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On the contrary, the Corin-character declares that the religious retreat is exempt from the rule of money and offers her the ashram of her choice as a gift for a life-time Annadaprasad Basu The Sanskrit play is evoked by the Bengali one through several scattered echoes, mostly of an ornamental nature. The atmosphere of this scene is recalled in Ananga-Rangini especially through the details of curative measures. In order to succour the wounded and lovelorn Ananga, a still-disguised Rangini offers to take him to the cool shade of a mango tree where she has strewn the ground with the petals of lotus.

She instructs Ananga to lie down on the ground placing his head on her lap and promises to cover his forehead with wet lotus petals and fan him ceaselessly with a palm frond Annadaprasad Basu The fact that the Bengali play in question affiliates itself both to an early modern English play and a classical Sanskrit one gives a measure of its participation in the necessarily hybrid and multi-accentual colonial modernity of 19th-century Bengal.

It also seems to draw from the burgeoning field of conduct literature that was positioning similar ideals of the most repressive standards of female propriety or from those conservative fictions of the time in which romantic love is represented in ways that make it incompatible with female sexual agency.

Roy 69 Moreover, G. The chart deserves quotation in full, because such an overt and confident declaration of gendered ideology is not always easy to come by. Man is endurant because of bodily strength; woman is endurant because of the strength of the heart.

Woman is better than man in endurance. Enterprising activity is a natural characteristic of man; it is a situation- specific characteristic of woman. Man is better than woman in wisdom and bodily strength; woman is better than man in the strength of the heart.

Man is less capable of self-absorption, feeling the external world and totally identifying with the external world; woman has all these qualities to an incalculable degree. Woman is a reservoir of opposites — she is tough in spite of being soft, strong in spite of being weak, injudicious in spite of being intelligent, dependent on the material world in spite of being spiritual.

There is no mystery in the world like woman. To be sure, As You Like It itself gestures towards matrimony and heterosexual domesticity at least provisionally as a most desirable state of affairs.

Jean E. The Bengali play, in fact, emphasizes the importance of matrimony much more than As You Like It does.

Besides, as has been already discussed, the Bengali play also tries to pigeonhole Rangini into the role of the ideal wife: she is full of utmost solicitude for the wounded and indisposed Ananga, and she is speechless in remorse for deceiving him in her transvestite avatar.

Additionally, Ananga-Rangini has a non-Shakespearean scene Act 5, scene 6 where six holy hermits expatiate upon the great happiness associated with the day of wedding In absence of the sexually polyvalent Epilogue, the Bengali play privileges the heteronormative closure as an exclusive choice.

A happy and prosperous married life is suggested unequivocally to be the best situation Rangini and Sarala can aspire to within the available cultural paradigm.

The Bengali play, in its cross-fertilization of literary influences from two culturally and aesthetically distinct texts, constitutes a significant but hitherto underappreciated case in the history of aesthetic adaptations and cultural mediations of Shakespeare.

Johnson trans. Howard and Katharine Eisaman Maus eds. Norton, All translations from Bengali into English are by the author of this article unless otherwise indicated.

The present essay follows throughout, for all Bengali persons mentioned by it, the Bengali convention of referring to a person by her given name rather than her family name. Dhaka: Bangla Academy, Basu, Annadaprasad.


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University of Calcutta, Devy, G. Hyderabad: Orient Longman, Dusinberre, Juliet. As You Like It. By William Shakespeare. Juliet Dusinberre.

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The Arden Shakespeare Third Series. London: Thomson Learning, Dutt, Bishnupriya and Urmimala Sarkar Munsi. New Delhi: Sage, Dutta, Hirendranath. Part 2.

Hostinger alrededor del mundo

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Bangla Style Guide - Microsoft Aug 31, or deviates from standard practices for Bangla localization. The FREE. Sexual Detox: Download - The Health COMpass translation of the Bangla version, but contains a few technical aspects not included in the Bangla Read this book carefully so that you have all the facts about other times.Dusinberre, Juliet.

Basu, Annadaprasad. It generated comments from a galaxy of literati including Bankimchandra Chattopadhyay , Haraprasad Shastri , Priyanath Sen , Hirendranath Dutta , Balendranath Tagore and Lalitkumar Bandyopadhyay , apart from Rabindranath Tagore himself Mitra Find any PDF or eBook: Ghosh, Rina.

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