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20 ago. Download Norma Abnt Nbr NORMA BRASILEIRA ABNT NBR PRIMEIRA EDIÇÃO 18/03/ VÁLIDA A PARTIR DE. 15 abr. raudone.info (acessado em 19 de março de às ) acao_e_manutencao_das_edificacoes_Revpdf (acessado em 19 de março de às ) ABNT NBR elaborar o Manual de Operação, Uso e Manutenção atendendo a ABNT NBR e ABNT NBR 5 jun. LEI / -NORMA MUNICIPAL DE INSPEÇÃO PREDIAL EM MACE. SM NBR Manutenção. de edificações — Requisitos para o.

Number of Self-Employed Persons, and xli. To search the PDF document, select one of the following options: 1.

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Hardware Galvanized or chromium-plated alloy are not resistant enough for frequent use. X X X Installation of improvised reinforcements.

Outlets and switches Missing components covers, screws, wiring and modules , presence of foreign X X X materials paper, adhesive tape.

Switchbox Anti-vandalism reinforcements welded bars, padlocks hindering its opening. X Fluorescent luminaries Replacement of luminaries and lamps in disagreement with the design. The X X X replacement of damaged luminaries with others not in accordance with the design specifications and the replacement of 32W lamps specified in the design with others of lower unit price, but with 40W.

X X wares Piping Leakings and infiltrations. Plumbing and sanitary fixtures and fittings present X X the negative consequences of vandalism and the lack of maintenance. Drains and linear grates Problems with the declivity of the piping, causing the return of the runoff.

Thus in these cases the premature degradation of paints, coatings and water infiltrations in the lower floors can be seen.

Furthermore, these conditions may cause the improper use of environments, not in accordance with the design. Thus it is understood that not only the school building must be designed and constructed according to existing technical standards but any subsequent actions carried out to change it must also be in accordance with these same standards.


The building operation stage shall provide adequate conditions for the intended use. This phase will set the boundaries for its useful life, due to proper maintenance services. The maintenance program of a building must include preventive actions which consider activities and schedules that must be defined by the recommendations of manufacturers, suppliers and designers.

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Physical interventions to equipments or systems and inspection activities may be included, in order to support the long term maintenance decision-making process PRADO, By By doing doing so, so, itit is is possible possible to to prevent prevent the the building building from from having having to cope with shortcomings that adversely affect the use of environments intended to cope with shortcomings that adversely affect the use of environments intended for teachingfor teaching and and learning learning and and to to avoid avoid high high costs costs deriving deriving from from the the deferral deferral of of scheduled scheduled maintenance maintenance procedures.

Although Although some some of of the the maintenance maintenance workwork onon the the school school buildings buildings evaluated evaluated does does not not require require aa high high level level of of technical technical expertise expertise such such as as cleaning cleaning tasks tasks and and the the tending tending ofof gardens , gardens , itit is is necessary necessary toto program program every every piece piece ofof work work and and make make sure sure itit is is properly properly carried carried out out according according to to the the predefined predefined frequency frequency for for example: example: daily, daily, weekly, weekly, monthly monthly or or yearly.

ToTo dodo so, so, itit is is necessary necessary toto assign assign responsibilities responsibilities for for the the performance performance of of tasks tasks involving involving inspection, inspection, checking checking andand safety. Thus, Thus, itit is is recommended recommended to to present present toto the the facility facility manager manager an an operation operation andand maintenance maintenance manual manual before before the the occupation phase, made occupation phase, made inin accordance accordance to to the the Brazilian Brazilian Standard Standard Furthermore, Furthermore, when when analyzing analyzing the the results results of of the the POE, POE, itit is is convenient convenient to to notice notice that, that, despite despite advances advances in in the the management management and and control control of of the the construction construction quality quality ofof the the school school buildings buildings evaluated, evaluated, standardization standardization may may also also lead lead to to the the recurrence recurrence of of critical critical aspects, aspects, showing showing thethe importance importance of of developing developing aa database database of of good good practices.

By By factoring factoring inin previous previous experiences, experiences, itit is is possible possible toto improve improve design design guidelines, guidelines, implementation implementation and and operation, operation, inin order order to to improve, improve, for for example, example, the the criteria criteria for for the the specification specification of of components components and and establishing establishing maintenance, maintenance, replacement, replacement, downloading downloading or or supply supply policies.

Thereby Thereby itit is is important important to to incorporate incorporate into into the the stages stages of of design design andand use use of of the the building building anan ongoing ongoing procedure procedure for for the the evaluation evaluation ofof its its quality quality and and efficiency efficiency so so as as to to enable enable its its full full use.

Rio Requisitos gerais. NBR March Available online: www.

This looks correct, but an FM model does not have the same requirements as a Construction model. So it should be used an As-built model, but an evolution of the model used for the Construction or Design phases.

In the Construction phase, is usually used a LOD geometric for the general buildings, because currently the requirements for construction do not demand high detailed models and it is enough for quantity takeoff, clash detection, scheduling and budgeting. It is also important to consider that the As-built model is not the final model, since with FM the model is always updated with the last changes made during the OM phase, becoming an As-managed model.

An As-managed model, do not have a higher LOD, since it does not have more information, it has an update for the current conditions [5].

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Thus, since LOD definitions have both geometrical and non-geometrical aspects, but only the geometric requirements are specified, a new approach to LOD requirements could be adding the non-geometrical requirements as well.

This type of information is critical to the development of the implementation plan, which is divided into 5 phases: Requirements Definition; Modeling of the School Center according to the requirements definition; Integration with BIM-FM solution; 3.

Requirements Definition Defining the requirements is extremely important to establish the purpose of the model, in order to gather and model only the really necessary data. Introducing unnecessary information will make the process longer, besides it will make the model heavier.A menos que especificado de outro modo. The issues listed in Figure 1 comprise an ideal situation for continued evaluation of the building and aim at enabling the diagnosis of school building, considering its positive and negative aspects as well as indicating possible risk situations.

This situation brings the principal to the facility decision-making process, which often involves building systems alterations, in despite of his or her technical capability.

Drains and linear grates Problems with the declivity of the piping, causing the return of the runoff. This list is a compiled list of Foamies Plane Plans that I have run across.

Em todos os casos. Pillars and Beams:

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