Chess Book Study now on iPad! ** Simply reading a Chess book without a Chess board is not easy unless you are Vishy Anand or. My biggest problem with reading chess books is thinking through the various positions in my head. Yes, I know that this is good training to think. The most effective way to study a Chess book is to move the pieces around on a board, and this is exactly what this app helps you achieve.

Chess Book Study

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Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about ChessBookStudy. Download ChessBookStudy and enjoy it on your iPhone. Product description. The most effective way to study a Chess book is to move the pieces around on a board, and this is exactly what this app helps you achieve. Description: ** Chess Book Study now on iPad! ** ^^ App does not work on Android Nougat, I am developing a fix ^^ Simply reading a.

Well, because I had been expelled from high school, I suspected I had a lot to learn about the art of learning! Your first order of business is to invest in a notebook and a few pencils. You are going to take notes while reading. Why take notes if you own the book? Because you can jot down key concepts and ideas in your notebook and access them more quickly than if you had to skim through the book to find the same information.

Also, the act of writing something down helps to implant it within your memory. I have a single notebook that was created from eleven chess books I read. When you start reading a book, write the title and author down in your notebook prior to taking notes.

This way you know where the information came from. The first thing my professor told our class was to read the table of contents thoroughly. Many people simply plow into their reading, ignoring the table of contents. I read a chess book once where the author said that he was the worst chess player in the world when he started. I could identify with this which made me really want to pay attention to what he had to say as well as read all his other books.

If there is an index, read that as well. So now we sit down and start reading our chess book. Before even glancing at page one, have a board and pieces next to you. It really helps when studying openings.

Now you can start reading. While most of us just want to get to the game examples, it is critical that you carefully read and understand the concepts being explained in that chapter.

Even if its a concept you already understand, read the written explanation. After each paragraph, stop reading and ask yourself, what did that last paragraph just say?

We often plow through technical books too quickly, not assessing our own understanding of the material as we read. If the paragraph talks about the three primary opening principles, see if you remember those principles. While this may seem like slow going, this is not a race.

You are here to learn, so take your time. As you read each paragraph, jot down any key concepts that appear within that paragraph in your notebook.

How to Study with Chess Books

Try to write the concept or idea down as a single sentence. Many chess books have the key concept being discussed written as a single sentence in bold letters. Write that down and then translate it into your own words. Again, try to keep your own explanation to a single sentence.

Best Chess Books On Openings

Write down any specific words or terms used. I cannot emphasize this enough. One type of chess book that tests the patience of chess students are books on various openings.

Because there are so many variations presented in these books, many players try to skim through them. Play through every single example no matter how long it takes.

This is where the chess book app is king. With the Tablet app, you can play through numerous variations without having to physically reset the board.

Take your time and explore every move! All your Chess books and magazines in the palm of your hand! Ideal for Large screen phones and Tablets. How to read Google Books? This will install an open source app, EBookDroid which is required for showing ebooks. This app does NOT automatically make moves on the board if you tap the ebook. You are free to load any Chess ebook in pdf, djvu or djv format. Alternately you can use the new Quick actions v2.

How to Study with Chess Books

My device is Android 6 and I couldn't actually check whether it is rightly working for Android 7 or not, but the changelog for 2. It is a either carelessness in editting description or actually not working for Android 7 even after releasing the version. Anyways, it is upto the members to test and post results. Even if it doesn't work for Android 7 atleast one can say he got an updated, fixed and stabler version.

Details Analyze your chess game with the power of multiple Chess Engines!Alternately you can use the new Quick actions v2. Display results as: This is exactly what this app helps achieve.

Chess Book Study Free

If the author mentions a variation, I try to visualise it in my head for convenience , but if it's too long I'll play it out on Chessmaster. I have a single notebook that was created from eleven chess books I read. In addition to individual books, the company publishes some series of books.

Why take notes if you own the book? Analyze This Free Free Android 2. The fact that these concepts are still valid today are proof of the value of these books.

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