n Annotate documents (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF). n Write a . 2. Swipe your finger across the screen in any direction to unlock it. l If you have set To play downloadd DivX movies on your Samsung GALAXY Note II phone, you will first need to. Galaxy Note 2. Solutions & Tips, Download Manual, Contact Us. Samsung Support UK. My Samsung Galaxy Note II Book. Download Galaxy Note 2 User Manual (in PDF format) now. Galaxy Note 2 has a few variants: GT-N, N, N

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Manual Pdf

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Below is the official user guide for the Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N). Below is the quick start guide for the Note 2. . (it is a PDF file). 2. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete each section. For each topic, you will have an option to skip it . n Annotate documents (Word, Excel, PPT, PDF). n Write a note on updated and synced with your Samsung GALAXY Note II. Download the User Manual and Getting Started Guide at the bottom of this page. You need to have Adobe Reader User manual: Samsung Galaxy Note II to view the guides. MB.

Then email it to your Note 2 email account and download it into your Note Doc files.

How can I delete the logs in the email section. How can these be deleted? I have problem. When I want to operate with messaging, blank page will appear and dialog box says, unfortunately, messaging has stopped.

I have mistakenly set my Note II to touch disable and when I am pressing something on screen the phone is speaking the action this option is for blind or low vision peoples. Be aware that you need to tap the screen twice to scroll when TalkBack is on.

You have to keep your finger on the screen on the 2nd tap and then scroll. The manual just says tap twice — which is not the full explanation. Took me half a day to figure this out when I set TalkBack. If you inadvertently switch on Talk Back, scrolling becomes a nightmare unless you know the knack. Took me half a day to figure it out, during which it was quite embarrassing with the Note speaking to me all the time.

The instructions could be a bit more precise. Your comments though are quite helpful. Will comment later on when the device is fully set up.

Please help. Tried deleting so many times but fails. My other phone DroidRazr let me do it on the phone. Will I have to do it via teathered computer?

Galaxy Note II Samsung GT-N7100 user manual

However, there is a third party app that can provide the same functionality called apps2sd. This should move any apps that are compatible for transfer to the SD card.

As soon as a user updates to ICSyou lose the functionality. My best friend just got a Galaxy Note 2 I however have a Blackberry Could you give me instructions like step 1, step 2 etc. The fact you have a Note 2 and your friend has a Blackberry makes no difference.

Just follow the instructions in the user guide at the top of this blog. When on the phone, if you press the return key and keep your finger on it, you open a tab on the left. If you select the one for Internet or any other application , you can browse the web while on the phone.

Samsung Galaxy Note II (GT-N7100) –User Manual/Guide

The other way is to press and keep pressed the middle button at the bottom. That will open a screen with all the applications currently running. Just select the one you want and you can then use it while still on the phone. My problems are as follow;- how to sync mobile contact with computer and computer to samsung note.

My contact list on Blackberry is synchronised with my yahoo mail id. How do i transfer it to my Note 2? I made the mistake of choosing Box. Now when trying to add an image the phone goes to Box. Sadly there was no info about this in the user manual either or I missed it. Any idea where this can be set up? Nevermind, I finally found the option: I love the phone, but the internal programs and settings should be way more user friendly and logical.

Thanks for the post and update. The information will passed on to the team, thanks again! Add it also to the S3 but alter the instructions to reflect: My s pen is not working from 1 cm up from the screen while the very 1st day i was able to write anything from that height, but right now i need to touch the screen to write something….!!! What may be the prob..? As when i take it to the s note first of all it shows the image of either pen or brush or pencil which is selected then after touching the screen it writes….???

Can you pls figure it out what may have happened to it and how to fix it, so that i can write something without touching the screen. Hi, if you have an issue with a product downloadd from us then please feel free to send an email to sales clove. We appreciate as much information as you can provide, including screenshots and detailed information of the differences between what you consider correct if possible and incorrect states of operation.

We will review the information and provide a return email with the appropriate responses as soon as possible. If your product was not downloadd from Clove then we recommend contacting your local Samsung service centre or officially recognised affiliate to seek advice.

