Watch Avatar The Last Airbender Book 1 Episode 17 online only at legendofkorra .tv!. 17, 17, "The Northern Air Temple", November 4, 18, 18, "The Avatar The Last Airbender – The Complete Book 1 Collection, All episodes of Book One. Aang discovers Earth Kingdom civilians have moved into one of the air "The Northern Air Temple" is the 17th episode of Book One: Water of Avatar: The Last .

Avatar Book 1 Episode 17

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Season 1 | Episode 17 in Avatar: The Last Airbender () Jack De Sena in Avatar: The Last Airbender () Daniel Samonas in Episode cast overview. Watch SK by Sammie Kohn is your source for reactions, cosplay and more. Avatar, Book 1, Episode "The Northern Air Temple".

War Minister Qin appears in the mechanist 's study to collect his latest inventions for the Fire Nation. After his speech, the mechanist leaves and goes to his study, where he studies a small prototype for a hot air balloon before being interrupted by Aang and Teo. Aang tells the mechanist he cannot continue supplying weapons to the Fire Nation, but the mechanist sees no other alternative, knowing there will be dire repercussions if he does so.

Another bell rings on his desk and the mechanist orders Aang and Teo to leave; when they refuse, he acquiesces, telling them instead to hide, which they do. The mechanist pulls a rope and War Minister Qin rises up through the floor on an elevator, demanding the weapons he expects to receive. On the verge of compliance, the mechanist is cut off by Aang, who reveals himself by airbending the door shut, cornering the minister, and announcing that the deal is off.

When Qin threatens to destroy the temple, Aang slaps him in the face with airbending. Enraged, Qin announces that the Avatar will be to blame for the destruction of the temple. As he disappears via the elevator, Aang forcefully slams the trapdoor shut behind him.

A short time later on a bridge in the temple, Teo, Sokka, and Katara express their concerns about Aang's decision to invite the Fire Nation military to attack the temple, but Aang tells them that, while the Fire Nation will be forced to attack from the ground, the people of the temple are capable of fighting back from the sky; Aang believes that this will give them an advantage.

The mechanist approaches them and offers his services to them. He and Sokka perfect the design of the war balloon. They also explain that they have four types of bombs to use: Fire Nation tundra tanks begin to close in on the Northern Air Temple.

The Fire Nation forces arrive; soldiers march along the narrow mountain path leading upward, accompanied by grappling tanks designed to climb the steep cliffs below the temple.

The assembled forces in the temple take flight against the advancing hordes as Aang accompanies them. Aang flips the tanks over repeatedly with airbending, but the cockpits of the flipped tanks right themselves, and he finds himself unable to beat them.

Teo states that the tanks have a water balancing system, which inspires Katara to use waterbending to fight them; she is able to disable a few tanks, but the number of tanks proves to be overwhelming. Appa suddenly arrives, knocking all the tanks away and retrieving Aang and Katara from the battlefield. As the villagers run out of explosives, the war balloon, absent during the opening part of the battle, appears in the sky with the mechanist and Sokka at its helm.

Seeing the Fire Nation emblem emblazoned on the balloon, the Fire Nation does not attack it, and Sokka uses the tactic to drop several slime bombs on the unaware army below.

However, the aerial bombing does not stop the advance of the army. As the balloon flies near a large chasm a short distance away from the temple, Sokka and the mechanist smell the pungent odor of the rotten eggs used to detect natural gas leaks. Realizing the damage a gas explosion could do to the tanks below and seeing that the balloon is out of bombs, Sokka detaches and throws the balloon's hot air engine into the crack.

The explosion of the engine ignites the gas and the resulting explosion decimates the invaders, while Sokka and the mechanist are rescued by Aang. Deprived of power, the derelict balloon descends into the forest below.

After the victory, Aang tells Teo that he is no longer upset by the changes made to the air temple; instead he feels happy that they have made the temple their own, and asks them to continue protecting it. Fire Nation troops of War Minister Qin recover the hot air balloon. In the forest, Qin and his soldiers find the war balloon, damaged but mostly intact.

As his soldiers attempt to inflate the balloon, Qin mutters, "This defeat is the gateway to many victories.

The Northern Air Temple

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Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin.When Qin threatens to destroy the temple, Aang slaps him in the face with airbending. Find out everything you need to know about Avatar two, three, four and five below. Deprived of power, the derelict balloon descends into the forest below. Too many to count.

Initially, they appear to be airbenders, but Aang, looking closer, realizes to his disappointment that they are not airbenders, stating that he could tell that by the way they moved without spirit. Katara — Katara is mostly support in this episode but we see her empathizing with both the refugees and Aang showing just how important both sides of this story are.

The Northern Air Temple

Aang, infuriated by the mechanist's callous destruction of his history for the sake of a paltry construct, hurls the crane over the cliff with airbending; when the mechanist reacts quizzically to hearing Aang claim that he knew the temple's original monks, Teo tells him that Aang is the Avatar.

Given that we learn that there is some transfer of people among them, it seems that the customs of the Northern Water Tribe would be, by sheer numbers, the dominant customs of Water Tribe people. Every character, every creature, every setting. Parents Guide:

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