus are mentioned, and it seems as if they are part of the traditional belief system.

There is a vague system of magic, alchemy of sort, called the Hermetic sciences. There is not much detail given about this world, short of the fact that it exists under a dome of parchment sky due to a demonic curse, and honestly I just didn't get it. I never felt immersed in the actual setting. The names and places are strange, you have all these Grecian-based names like Damascus and Adamastos and all of a sudden Lily Martin?

What the fuck? The castle itself and the setting are a lot more well done. This book truly runs very parallel to Beauty and the Beast in that regards. We have a magical shifting castle, we have wondrous ballrooms filled with sparkling water. We have ivy-covered libraries. But of course, all is not wondrous, and some corners of the castle is filled with horror.

My fingers found cloth, then something soft and cold. I shuddered, but my mind refused to recognize it until I groped farther and my fingers slid past teeth into a cold, wet mouth. With a scream, I bolted back against the door.

Because now my eyes were growing truly accustomed to the light, and I could see all eight of them, laid out on their stone blocks as if stored for future use. Dead wives. Shadowy horrors that drives a person into madness. The castle is equally splendid and sinister. The Characterization: I really liked Nyx. She was frustrating to me at times, but overall, I felt she was a really good, flawed character.

Nyx is so, so very angry at the beginning of the novel, and I seethed with anger along with her. She has been dealt a crappy blow by the fates, and who can blame her for her bitterness? Nyx has been doomed since she was born, thanks to her parents' selfishness. I hate you [Mother], I prayed silently.

Father only bargained for your sake. If you had not been so weak, so desperate, I would not be doomed. I hate you, Mother, forever and ever. I love a good depiction of sisterly relationships, and Nyx's relationship with her twin sister, Astraia, was so well done.

There is absolutely no doubt that Nyx adores her sister while simultaneously hating her as well. Astraia has been adored by everyone since she was born, while her twin sister, Nyx, has been groomed to die. Nyx has lived her life in resentment, and who can blame her for that? Even so, she never, ever shows her bright, innocent sister any hate until she is overwhelmed by her emotions on the day of her wedding I had thought the words so often, they felt like nothing in my mouth, like no more than a breath of air, and as easily as breathing I went on: And neither one of us will ever forgive you.

Nyx speaks her mind, regrets it immediately, and spends the rest of the book tortured by those final words to her beloved sister. Nyx has spunk, she has fire. Instead of cowering to Ignifex, she turns against him, surprising him and herself She hates Ignifex, but Nyx is not a person of absolute cruelty.

Despite herself, she is a gentle person, she wants to be more than that girl with hatred in her heart. Despite knowing Ignifex is evil, she finds that she is unable to ignore someone when they are in pain.

She is better than that. She wants to be better than that. I had left somebody in torment and liked it. The Romance: It was well done, but there were entirely way too fucking much of it. As I said above, there were too much romance at the expense of the actual plot.

Once Nyx got into the castle, I expected her to plot, to finalize her plan to kill Ignifex. She didn't. She spends her time moping. She spends her time making googly eyes at Shade, then after resisting Ignifex who is technically her husband , slowly lowers her resistance Then kisses Shade some more. What pisses me off is that Nyx and her father has a plan to kill Ignifex using Hermetic sciences and she did not follow through except in the most halfhearted way. Instead, this is what we get: It was nothing like kissing Shade.

That had been like a dream that slowly enfolded me; this was like a battle or a dance. Less romance, more plot, please. Thanks to the wonderful Faye for lending me this book. I received this book as an Advance Review Copy; all quotes are taken from an uncorrected galley and is subject to change in the final edition. View all 83 comments. Oct 07, karen rated it it was ok Shelves: For one moment, I felt like a river running down to his ocean.

View all 30 comments. Feb 27, Whitney Atkinson rated it it was ok Shelves: But holy moly, this book does a It starts out strong but turns into trash. I'm not sure if it's because I listened to it on audio, but i am SO confused by everything. It tries to incorporate both mythology and elemental magic, and it just did not work for me. I was so confused on who all the different magical entities were that controlled the world and none of it made sense to me whatsoever.

I'm still roiling a bit on what just happened there at the end because it also starts to pull in time travle???? I will not be continuing this series and I would not recommend this one. View all 21 comments. Feb 14, Mohammed Arabey rated it really liked it Recommended to Mohammed by: Julia Carlton. Not just a different retelling of a 'story as old of time', But it also mixed with as many of ancient Greek Myths.

And by the end you'll feel that it's came so, Original. Well, this 'angry' bride, full of hatred.. And as most YAs But it was only adorned with Greek mythology every now and then that made me feel better.. But still , I felt bored in the middle many times But the concept of the myth of "Kindly One", and the wishes, the barging of the Gentle lord is amazing.. That was an interesting plot here, people can't understand actually what they wish for That their wishes has a price..

