WORLD ARCHITECTURE. COMPREHENSIVE. EDITION. Published By: Phaidon . • Does size matter? At kg (lbs) the Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary. PDF Books File The Phaidon atlas of contemporary world architecture (PDF, ePub, Mobi) by Phaidon Press Online for Free. MEMORANDUM ON „WORLD HERITAGE AND CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE pdf ( MB) - PICES · Modern and contemporary architecture - Turismo.

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Read eBook The Phaidon Atlas Of Contemporary World Architecture: Comprehensive Edition By Miquel Adria, Ben Campkin, Celine. This week we bring to you some books on architecture available for free online, you .. The Phaidon Atlas of Contemporary World Architecture. A condensed version of The Phaidon Atlas of 21st Century World Architecture, this travel edition is pocket sized and portable, ideal for the holiday or business.

Reference numbers? Yes; this is something like a catalogue; numbers, floor areas locations, tables listing all the residential projects included or the variety of different building types per country, lists of unrelated data and a strange obsession with alphanumeric ID references. Despite someone in the Phaidon office carefully curating all these numbers and figures it's all useless: Anyone using this book is just flicking through the pages looking for something interesting.

I didn't read this cover to cover, but I did start at the beginning and went through every page looking at the content and occasionally studying the plans and sections.

I received this as a 40th birthday gift and as such it's a good reminder of all the contemporary buildings I liked back in A nemonic marker, a reminder of what working as an architect was like back then Yes; the office did have a copy with lots of Post-It notes marking pages with nice buildings This book a occupies a strange little niche in that this sort of book wouldn't be made now as online databases and simple searches will pull up most of this information from the internet. All the numbers, references and cross references are redundant since that isn't how you look for information now.

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But eight years ago it was still useful as the content may have been there but all the little bots that crawl through the web cataloguing and creating inventories hadn't really got up to speed back then. And so, this is indeed like the giant Bibles that occupy space in holy places - an anachronism from and earlier age. The ultimate coffee-table book Williams-Ellis, Clough, Release Date: Ditchfield Peter Hampson, Release Date: Dec 27, Summary: Forman, Henry Chandlee Release Date: Eugene Clarence, Release Date: Alfred Dwight Foster, Release Date: Watson, Walter Crum Release Date: Wyatt, Matthew Digby, Release Date: Cotman, John Sell, Release Date: Sharpe, Edmund Release Date: Sign Up Login Connect with:.

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