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Wu Ming 54, trans. During the years the blog has become a laboratory teeming with experiments, collective inquiries and collaborative writing, continually influencing and reshaping our work. We froze the thing off in , then took it down, but you can read it on archive. We sort of replaced it with a multilanguage Tumblr aggregator. Two books have already been published: The books were both written by a member of Wu Ming and a co-author: Twenty-five Years of No Tav Struggle] by Wu Ming 1 is a history-as-novel take on the most enduring and radical environmental protest in contemporary Italy.

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We have radars that allow us to detect them and effective tools to analyze them. In the meantime, we worked a lot on fantasy fiction, mythology, literature for kids and young adults. We collaborated with many musicians, singers, rappers and other kinds of performing artists.

We even have a proper musical section called the Wu Ming Contingent , a band whose line-up comprises:. As of Autumn , the Wu Ming Contingent has published two albums: The latter is a concept album on the First World War. The Wu Ming Contingent is also on Facebook.

Bologna, 26 February Razza partigiana [Race: It tells the story of Giorgio Marincola, one of the very few Black partisans in the Italian Resistance, who was killed in the last Nazi massacre on Italian territory.

One of the arbitrary portraits of Nicoletta Bourbaki.

In the light of these innovations, there has been a radical change in the arts, where a culture of reception has been turned over by a culture of participation. The web has indeed allowed people to share, modify, integrate, and expand contents in a new way.

These cultural transformations, which are taking place in the age of media transition, have therefore changed the relationships between media audiences and producers.

At the same time, popular culture is reshaping itself. Jenkins observes that there are different shades of meaning between mass culture and popular culture. The expression mass culture stresses the way in which this culture is transmitted, i. On the contrary, popular culture emphasizes the role of the people who receive it and then re-appropriate it from below. Benvenuti The new media, Jenkins argues, have indeed given the opportunity to reconsider it around two main questions: And how can this new relationship lead to a rethinking of literature and popular culture?

In order to give a proper answer, it is necessary to focus on a key element: Piga New Italian Epic. Letteratura, sguardo obliquo, ritorno al futuro. Brook, Patti Storie e narrazioni italiane attraverso i media. The mass diffusion of the new media has undoubtedly allowed the novel to widen the narrative and semiotic development of a story: The results of these interactions and synergies are numerous.

In , Wu Ming 2 and the writer Ivan Brentari created the Collettivo MetalMente, entirely formed by metalworkers whose main goal is to describe the daily life of the factories from inside. They wrote a collection of stories on factory life and class struggle, titled Meccanoscritto This phenomenon has strongly transformed the concept of authorship: Storia, memoria e narrazioni attraverso i media.

Mimesis, pp. Lingua e cultura italiana nei mass media.

Aracne, pp. The opposition between old and new languages has fallen down.

How (Not) to Translate an Unidentified Narrative Object or a New Italian Epic

The range of possible hybridizations came to be more prolific. Giap was named after the Vietnamese general Vo Nguyen Giap Over the years, Giap has become a laboratory for experiments, collective inquiry and collaborative writing. Only few weeks after the publication of the novel, some readers launched the proposal on Giap of a multi-authored anthology of fanfiction and spin-offs based on one character of the novel, Scaramouche, with the title Tifiamo Scaramouche.

With his black costume, cloak and mask, Scaramouche castigates some hoarders who try to take advantage of starving people. Using Giap as a platform, some users have proposed to write a collective story around the character of Scaramouche from to This narration has been divided into 75 segments of 5 years each.


Scaramouche is the protagonist; Scaramouche is involved in a historical event; a writing on a wall; 20, characters with spaces. Each volume has its own title: Terra canta, Carne brucia, Rivolta viene, and Notte fugge. E non solo di storie, la creazione collettiva prevede anche musiche, immagini, costruzione di oggetti, insomma un ampliamento creativo del romanzo in molteplici e imprevedibili direzioni.

The novel focuses on the decision of the Six Nations to participate in the war, and their taking a side. The interactive web page Manituana.


One section of manituana. According to Wu Ming themselves, Manituana is indeed: Apart from stories, however, the collective creation also considers songs, images, construction of objects. To sum up, it is about a creative extension of the novel towards multiple and unpredictable directions.

The novel, or better the book-object, serves for triggering the attention of those who are outside the community. The project consists in dragging the readers inside a network in which they are invited to become architects of uchronies and creators of utopias. In this project, they are also invited to adopt an active position rather than a passive one just like an inert receiver of a text: As Wu Ming have stated in their blog: As writers, we never limited ourselves to telling stories: We did it with any stories we deemed to be of interest, not only with those we chose for our novels.

This has become ever more apparent over time, which is why we started receiving invitations and proposals to organize conferences, workshops, seminars and courses. Post-media, the first of the above-mentioned concepts, is defined by the use of new technologies as an instrument to fight against the capitalist and mass media society.

Indeed, Guattari argued that, in this way, the use of mass media as an instrument in the hands of power to maintain consensus would decline in favor of a grass-roots use of media as a tool for activists and political and cultural movements.

Going Under S Walden Epub Bud

To Guattari, the democratic use of the new media, from the bottom up, facilitates networking processes for the emergence of the so-called networked culture, which is characterized by the use of the new technologies in both political and artistic practices. Against totalitarian capitalism and mass media as instrument of power, Guattari explained that the revolution of the media was possible, starting from the use of the internet as a bottom- up medium.

Guattari argued the emergence of post-media devices could lead to a collective-individual re- appropriation and an interactive use of machines of information, communication, intelligence, art, and culture.The Net as Network.

Consumers, readers, and audience tout court can be considered as an active element of the development of the story, envisioning a liberated public sphere, free to network controls in a decentralized media environment.

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For these reasons, Wu Ming should be merely considered poor provocateurs and their work without any literary value. Ora che il tempo finiva, ogni cosa trovava compimento.

This narration has been divided into 75 segments of 5 years each. The interactive web page Manituana.

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