Source code for 'Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio ALM ' by Mathias Olausson and Jakob Ehn. Microsoft MVP authors Mathias Olausson and Jakob Ehn have written the authoritative book on implementing Continuous Delivery practices using Microsoft's. Continuous Delivery With Visual Studio Alm - [Free] Continuous Studio Alm [PDF] [EPUB] Visual Studio includes a debugger that.

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Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio ALM Digitally watermarked, DRM -free; Included format: EPUB, PDF; ebooks can be used on all reading devices. Visual Studio Alm Continuous Delivery with Visual Studio ALM Book Description: Building high-quality software on a tight schedule. Get Instant Access to PDF File: #90a2da Continuous Delivery With Visual Studio Alm By Mathias Olausson site PDF.

When a developer implements a new feature or bug fix in a feature branch, she typically submits a pull request bit.

Upon approval of the pull request, changes are committed and merged into the master branch. CD is the process to build, test, configure, deploy and confirm a feature change to production. The goal is to achieve an automated and reliable deployment process that consistently confirms through integration, load and user acceptance testing, and continuously releases value to your end users.

Figure 1 depicts the cycle. Figure 1 The Loop of Continuous Delivery CD promises to banish manual processes, time-consuming and error-prone handoffs, and unreliable releases that produce delays, cost overruns and avoidable end-user dissatisfaction.

Provisioning the Release Pipeline A release pipeline is a collection of environments and workflows to support the activities of CI and CD.

There are many products that can help you create a pipeline that supports rapid release cycles. Program in any language, including the Microsoft. Figure 2 shows how you can configure, provision and deploy your solution without leaving Visual Studio.

Figure 3 Deploy with Confidence from Azure VSTS enables you to ship more quickly, more frequently and with more confidence, while extending and customizing your release pipelines, and controlling your deployments with automatic and manual gates for approval workflows.

Also see how Bing uses CD bit. Generator-team, written by Donovan Brown bit. You can download the PDF from bit. VSTS not only automates your build, testing, and other validation tasks, it gives you an insight and traceability into everything in the build, including code changes, review comments, test results, and code coverage.

CD, started by the build, is the process of validating, configuring and deploying your changes to one or more environments. You can choose to have a predefined schedule and conditions to trigger the deployment for each environment in your release pipeline.

In addition, you can define approvers for each environment before and after deploying an environment. Approvals can be set to be automatic or can be executed by one of many specific users, all users in any order, or all users in sequential order.

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When a group is specified as an approver, only one of the users in that group needs to act. See the previously mentioned white paper for details on the publishing process. The latter introduces the pre-deployment manual approvers icon , which shows that third-party approval is needed before the deployment can begin. In addition, the example specifies that the environment trigger fires only if changes apply to the master branch 6 , effectively shielding production from other branches.

If an issue is discovered, the pipeline allows you to stop the deployment to minimize impact to end users. CD continues with a joined deployment pipeline, where deployment to the Users environment 7 occurs only after successful deployments to both the Early Adopters and On-Prem Validation environments. As discussed, you can orchestrate deployments across multiple environments, using manual or automated approval gates, while supporting high availability for your application.

Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) Tutorial: The Cloud ALM Platform

Figure 5 shows the range of available solutions. If you cannot find a task needed for your release pipeline, you can build custom tasks that integrate with your CI and CD. It enables you to orchestrate deployments that span both the Azure and AWS clouds. The risk of failure grows rapidly as you increase the number and frequency of releases, and add dependencies and complexity to pipelines. Garbage in garbage out. The old saying applies to your release pipeline!

A reliable and quality release pipeline depends on a healthy source to feed its CI and CD.

You can also employ branch policies, and pull requests to maintain a healthy and shippable master branch. Figure 6 summarizes a few lessons from our DevOps transformation, documented by Sam Guckenheimer at bit.

For example, we work in three-week sprints 1 , using this cadence as our common heartbeat to plan and deploy continuously. We manage debt continuously 2 , to avoid the accumulation or spike of debt and resultant merge complexity 3 that we saw in the past.

Figure 6 Keep Your Master in a Good and Shippable State The master branch 4 is our single source of truth, always in a healthy and shippable state. Teams use short-lived feature branches to isolate their work and submit a pull request when the feature is complete 5. On approval of the pull request, we merge the feature into the master branch. Teams repeat the process continuously for added work.

Code Search also makes team collaboration easier and helps maximize developer efficiency. View history and annotations to see who last changed a line of code, and what they changed.

Search locally within code files, and find references or definitions of Code Search matches, when debugging or exploring your code. Add your comments and then communicate the results to team members easily by sharing the query URL.

Plan and track work with Agile tools Use Agile tools to plan and track work using Scrum and Kanban processes or a mix of both.

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Scrum tools support defining and managing work within sprints, setting capacity, and tracking tasks. Kanban tools allow you to manage a continuous flow of work via an interactive sign board.

In addition, configurable charts, dashboards, and reports help teams monitor and share progress.

You also gain access to a rich set of customization capabilities. DevOps: Build - Test - Release Help your team continuously deliver software at a faster pace and with lower risk, while improving efficiency and collaboration between all teams that participate in release processes.

ALM and DevOps with Team Foundation Server 2015 Cookbook

Set up continuous integration builds for your app that run with every check in. Multi-platform build agents support Android, iOS, Java,. NET, and other applications. Easily provision test environments. Track when the quality is sufficient to release to the customer.

In addition to continuous integration testing, you can create test plans , perform manual testing , and run unit tests.With CD, release moves through several environments, which may include functional, performance and staging tests and approvals along the way, before going to production.

Set up continuous integration builds for your app that run with every check in. By building a deployment pipeline, these activities can be performed continuously throughout the delivery process, ensuring that quality it built into products and services from the beginning. There are many products that can help you create a pipeline that supports rapid release cycles. PAGE 1.

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