Anatomia Aplicada a la Odontologia. Llámenos El criterio que guia este libro es eminentemente práctico: ofrecer a los estudiantes en un sólo. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for Documents Similar To Anatomia Odontologica - Figun Anatomia Odontologica - Figun ANATOMIA ANATOMIA APLICADA APLICADA À À ANESTESIA ANESTESIA LOCAL LOCAL Anatomia Anatomia Aplicada Aplicada àà Odontologia.

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Figun Anatomia Odontologica Funcional y Aplicada. Uploaded by. Carla Mina. Download with Google Download with Facebook or download with email. anatomia aplicada a odontologia pdf. Quote. Postby Just» Sat Mar 2, am. Looking for anatomia aplicada a odontologia pdf. Will be grateful for any. graaff portugues - anatomia clnica de livro-como ouvir e entender dessas estruturas Útil durante o projeto de anatomia aplicada À inteligente de estudar classificação de arquivo recomendada odontologia anatomia este livro.

Along for the ride came Sadiq, a Turkish exchange student who spoke French and Turkish.


Yes, we had no common language between us, which made for communication that was varyingly entertaining and frustrating.

Cheikh ahmed tidjani, I have to give it to him, when he wanted to tell me something he somehow managed to get his point across.

The Institution We arrived at the mosque complex and I was immediately taken aback by the size of the mosque. While the city is growing and developing, the mosque stands-out in cheikh ahmed tidjani to the rest of the city.

It is currently in renovation as the current Muridiyya Shaykh decided to add two minarets and cheikh ahmed tidjani some of the internal decor. The control group included clinically healthy individuals that were either relatives or neighbors of the case group. They spontaneously agreed to participate in this study and signed a document of consent.

Clinical and laboratorial procedures performed on both groups History and physical examination were performed. The latter included careful examination of the oral cavity and was followed by exfoliative cytology cytobrush of the areas previously diagnosed as squamous cell carcinoma, in the case group, and of the correspondent clinically normal areas, in the control group. The smears were prepared on properly identified slides and immersed in absolute alcohol.

The material was collected in loco by a technician who was previously evaluated by the Kappa test, described in Andrade and Zicker She was also evaluated by the Kappa test for intra and inter-examiner with 2 other cytopathologists reliability in conventional cytology.

A specific cytogram was used.

Each interpretation, both in conventional and liquid-based cytology, were performed independently, with no sharing of results. Laboratorial methods Liquid-based cytology has not been proposed as a substitute for conventional cytology, but rather as an improvement of the Papanicolaou test.

Similarly to the cytology applied in the uterine cervix, the goal is to detect precursor lesions and cancer in the oral cavity. The training included every step of processing, from using the pipette and preparing slides, to the final diagnostic evaluation.

Thus, the knowledge of average length of the dental root helps a lot the professional, being a safe route to a successful treatment and to avoid unpleasant situations.

The permanent lower anterior teeth were previously selected, have been included in the present study only those who had dental roots intact. The measurements were made considering as total length of the root the distance between the highest point of the cervical line of the tooth and the root apex. In Figure 1 we can observe that the highest average was found in lower canines, and the average of lower central incisor and lower lateral incisor are very close.

Table I.

Minimum, maximum and average values found in millimeters for the radicular portion of the permanent lower anterior teeth. Representation of the discrepancy existing between the average root lengths of permanent lower canines and permanent lower incisors. This value is relatively higher in relation to those observed by other authors, such as Already Diamond , found 15 mm, a value higher than those found by other authors.

To lower canines the value found was The value of Among the authors surveyed, Diamond again had the highest average, which was 20 mm. The average value for the radicular portion of lower lateral incisors was Some authors found values lower than ours: Aprile et al. The values above were: Diamond, who found 16 mm and Ash Jr.Atkinson - https: A histologic study.

Each interpretation, both in conventional and liquid-based cytology, were performed independently, with no sharing of results. Immature squamous metaplasia 4.

Cytology in liquid medium DNA-CITOLIQ , also referred to as "monolayer cytology", "thin-layer cytology", or preferentially "liquid sample cytology" or "liquid-based cytology", was idealized, developed and released in March by Digene do Brasil.

A graphic representation of crown form, with technic for their reproduction. When compared to each other, conventional cytology and liquid-based cytology showed a high sensitivity and reasonable specificity, conventional cytology having higher specificity.

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