AND then comes the strong last few chapters and the end.. Where the moral of this Cruel Story, the contradictions of human nature, how the cruelty is compassion and how we never understand what we wish for.. How there's no pure good God, I just loved the ending It's a retelling that worth the reading really.

Mohanmed Arabey From 14 Feb. View all 26 comments. She tried. She really, really tried to salvage this book by giving the main character tons of personality, but not even she could change the source material.

The fact is that Cruel Beauty made absolutely no damn sense. How does the magic work? I dunno. Who are the real bad guys? There's time travel? Maybe, but not really. The oil rose to the top and the cake fell flat. Also, I have no idea what the hell I'm talking about, kinda like this book.

But the narrator's voice was nice. View all 29 comments. Nyx Triskelion, will you be my wife? Finally I met his eyes. Cruel Beauty - an enchanting blend of the classic Beauty and the Beast fairytale and a touch of Greek mythology - was one of the wildest, cruelest, most beautiful books I've ever read.

Its constantly dark atmosphere haunts you throughout, and the painfully slow burn of romance only adds to its thrill. Nyx Triskelion has been betrothed since birth to the evil ruler of her kingdom, the Gentle Lord, all because of a foolish bargain her father made before she was even born.

And since birth, she has been trained as a warrior with one purpose: With no choice but to fulfil her duty, Nyx's heart is filled with resentment for her family and hatred for herself, but on her seventeenth birthday, she still abandons everything she's ever known to marry the all-powerful, immortal Ignifex. Her plan is to seduce him, destroy his castle, and break the nine-hundred-year-old curse on her people. But Ignifex isn't what Nyx expected - strangely, she finds herself drawn to his charms and enthralled by the shifting maze that is his castle.

Because Cruel Beauty is a tale of romance, and this review wouldn't sufficiently cover everything I loved about it if it didn't touch on Nyx and Ignifex, I'm going to begin here: Their banter was hilarious and spiked with barbs, and their constant dance around each other was amusing to watch.

I stunned him for only a moment; then he locked his arms around me and kissed me back as fiercely as the sunlight beating down on my back, and for a few minutes we said nothing at all. What I was really looking forward to was the enemies-to-lovers playout, and it didn't disappoint at all.

See a Problem?

Nyx and Ignifex's romance was built up really slowly, and for a time, I even wondered if it was going to happen at all. Yet now that I think back, the beauty of it is in the delay - where they both fell for each other without realising. And then they fully captured my heart.

They said that love was terrifying and tender, wild and sweet, and none of it made any sense. But now I knew that every mad word was true. For Ignifex was still himself, still mocking and wild and inhuman, terrible as a legion arrayed for war; but in my arms he became gentle, and his kisses were sweeter than wine.

When Ignifex finally opened his heart enough to trust Nyx and let his guard down around her, I swear I was smiling so wide. There's wonderful world-building as well!

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Every little detail of the fantasy world was fleshed out so well. Rosamund Hodge really has the ability to sweep you away into her world, and from time to time it felt like I was right there, under the parchment sky and in the dark ruin of the castle, with shadows creeping all around me and doors that opened onto more doors.

Nyx was a breath of fresh air. She was a heroine with a black heart, and I really enjoyed being inside her head. If I had to describe her, I'd say she was a villain at heart, yet conditioned to fight on the "right" side. But she was a glorious antihero, and I was so soft when Ignifex saw all the poison in her heart and loved her anyway. And her strong personality isn't eroded by love - oh no it isn't. You'll have to read it to see what I mean!

The touch of Greek mythology in the plot was something that captivated me throughout the book. I've always been fascinated by the Greek myths and combine that with a Beauty and the Beast retelling?

Count me in.

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I'll admit the first part of the story was a little ambiguous, but when all the loose threads were tied up and the book sped towards its ending, I couldn't put it down. Cruel Beauty is a dark, romantic, twisted tale that is bound to dazzle you and steal your heart. I'm not sure it fully merits 5 stars, but I'm still giving it the highest possible rating anyway - I can't find the words to explain why I love this book.

I just do. While I was writing this review, a song came on shuffle and I realised it reminds me so much of Nyx and Ignifex. So I'm going to leave it here, at the end.

Fading - Vallis Alps i've been wanting to pick this up for a long time. View all 28 comments. Jul 12, Blythe rated it it was amazing Shelves: Let me say it now: Cruel Beauty is one fantastic, gorgeously written, spectacularly dark debut. Many of its aspects may not appeal to some readers, and I understand that; although I really loved how the romance in Cruel Beauty and the "love triangle" note the quotation marks--don't run off played out, I do understand why some other readers, a handful of my friends amongst them, take issue with much of this novel.

