Subject: ADVERTISING MANAGEMENT. Credit: 4. SYLLABUS. Concepts of Advertising. The Field of Advertising, Introduction, Integrated Marketing. of activities other than personal selling, advertising and publicity which stimulate .. The advertising management is mainly concerned with planning and. Advertising Management; Choosing an Ad Agency; Advertising Planning and Research; Role of Ad Agency Account Execs; Role of Ad Agency Creatives.

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Advertising - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Discuss DAGMAR approach to setting advertising objectives. . evolved by the experts of advertising management to have sound relations between the. Abstract: The management of the marketing department has to make important All this define the ultimate goal that the advertising campaign as part of the.

In case, advertisement is to be given in newspapers, then cost of different newspaper is computed on the basis of cost per one lac of its circulation. Higher media-frequency is preferred. Greater the frequency, more are the chances of advertisement message making deep impression on the minds of consumers. In case of print media, frequency of newspaper is very less as the receiver is not exposed to the same newspaper for a long period of time.

In case of magazine, media-frequency is more as same magazine may be opened by audience may a time, as the magazine will be repeated after a month or after a fortnight. In case of television, if an advertisement is given in a weekly T. Higher frequency will create better impressions on target audience. So media with higher frequency should be selected. Image Some media-image vehicles enjoy better image in comparison to other media vehicles.

Media-image enhances the communication value of advertisement. Good reputation of editorial board, well established media, enjoy better image among public, so advertisements given in such media enhance the credibility and trust of advertisements. So media with good image should be selected.

It is one of the media of communication also with broadcast media and outdoor advertising media. It mainly include the advertisement through newspaper and magazines. Print media is mainly of two types:a Newspaper a Newspaper: - Newspaper are brought largely for their news values. Newspapers are published in various languages.

Different expert people for different departments. Starts work from gathering data and analyzing and ends on payment of bills to the media people. Interactive Agencies Modernized modes of communication are used.

Uses online advertisements, sending personal messages on mobile phones, etc. The ads produced are very interactive, having very new concepts, and very innovative.

Creative Boutiques Very creative and innovative ads.

No other function is performed other than creating actual ads. Small sized agencies with their own copywriters, directors, and creative people. Media downloading Agencies downloads place for advertise and sells it to the advertisers.

Sells time in which advertisement will be placed. Schedules slots at different television channels and radio stations. Communications have 4 basic components: Is the process in which two or more persons consciously or unconsciously. Circles are meet then communication is possible. Area in circles are large communication is smooth. One way communication only. If circles do not meet then communication is impossible Circle indicates the accumulated experience of two individual trying to communicate.

Both Sender and decoder have there own field of experience. Area in circle is small shrieked then communication is different because communicating persons belonging to another culture.

He is the person who initiates the communication process and he is also known as sender in communication process. If source is a well known person then it easily attracts the attention of audience. The mass Audiance Many Receivers Then decoding. Role of source help the organization in following manner: Define advertising goal measuring advertising results.

Without setting objectives it is very difficult to control and manage any activity. Introduction-Objectives are those end points towards which every activity of an organisation is oriented.

Setting the goal and objective is a starting point of management. According to R. Persuading the consumer to by the product. Classification of the advertising: The objective of advertising differ under different situations.

Next obj.

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One advertiser may seek to generate immediate response from the customer. Now a days service advertisement are also very common. Making the consumer aware of the existence of the brand or company. So they need different types of advertisements. Product launched for the first time. New features are added in already existing products. Getting the consumer to actually download the product. Developing a mental disposition to download the product.

Visual Ads. Answer Creating unique. To be successful. Collecting information about customers. How To Say? What to Say? Who should say it? This decision regarding message content. Festival Offers etc 2. Message format: Generation of new ideas by creative specialists. Communication with the target audience Effectiveness of advertising is depending upon how advertisement is framed. Message contents: Ad-creativity is the outcome of imaginative skills of copywriter.

