Because Carb Back-Loading was built on an intricate understanding of how every .. This + page ebook, backed by over 50 pages of references from. Carb Back Loading – An Honest BookReviewIsIsIsIs thisthisthisthis thethethethe holyholyholyholy grailgrailgrailgrail ofofofof. Notethat I make a few references to Kiefer’s other book, The Carb Nite Solution, which reallyhelps you understand thescience of Back-loading better. That’s essentially the promise Kiefer makes with Carb Back-loading (and the reason I’vegiven him various assignments for Men’s.

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Carb BackLoading Review Is Carb Backloading a SCAM? You've probably heard of the Carb Backloading method used by dieters and fitness enthusiast. Carb Back Loading (Kiefer) - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Get shredded. The carb back-loading diet could pr. ebook, pages. Published To ask other readers questions about Carb Back-Loading, please sign up.

Alwaysseektheadviceofaqualifiedhealthproviderregardingamedicalcondition or your ability to apply the Content in a safe manner. Please never disregard professional medical advice or fail to seek it in a timely manner because of somethingyouhavereadanywhere,includinghere.

Myths,pseudoscienceanduncheckedgymlorehaveplaguedyour progressforlongenough.

Carb Back-Loading 1.0

Byteachingyouhowthebodyworks,Iwillsupercharge yourprogress. WhatImgoingtosharemightdestabilizeyourfaithineverythingyouthinkyou knowabouteating. Youvebeensabotagedbyparentsandteachers,andnowthat youreonyourown,youcontinuetosabotageyourperformanceandaesthetic goals. Andno,ImnottalkingaboutthoseTwinkiesandHoHosstashedawayinyour cabinets,sodontdarttothekitchentothrowoutallthejunkfood.

Frankly,even thosefoodscanbeusedforgood. Itstimetotwistyourconceptofgood,bad,anduglyandsharehowtoaccelerate yourprogress. Stop Eating Breakfast Thatsright:thekingofdailynutrition,thepreeminent meal of the day, the home of Lucky the Leprechaun, Breakfast is Trix the Rabbit and Snap, Crackle, and Pop thwarts youreffortstogetbigger,strongerandleaner. Im not bucking an American tradition to be sensational or to say something intriguing just to get your attention.

Like you, I ate breakfast religiously, but after 3 DangerouslyHardcore.

Traditional Wisdom Is Keeping

Everyoneofmyclientswhohadadesiretobestronger,faster,leanerorevenjust needed extra brainpower for the LSATachieved instantaneous results by followingmyguidelinesforbreakfast,whichisnobreakfastatall. I dont act on someones pet theory without proof, and I dont think you should either. Reason no. Yourmetabolism whenyouwakeisnotburningcarbs. Idontcarewhatyouatebeforegoingtobed, orhowmuch,yourbodyisburningfatbymorning.

Firstthinginthemorningyour metabolismisrippingthroughfatlikeahotknifethroughbutter ref 1.

Carb Back-Loading

Reason no. Breakfast Stops Fat Loss Everybody and their kid sister knows the breakfastboostsyourmetabolism rationaleandrepeatsitadnauseam,butdoesitmakesense? Yourmetabolism whenyouwakeisnotburningcarbs.


Idontcarewhatyouatebeforegoingtobed, orhowmuch,yourbodyisburningfatbymorning. Firstthinginthemorningyour metabolismisrippingthroughfatlikeahotknifethroughbutter ref 1.

Heresaquick rundownoftheaveragepersonshormonalhappeningsaround7AM: Cortisollevelselevatethroughthenightandpeak ref 2.

Ghrelinlevels,themainhungercontrolhormone,peak ref 3. HumanGrowthHormonelevelspeak ref 4. Insulinlevelsremainextremelylowfromthenightoffasting ref 5. Trust me, I know youre hungry in the morning, but you should be thankful. Ghrelin may spark hunger, but it also stimulates growth hormone release ref 6 , whichinturn,ignitesmorefatburning ref 7! Hungerandfatburninggohandin handfirstthinginthemorningandifyouendurethe hunger, your body rewards you with a six packof Eating breakfast abs.