But honestly, it's been over a week since I've finished Cruel Beauty , and I have truly nothing negative to say about it, other than the fact that the world-building and terminology may be a bit overwhelming at first. However, when I got accustomed to the world in Cruel Beauty , and got a grasp on where Hodge was going with the story around fifty pages in, I was absolute putty in this book's hand. Cruel Beauty is a very ambitious novel, and it's one that will likely throw some readers off in how odd it is; it's a Beauty and the Beast retelling, with some Greek mythology thrown in, a whole lot of fantasy, a maybe even a hint of dystopian aspects, and trust me when I say it's all handled really, really well.

What could have easily been a convoluted and silly novel instead incorporated each and every one of those aforementioned plot points seamlessly. Nyx is a strong willed character, and is at times a bit frustrating, but she is also one of the most realistic characters I've read about this year.

After all the things she goes through in the novel, she's understandably angry and fickle regarding whom she truly loves, and why. In reality, I think anyone would react similar to how Nyx reacted if they were placed in the same situation as her. As well as being an authentic character, she does eventually grow past the anger that was so evidently boiling up inside her in the beginning of the novel, but she never truly gets past it, much like anyone wouldn't. And that's why I love her character arc and development: In any other novel, with any other character, Nyx's actions may just have annoyed me.

I'm aware of this; but in Cruel Beauty , Rosamund Hodge creates a character in Nyx that is, while not always likable, wholly relatable, and that is a great feat in my eyes. And then there's Ignifex, who is one charming little bastard, and I'll leave it at that. There are much more things for me to touch upon in regards to the romance in this novel, all of which are spoilers.

So I'm just going to let the readers of this unravel the mysteries of this romance on their own. And trust me, it's something you'll want to discover on your own. The romance is something you'll either love or hate see below , but it is definitely intriguing and original.

But yes, Ignifex--awesome, complex character, with a unique and surprising backstory Yes, yes, yes. Lovers of Cole from the Everneath series by Brodi Ashton, this guy's for you. I think Cruel Beauty is a novel that will have some pretty contrasting opinions once it's published.

Although some think its romance is insta-love which I disagree with since it was said that five months passed before any 'love' thoughts occurred, but I digress with an unnecessary love triangle which I also respectfully disagree with because of reasons , but you all know how I feel about love triangles , I found Cruel Beauty to be a truly beautiful and stunningly original debut.

With it, Rosamund Hodge has taken some aspects from Beauty and the Beast that manage to make the novel stand out as an adaptation, but she also introduces so many new concepts of her own to make the ageless tale as old as time we all love even lovelier.

View all 17 comments. I'm not sure of what to think of this book Nyx, as the child her father loved less, has long-known her destiny to be the wife of the Gentle Lord. When the times comes, she goes with determination, fear and anger. She does not play by the Lord's rules. She is defiant. She tests his patience. I liked her instantly. Then there is Ignifex, of course. The Lord that has terrorized their kingdom for centuries. The one who carries the blood of countless innocents on his hands.

But, unsurprisingly, things are never quite that simple. What I liked best about Ignifex was his wicked sense of humour. There's nothing quite like a villain who is constantly witty and hilarious.

The complex layers of each character in this book just blew my mind, no one is ever simple or cliche. The heroine does plenty of bad things and the evil villain Cruel Beauty was just so unexpected.

I thought I knew exactly what it was as soon as I glimpsed the cover, title and GR description. But he also lost his wife to childbirth in the bargain. The Gentle Lord's habit of cashing in double on his deals is well-known.

Nyx, as the child her father loved less, has long-known her destiny to be the wife of the Gentle Lord. When the times comes, she goes with determination, fear and anger. She does not play by the Lord's rules. She is defiant. She tests his patience. I liked her instantly. Then there is Ignifex, of course. The Lord that has terrorized their kingdom for centuries. The one who carries the blood of countless innocents on his hands.

But, unsurprisingly, things are never quite that simple. What I liked best about Ignifex was his wicked sense of humour. There's nothing quite like a villain who is constantly witty and hilarious. The complex layers of each character in this book just blew my mind, no one is ever simple or cliche.

The heroine does plenty of bad things and the evil villainI liked her instantly. Everything in the physical world arises from the dance of the four elements, their mating and division. Kingdom of Ash. Seriously bad. This might be an odd comparison but this book remi You can read this item using any of the following Kobo apps and devices: Cruel Beauty is one fantastic, gorgeously written, spectacularly dark debut.

But I will must give the writer another chance because of her writing. I was suspicious of Shade from the beginning, which made Nyx's immediate assumptions and trust in him tough for me to understand.

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