Legal factors amount of ad. Wants to communicate to targeted audience through advertisement copy. Message Consist of Facts. Pictures related to the product. Deciding messagemessage-contents. Approval of creative ideas by advertising manager and marketing manager of advertisers. Creating such unique selling idea which is original and different in difficult task. Message format and message source depends upon factors like competition consumer characteristics downloader behavior product feature.

Person who communicate the message of advertiser to the target audience.

Functions of Headlines: Headlines attract the attention of audience and arouse the interest of readers in rest part of ad. It can be about important feature of the product. These are given in larger type size. These words are read first by the audience.

Also known as brab-ambassoder example film star. Special offers or special news etc. Components of print-Ad.

Advertising Agencies - Meaning, its Role and Types of Agencies

Advertising-Copy is prepared after combining various components or elements of Ad-copy. Headline is the most important part print ad.

It must be shown in a prommenent manner in the advertisemnt copy. Different Forms of Headlines: It refers to words which are in leading positions of advertisement.

Closing ideas etc. It should be simple.

In the future discussion. Broadcast ads and T. Illustration attracts attention. Design and production of advertisement involves a number of activities. Copy-writing is different for print ads. It help the downloader in identifying product. It is the visual elements of print-ad-copy. Photos from different angle. Photo of Product in use. It helps the downloaders in understanding the ad-message given in ad-copy. It is often a dominant part of print-ad and plays an important role in increasing the effectiveness.

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Photo of product Mix. It may be in the form of attractive photo of the product. Through illustration. The Basic components of print. Types of Illustration: Developing illustrations. Brand-name and successive ads by simply having a look on illustrations.

Photo highlighting product results. Symbolic photos. Requisites of Effective Advertisement Copy: Illustration helps to improve the design and look of advertisement copy.

Purposes of Illustration: Types of advertisement copy: Ad appeal can be of many types. Mainly advertising copies are of following types: Advertisement Copy may be of various types based on functions.

Media of advertising. The main ad appeals are as follows: An advertising plan is decided by the advertiser to achieve advertising objectives. The basic goal of media plan is to find out that combination of media which enables the advertiser to communicate the ad-message in the most effective manner at lowest cost in communicating with the target audience. What type of message is to be selected for communicated?

Factors affecting media Planning: When Steps Involved in media planning: Advertising objective are decided keeping in view the marketing objectives of the company. Where Where are potential customers located?

How you will evaluate the broadcast. Whom Whom do we want to reach? Scheduling 8 Execution of advertising Programme. Which media is to be selected for communicating with our target audience? Media plan decides how advertising time and space in various media will be used to achieve the advertising and marketing objective of the company.

In media plan following main media decision are taken: An appropriate media plan must consider the type or class of consumers. If target-audience are highly educated. Even in T. If target audience consists of old-age-group. IF target audience is young then television. Different consumers differ in their agegroup. For advertising for kids-products. Here braodcast media is a good choice. If target audience are less educated. Consumer products can better be advertised through mass media such as: On the basis of consumer traits.

If audience are illiterate. If the objective of advertising compaign is to get immediate results. If ad-message is to persuade consumers. If the product is to be sold at international level. Distribution channels can be classified on the basis of geographical distribution of goods or services of advertiser. Message If advertising message is informative in nature. If amount of Ad-budget is less.

Magazines with circulation in foreign countries. If the product is to be distributed locally or regionally. C should be considered. If ad-message is to inform and persuade for the new product launched by advertiser. If the objective of advertising is to build corporate-goodwill.. Through T. If number of target customers is les. If number of dealers is less. Budget If amount of advertisement budget is more.

If product is distributed on national level. The major objective of every advertising campaign is to get favorable response from customer. If number of target customers is more. Distribution channels may be classified as local distributor. If advertiser does-not consider competitors move regarding media.

Such media should be selected which has wide reach and can cover our target customers. If measurers the number of persons who are exposed at least once to this media in a specific period of time.

Sometimes it is possible that desired space for advertisements. Higher media reach will ensure higher media coverage.

Greater the frequency. If industry-leader is using T. Media-frequency refers to average number of times. Similarly if an advertisement is to be issued on television during a particular programme. The advertiser must have a close watch on media-strategies. In case of print media. In case. If advertiser does-not consider competitors and leaders of that industry.