Acceleratedfatburninglastsallmorningunlessyou eat, which invariably raises insulin levels. The resulting hormonal cocktail, particularly the simultaneouslyelevatedcortisolandinsulin,conspirestomakeyoufat. Breakfast can reduce fat burning for the entire rest of the day ref 9 , and while cortisol levels remain high, the insulin release causes new empty fat cells to be created ref As the insulin continues to rise, growth hormone subsides ref 11 andbodyfatburninggrindstoahalt.

Breakfast Makes You Fatter Skippingbreakfastandeatingmorefoodattheendofthedayinsteadleadstomore fatlosswhenleaningdown. Andthisisntconjecture Researchprovesthateatingbreakfastmakesyoufatter. So what happens when researchers test two groups, one that eats most of their calories in the beginning of the day, to simulate the noeatingafterseven routine,. Bylookingatbodycompositioninsteadofjustbodyweight,researchersfoundthat thebigbreakfasteatinggrouplostmoreweightbutlostalotmoremuscleandalot lessfat.

Thenightgroupactuallylostmorefatandkepttheirmuscle ref Breakfast Makes You Weak Strengthcoachestypicallyresisttheideaoftrainingwithoutbreakfast,arguingover it until theyre blue in the face. Then, for some reasonI guess because its free to trythey decide to test it out. Suddenly, theyre stronger.

Theyre leaner.

Theyre morefocused. Afteramonth,theywontshutupaboutbreakfasttheawesomeness ofskippingit. The central nervous system functions with greater efficiencywhennotshovedfromequilibriumwith food. Without the morning disruption of food, motor signals from the central nervous system CNS increase in amplitude ref 13 , allowing an increase in singlerep power production, and finemotor control ref When you skip breakfast and train, the enhanced precision and amplification of your CNS augments your ability to coordinate movement.

Youll hold perfect form while lowering lbsintothegrooveandlaunchtheweightfromyourchestforapersonalrecordon thebenchpress. When we let the body manage its blood sugar, the nervous system stays fine-tuned and ready to perform.

Sowhathappenstoyournervoussystemwhenyoueatthatbreakfast,forcingyour bodytoswitchfromburningfattoburningFruityPebbles? The bodys internal dolingout of fuel with an external source that hits all at once.

Since neurons possess the ability to burn glucose without the help of insulin, fluctuationsinbloodsugarseriouslyaffectfiringefficiency. When the body manages its own production and usage of blood sugar, the nervoussystemstaysfinetunedandreadytoperform. Breakfast Makes You Stupid NomatterwhatIsayaboutfatloss,someonewillsaythatskippingbreakfastturns peopleintomentalsloths.

When I talk about the mental benefits of skipping breakfast in a public forum, someone always says, Well, I design tests for grade schools and the kids that eat breakfastalwaysperformthebest;Ihavethestudies butIdonthavethetimetoshowyou.

Evenifthey havethem,theyreobservationalstudies. Theyrenot experiments. Are there any experiments showing that breakfast improves cognitive abilities? Yes, when those experiments involve severely malnourished people ref Carb BackLoading aims at saving the intake of carbohydrates to later hours of the day, just like the name implies. In fact, users can get away with it when they eat foods considered to be high in carbs, such as fries, pasta, pizza, ice-cream, and the like.

Carb Back-Loading

Not only will you stay in shape, you will become stronger, leaner, and healthier. Consequently, Carb Back-Loading has become a very popular diet as more users take it up because that it gives the freedom to lose weight without missing out on their favorite foods.

However, for the technique to be effective, users have to strictly follow its rules, else they may end up on another food binge that will instead lead to weight gain. By and large, Carb Back-Loading is based on credible science and that explains why it is effective if correctly followed. The Science The science on which the Carb Back-Loading technique is based is pretty basic and easy to understand. Your body easily burns more fat in the morning than at any other time of the day.

Unfortunately, this is also when a lot of people eat the most. The stress hormone Cortisol is released in abundance as you rest at night, until the morning hours when it hits peak levels.This will deplete your body of most of the stored carbs, and when you consume carbs again in the evening and night time hours, they will simply be used up by your body.

But if big books do happen to be your kryptonite, fear not. Theyre morefocused.

Bacon, whole eggs, sausage,and cheeseburgers are all fine. Carbohydrate Back-loading is unquestionably probably the most lax diet plan around.

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