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Uploaded by: YOLANDO - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. Maria Kitab Al-Wafi Bi-Al-Wafayat open up a picture that we have been working on.. Do you ever indulge in the least obscenity? Some so-called Christians do. dieb bugha pdf book is the book al wafi syarah kitab arbain an nawawiyah musthafa dieb - muqaddimah pentahqiq muhammad îajjaj al-khatib. b) biografi.

Sulayman b. Jalaf b. Hifm b. Umayya b. Abd Allah b. Insuf b. WW, XVI1, Qasim b. Rida b. Jalid b. Sahl b. Salama b. Husayn b. Galib b. Tammam b. Muhanunad b. Asbag b. Bagi b. Sacid b. Bisr b. Majlad b. Mucawiya b. Futays b.

Yajlaftan b. Abd al-Rahm7an b.

Abi 1-Raya- 1 Muhammad b. Fierro b. WW, X, Aban b. WW, VI, WW, VII, Hartama b. Muharnmad b.

WW, vi, PAF b. Biss"r b. Farah b. Macd b. Muhammad, al-Dawragi.

Kitab al-wafi

Muhammad, al-Rucayni al-Andalus-1, al-Ta'riji. Lubb b. Habib b. Hudayr b. Bagi 'b.

Nasr b. Maen b.

WW, Basir b. Sa ,d b. Muhammmad b. Rab7 b. Sac-1d b. Saci-d b. Hazm b. Saed b.

Yazid b. Mtihammad b. Ismani b. Anas b. Ibrahim b. CAE b. WW, XXI, DAS b. Idris b. Ww, XXII, Mu'nmin b. Zayd b. Hanzala b. Aslam b. WW, IX, Ayman b. Ayyub b. Humayd b.

Ayyb b. WW5 X, Bassam b. Hubays b. Dan-as b. WW, XIV, 5. WW, XIV, Hakam al- b. Hisam b. Hanas b. Al-Kafi Although al-Fayd considers al-Kafi the noblest, most authentic, most complete and most comprehensive of the Four Books due to its coverage of principles and clearance of unnecessary extras, he mentions the following problems for it: A weakness is seen in mentioning many rulings and its chapters are not complete.

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Ambiguities and literal difficulties in hadiths have been left unexplained. In some of its chapters, sections, and hadiths, there is no good order and some hadiths have not been mentioned in corresponding chapters. Man la yahduruh al-faqih Al-Fayd continues and mentions the problems of man la yahduruh al-faqih and says that this book is similar to al-Kafi in many of the mentioned cases, except for the following: It is void of hadiths related to principles of belief.

It has more missing chapters and sections. In some cases, hadiths are confused with the author's word. Its mursal hadiths and the missing references are many. Tahdhib al-Ahkam The author also mentions some problems about Tahdhib al-ahkam and although believes that Tahdhib al-ahkam is comprehensive about rulings and contains almost all hadiths about rulings, however, regarding its emptiness of hadiths regarding principles of beliefs, it is the same as man la yahduruh al-faqih.

In addition to the mentioned points, he also points out the following problems in Tahdhib al-ahkam: Coverage of far-from-the-fact interpretations and wrongly relating the conflicting hadiths Separating hadiths which need to be mentioned together and mentioning hadiths together which needed to be separate.

Dar al-kutub This is somethingof a riddle, and a The last entry fol. NO runs up to p. Up to here,the editors v o l. Some Ahmad and lhrahtnr are inter- from NO has not been used in the edition spersedthroughoutl thesewould have beenimporlant directly'.

Humaicl but a set of photographcopiesof the NO manuscripts. Muhammad,mostly, up to p. Thus, the original photographsmust have but most of them are of interestfor the editor of vol. It is impossiblefrom DK Then there is another leap.

Muhri: b.

The rest of the volume contains to alphabetical order. Thus, it is no surprise that in entriesfrom the Mul,tantntadsection,mostly Muhumntad their referencesto the mttsax'v'ada. GhAlib, b. Yusuf;thesebegin on p. The manuscript had to be mishtir. The studio is obviously "Photo Chehbal. To completethis section,I would like to give a brief This volume was found by Ritter after his article survey of other mostly smaller fragments of the was printed; it is mentionedin GAL.

S II, p. The musav,w'ada kept in other placesthan Istanbul. Described by Gabrieli in Appen- '9 not correct; AS , '8, are fragmentsof autograph dice, p. The parts of the work.


First mentioned in the something altogether different under this signature. Haarmann dated Oct. I 12 with 'LIthmanb. But then, this because of their uncertain status. I would be the only instance known to me where bio- would like to stress that in some cases,one single graphical entries occur twice in the musawwadain a biographical entry leads to the correspondingmanu- somewhat systematicfashion: The Tubal and Tawba script's mention in the right column.


What does all this mean for the edition? It is ff. In the first place, the handwriting. This volume has not been used at all for consequencesfor the edited text itself will be discus- the edition. This is perhaps a consequenceof the sed. Two aspectsare of someimportance: the variants political situation in Germany. Zahiriyva or 98J5. The only mention of this The variants seemto be few in number and minor in fragment is in the inventory booklet of the OIB, nos.

This shows the accuracyand competenceof and Both signaturesare given. In this case,it those scribesand collators who were responsiblefor is not sure at all whether this really is an autograph. Where variants are more than details. Nothing is known about sometimes offer more precise dates of a person's the whereaboutsof the OIB microfilm. The following diagram shows the utilization of the Biographical entriesnot included in any of the fair different fragments of the musatrwsda.

These seem to be more utilized numerous. The follolling tests have v o l. T9 7 6 tion, there are names from already published v o l. Out of these,three were apparently missing v o l. Two more might be double entries v o l.

G 1 7 3 3 statement.

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These include the Abu Bakr T z s? Apart from the three items v o l. G, 1 7 3 3 quoted, I have not been able to locate 7 more entries v o l. Of this number, v o l. It is indeed remarkable that the 'missing v o l. And finally, there is of course the v o l. SAP Ziwd b. The quoted number of 13 out of , or 2. After all, the Mul.

Falls partly into vol. Futll Shaitanul-Tuq. The overall volume of the musaw,wadafragments Falis partly into voi. This correspondsto a total of SAP Muhntild b. The Shehid Pashaserieshas thus been used for Theseare the items peculiar to the musax'x'ada let us vol. Ma,vbelr'e should say'that it could be not forget the considerationsand caveats.

The next used for that volume on1,v:obviously. So we are iucky that extent to which the editors were able to make use of SAP could be used. No use at all has been 'Topkapr'-series is missing.

For those parts it covers.The only mention of this The variants seemto be few in number and minor in fragment is in the inventory booklet of the OIB, nos. In this case,it those scribesand collators who were responsiblefor is not sure at all whether this really is an autograph. Yajlaftan b. The studio is obviously "Photo Chehbal. Hasan al b.

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