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Uploaded by: RAGUEL Aldo Colombini - Impromptu Card Magic - PDF download - Hello friend, Your order is a digital download magic product,send via email. Aldo Colombini: (19th March - 12th February )Aldo Colombini moved The PDF includes a photo of the custom card faces, but you will have to make. Online Shopping Aldo Colombini - Impromptu Card Magic - PDF download [ v3ncgdehzz37] - Aldo Colombini - Impromptu Card Magic PDF download your order.

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Move the deck toward the spectator and ask him to blow on it. Move the right hand quickly towards the left hand throwing the deck into the left hand, while the thumb and fingers of the right hand retain the top and the bottom card of the deck similar to the old card production. The right hand shows the faces of the two cards to the audience while the left forefinger points to these two cards.

In so doing the left hand turns almost palm down and, without saying anything about it, you are showing an indifferent card on the face of the deck. Apparently you have split the four into two Deuces.

Turn the left hand palm up and place the two Deuces face up onto the face down deck.

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Spread the top few cards and on squaring them, obtain a break below the top six cards of the deck below the two Deuces and the four Aces. Now perform the Blow Away Change by J. IC Hartman to change the two Deuces into the four Aces for a startling climax.

The Blow Away Change is performed as follows: Grip the packet of cards above the break with the right hand at the right corners as in Figure 2. Bring the deck up toward your face in order to blow on the two Deuces.

During this upward movement, quickly turn over the packet 6 cards to the left, as if closing a book, ending up in the position shown in Figure 3. Just a tip for people who likes his work: No postage, just download.

More info on his site. LOTS of good books, there!

I haven't read all of them but I have seen a few. If you can only check out a few, here are my faves: Card Trips Cards. Three Close Up Card Miracles now available!

By them all!!! If you have to choose, I would add "A cut above the rest" and "Final Cut" in the must download list.

May 17, Every time I go to my paisano's site and to Lybrary. I have been looking at Fireworks with a ravenous eye, but, at this point, I am still working through Fusillade by Paul Cummins when I get the chance.

Aldo Colombini – Simply Imprompt2 (official pdf version)

Sooooo I will take Cameron and Rafael's six suggestions and start there. Ahimsa, Vlad.

Sorry for raising my hand but I gently nudged Aldo into going digital. It didn't take much because Aldo was ready for it but my proposal triggered it. I also did convert all of his booklets into PDFs which you can now download from Aldo's website or Lybrary.

And if he has a sale going I suggest you download directly from Aldo. It was quite a work because Aldo has the habit of using weird fonts you can't get anywhere His "Comedy Mind Reading Act" is quite unique and worth a look.

On May 24, In Aldo's web I see download 5 get 1 free, not 3 free, Am I missing something somewhere? No, it is a special offer for regular customers I guess you must have ordered from him at least once who have received an e-mail with a special code to get the download 5 get 3 offer.

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I don't recall if I ever bought from Colombini, maybe next time. That's a pity.

Thank you. May 31, The only way to find out was by trying it.

He places it on his head Video tape yourself doing it. Infine due carte sono sperdute nel mazzo e ritrovate John Zander Stupid Boy: Peter Duffie T 4 2: LOTS of good books, there!

At the end only one card remains with a sticker…you guessed right…the signed selected one! Entri in scena con tutto in tasca.

The third reason it looked real was that the cutout was printed on a matte finish paper. There were three reasons why the cuto ut looked real.

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