It is possible that a media seems to be costly. If the advertiser has two available media. Media coverage refers to the potential audience who might receive the message given by media.

Competitors While planning for media the advertiser must consider the media selected by competitors and leaders of that industry. Higher media-frequency is preferred.

Advertiser should compare the cost of each media by considering the number of audience covered by such media. If ad is given on T.

So selected media must match with out target audience. Newspapers include following types of advertisement: In India. Print media is also known as press advertising.

So media with higher frequency should be selected. Print media is mainly of two types: In case of television. It mainly include the advertisement through newspaper and magazines.

Media-image enhances the communication value of advertisement. In case of magazine.

So media with good image should be selected. Image Some media-image vehicles enjoy better image in comparison to other media vehicles.

It is one of the media of communication also with broadcast media and outdoor advertising media. Evaluation of Advertising Media: Question No7: Newspaper are brought largely for their news values. Higher frequency will create better impressions on target audience. Good reputation of editorial board. Newspapers are published in various languages. It differs from print advertising media as it has both audio and visual effect. Magazines are classified as: Broadcast media is mainly of two types: Are another form of print media.

These are published periodically at regular intervals like fortnightly. It includes advertisement in ratio. With in the form also he is free to select any size. It offers geographical selectivity. It has long exposure and can reach to larger population which is continuously on the move. Message is brief. Types of support media are: Commercial television advertising was introduced in India in Sets has increased speadly.

It has wide coverage. It is economical It is flexible as advertiser is free to choose any form of support advertising. Steps in framing advertising Budget 1 Setting advertisement Objective:.

Advertising Budget differ from company to company. Advertising budget is a financial document that show the total amount to be spent on advertising and list the way this amount is to be allocated. Main Objectives of advertisement are: It has adverse public reactions. While there are companies spent very less amount on advertising. What is Advertising Budget? Discuss various steps involved in Budgeting.

Advertising Management

Some companies spend large amount on advertising. Advertising budget shows how much is to be spent on promotional efforts and how this amount is allocated among different media.

How you will measure adds effectiveness. Before deciding on advertising budjet. Quantitative expression of future plan of activities prepared for fix period of time. Methods of preparing advertisement Budget: Every advertiser sets apart a sum of money to be spent on advertising which is refered to as advertising appropriation. After identifying various activities to be done to achieve advertising objectives.

In control. Top-Management will see if the budget is affordable and justified it will pass the budget. After the budget is approved by the top management. In case if expenditure is greater then the planned expenditure then corrective actions are taken responsibilities are fixed to ensure cost control. The amount is not fixed arbitrarily but is determined on some scientific basis.

To keep the budget flexible. Budget should be flexible to accommodate sudden changes in market. After allocation of resource it is essencial to have an adequate monitoring and control over it. Total cost of all such activities is amount required for advertising budget.

Allocation means dividing the budget on different products and activities. Following methods are commonly used in determining the size of advertising budget: It is based on very logical consideration but in pracits it is very difficult to assess the return provided by advertising because the returns are often spread over along period of time because of its complexity it is not used in real life.

Like other investment of the company. This approach considers advertising as an investment and a mean to achieve long-term business objectives. Advertising buildup an intangible asset that is Brand Equity. For Example: Here advertising budget is based on arbitrary thinking of some experienced managers and not based on scientific lines.

Tasks 4 Affordable Method: As the company does not spend more than what it can afford. There is an element of financial decision and company remain away from the war. This method consider advertising expenditure as an investment and not as routine revenue expenditure. If the sales are Rs:If target-audience are highly educated.

Main Objectives of advertisement are: In India, maximum newspapers are published in Hindi and English. The success of advertising-compaign largely depends on the selection of suitable ad-agency. The main purpose of advertising is to gain publicity among the target audience. Magazines are classified as: Growth in service sector.

Similarly it makes the people replace the things before their actual useful life. In simple words price of product has been inflated so as to include cost of gift.

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