Any chance of getting a date: Chuck, how do you mean? Sorry if we do not understand. Right at the top of the post is when it was originally created. Hmm not sure why this is. When we view it, at the top of the page just under the navigation bar it says: Posted on October 2, by Clove. Assuming the battery has power left in it still when you return to it.

It is odd that it should turn itself off completely. It sounds like there could be an issue and you may want to send it to Samsung for inspection. Just thought I would share the following info with regard to the Galaxy Note 2. To transfer music and as far I am aware video to sd card you do the following. First go to applications then click on options.

My files then music select songs then move or copy the songs to external sd card. For video you select video and copy files.

I think you can do this without sychn with PC?

Easiest method is to use this app: Fill in the details for email address and password, tap next and done. I have a new note 2. One day for about half an hour I had Galaxy.

My phone told me to say Wake up Galaxy. I have tried again ever since but I can not find her. I created a text group with 15 contacts but when I tried to send a group text and selected all, only 10 contacts were selected and I was unable to add the other 4….

A limit on the number of texts the device can send. If you split that group into two and then tried adding the two groups as the contacts for the text message what would happen?

Hi have upgraded my Notes 2 to JB 4. The wifi connection is not working any more.

As I absolutely need my wifi connection I would like to know if there exists a way to remove the last firmware upgrade? When I have a call and talk to them and during a call, if another one calls me, that second number is not appearing on screen to notify me. How to set this to appear the number on the phone when I am on talking with someone?. Need help asap just bought Galaxy Note II LTE Sim Free from website Panamoz, on charging it up and turning it on it comes up with instead of the instructions in english it comes up with chinese instead.

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I have not put in my old sim card as I will need to get it changed to fit do you think once I fit my sim card it will change to english? Or is there something I need to do to change it from Chinese to English. Any help would be much appricated.

You should be able to change the language all being well in the settings menu when the phone is switched on.

It says authentication error occured. Somebody please help. I have the Samsung Note Somehow the incognito icon came up and will not go away, even when I close the window. The icon just moves to the left of the search bar. Now my browser is blank instead of google.

Also cannot set up yahoo email. Keep getting error , getting token failed,. Any suggestion?? Is this what you are doing? I appreciate your help..

Awesome, easy answers. Debbie, The incognito Icon is within Chrome. If you close all the windows within chrome it should go away. Write and draw with the enhanced pressure-sensitive S Pen. You can view content on a large You can create a shortcut for the Accessibility settings that appears on screen when you press and hold down the Power key on your device You can boot up your device in Safe Mode if you wish to troubleshoot whether or not added applications are causing problems with the device.

All the apps you download will appear automatically among your other apps. To access them just go to the Home screen and then touch Apps.

The Samsung mobile workshops will come to you to fix your phone or tablet screen at your doorstep in selected locations across the country. Smartphone support 24 hours, 7 days a week All product support Mon - Sun 8am - 10pm. For new and existing orders: Mon - Sun 8am - 10pm. Calls to numbers cost no more than calls to geographic numbers 01 or Calls from landlines and mobiles are included in free call packages. Call charges are subject to change and this information is provided as a reference only.

Calls maybe recorded for training and quality purposes. For information on how we collect and use your details, please refer to our Privacy policy. If you need a quick response then click Chat Now below, or send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Network/Bearer and Wireless Connectivity

Need some help locating your model number? Select your product from the menus below and we'll show you where your number is. Alert 3. Now Loading.

How do I set my photos and videos to always save to SD card instead of to device memory? What does the Unified Daemon app do? Topic Application. How to use. Samsung Apps. Samsung Hub. Software Upgrade. Content Type FAQ. How to Video. Sort by: Read More. Show More. We weren't able to find any results.Most system icons cannot be hidden. Or is there something I need to do to change it from Chinese to English. To transfer music and as far I am aware video to sd card you do the following.

I would like to have the korean manual for galaxy note 2 gt n How do you move sent items into folders in the stock mail app? Smartphone support 24 hours, 7 days a week All product support Mon - Sun 8am - 10pm. If you have forgotten the PIN or had one added to your lockscreen inadvertently then network technical support is likely to be the only option I could suggest before completing a factory reset of the device which would wipe all saved data on the phone — you can re-download apps from Google Play again but you will lose all of your data.

Is this what you are doing? I appreciate your help..

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